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Nursing Nursing

Assessment Inference Planning Rationale Evaluation

Diagnosis Intervention

Subjective: Knowledge Inability to (STG) (Independent) >to regulate the The mother
“Hindi po kami deficient r/t lack of perceive the After 8 hours of >Explain the intervals between understands the
ngpaplano ng information importance of Nursing importance of family pregnancies importance and
pamilya” as resource family planning Intervention, planning benefits of family
verbalized by the and the methods the patient will >Discuss the >to select the planning and shows
patient available which gain enough methods available in best family better
are appropriate to knowledge the market planning method understanding of
them. regarding family >Discuss the appropriate to the variety of
Objective: planning advantages and them methods available
>G5P5 methods disadvantages of that will fit their
>Low self- each method >to improve lifestyle.
esteem (LTG) >refer to health health and
After a couple center for DOH economic status (The goal was
of months of programs and free partially met)
Nursing consultations
Intervention, regarding family
the patient will planning and
avoid unwanted contraception
and will be able
to improve their
health and
economic status