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Gumaca National High School


Quezon National High School


The jeepney that every Filipino rides became the witness of great stories from the different areas of life. It saw the development of great love story. It saw the cruelty of men who took the lives and beginnings of people. It Lucban Academy witnessed how the students became successful. It also saw the old people who now live alone, riding a jeepney without a companion. It carried the people who work hard to feed the grumbling stomachs of his family.


Today, the fluorescent lamp is but a grandfather to new and fresh inventionsThat makes me ALVIN RAMOS wonder what the Filipinos have in store for the future. For sure, theSchool Luis Palad National High fluorescent lamp and all of its versions have fulfilled their taskto ensure that nighttime will never be dark ever again.

The world has changed greatly along with the people living in it. More and more advanced PAULINE ALYZZA technologies and modern machines have been inventedMARICOR PABITU must not from time to time. But we forget that the true masters are the ones who Tayabas Western Academy created them, no other than ourselves.