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Clusters of emanations `
casts of amber beige-pink peach Organic clusters

Inorganic clusters

2 easy to get to, 5 more difficult

Clusters of encased emanations 40 bands generate only organization

7. The assemblage point

Man's interpretation system:
Religion spirituality natural shift reason dreams Sex violence physical activity

Shift below animal awareness

Assemblage point like luminous magnet picking up emanations



8. Positions of Assemblage Point in Man's (amber) Band (inside luminous cocoon)

hallucinations God religion

Fantasies of the mind


language self-pity

Sensuality phys activity

shift into interior of amber band (or outside band or cocoon)

Shift below animal forms

Amber band Luminous cocoon encases portion of amber band

Point diametrically opposite normal AP: moroseness, extreme rationality

8. Positions of `Assemblage Point in Man's Band con

Points of knowing:
psychedelic Religion, spirituality Rational man

Seeing, silent knowledge

Power animal

15. Mold of Man

Customary assemblage point
Movement in depth of assemblage point

Unmeasurable area of awareness

Position of no doubts
Barrier of perception

Mold of man Dreaming body