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Sultan Qaboos University College of Education Course Syllabus for TECH 4999 Graduation Project Instructional and Learning

Technologies Department

Number of Credit Hours: 3 Required or Elective: Required Instructors Information: Dr. Maryam Al Washahi, Office #1080, Phone: (2414) 3983 E-mail address: Office Hours: College of Education Mission Statement The College of Education is committed to preparing distinguished graduates in teaching, training, counseling, and research through undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The College strives to be a centre of excellence that uses scientific research to develop sustainable systems and programs that meet the needs of the society while fostering its values. Course Description This course aims to integrate the students skills gained throughout the program, where each student is supervised independently; and is required to plan and produce a complete technology enhanced instructional package. Course Overview This course aims to integrate the students skills gained throughout the program, where each student is supervised independently; and is required to plan and produce a complete technology enhanced instructional package. Through completing the Graduation Project, students will be engaged and grow in their learning as they apply and synthesize cross-curricular skills, employ appropriate and available technology and demonstrate their readiness for Instructional and learning technologies. Students choose the particular project with approval of appropriate faculty. 1

Each project includes the use of open-ended problems, development and use of design methodology, formulation of design problem statements and specification, consideration of alternative solutions, feasibility consideration and detailed system descriptions. Course Outcomes At the end of this course, the students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate independence, responsibility and time management in conducting projects 2. Apply instructional design models in carrying out their projects 3. Locate and utilize resources necessary for projects 4. Synthesize classroom knowledge and project research in a concrete application 5. Create products /participate in service that engage them and connects to real-world situations 6. Synthesize and organize information into a coherent composition in a report 7. Use APA format and documentation 8. inform a public audience about the process of their Graduation Project 9. Prepare an engaging, organized, and logical presentation/poster that summarizes key events and points of the process 10. Employ effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) and a variety of appropriate media 11. Express an evaluation of how challenges have allowed them to grow through the experience

Timeline Schedule: The following is a course schedule outlining the weeks, expected visits to instructor, and expected submission of specific documents.
Week 1 2 3 4 5

Visit Visit # 1 Designing Needs Analysis Visit # 2 Development Development

Submission Project Proposal

Needs Analysis & Design

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Development Visit # 3 Development Development Visit # 4 Development

Development Visit # 5 Implementation Presentation

Evaluation Instruments

Product and Report

Instructional Strategies: This course is an independent project-based learning course with minimal guidance from the instructor. It relies heavily on students self-learning and problem solving. You will be responsible for all activities and communication throughout the semester. Technology Considerations: In this course, different students will use different software and application according to their projects. Some of these are provided in the computer lab but you will need to download some open source and free software on your personal computer to complete your projects. Dispositions
Habits of mind for lifelong learning Demonstrates tolerance Self-reflection on teaching and learning Respectful of others Works well with others Reliable and trustworthy in words and actions Supports and models innovative thinking and inventiveness Demonstrates loyalty toward professional field Takes initiatives to lead others Shows enthusiasm toward work Manages time well

Diversity 3

The course meets individual learning styles, uses diverse instructional strategies, addresses global communication strategies, and emphasizes different cultural backgrounds.

Course Requirements/Expectations/Policies: Attendance: attendance in this course will be taken based on your visits to your instructor. Academic integrity: Instructor will follow procedures outlined above and in the Undergraduate Academic Regulations for Academic Misconduct. Assignment and quality of work: projects will be graded using the grading methods outlined in the course outline and rubrics. Attention to deadlines: Project is expected to be submitted on or before the assigned deadline. Contacting the Instructor o Use email as the main communication channel with me. o Do not send e-mail with attachments from any other e-mail account than your university account. o Please include the course code in the email subject line when you correspond with me. o Please use English or standard Arabic only in your e-mail. o Please stick to office hours if you need to see me in the office. Please respect my time. Assessment Although this course is independent, you need to complete critical tasks that involve a longer time period to design, develop, and implement and meet specific deadlines Assessment Proposal Needs Analysis and Design Evaluation instruments Implementation Visits Presentation Qty 1 1 1 1 1 1 % points 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 20% Due Date Week 1 Week 3 Week 12 Ongoing Weeks:1,3,7,10,13 Week 15 4

Product Report Total Grading: A=95-100% C=73- <77% Bibliography A-=90-<95% C-=70-<73% B+=87<90% D+=65- <70

1 -

50% 5% 100

Week 15 Week 15 -

B=83-<87% D=60 - <65

B-=80-<83% F= <60


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