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LightSwitch Vender Code: LSW

Graphic Welding Helmets / Cartridges

LightSwitch Welding Helmets

-LightSwitch helmets are available in either a 4 5 or 2 4 format. -All helmets are equipped with a state of the art headgear. -All helmets (except the basic black version) are shipped in a fine silk like dust bag and extra cover plates.

Part No. 600-508-A

4.5" 5.25" Auto Darkening Helmets Part No. Description

600-506-A 600-509-A 600-510-A Black Copper Top RPM Carbon Matrix Liberty Lone Star Part No. 600-506-A Part No. 600-564-A Part No. 600-509-A

Eye, Face, and Head Protection

600-508-A 600-527-A 600-564-A

2" 4.25" Auto Darkening Helmets Part No. Description

600-512-A 600-515-A 600-516-A 600-514-A 600-528-A 600-565-A Black Copper Top RPM Carbon Matrix Liberty Lone Star Part No. 600-516-A Part No. 600-528-A Part No. 600-514-A


LightSwitch 4" 5" Auto Darkening Filter

Large, Crystal Clear Viewing Area. Shade selectable from 9 to 12 - Each Shade Exact. Sensitivity Adjustment in 7 Steps. Delay Adjustment from 0.15 to 0.78 Second. Warranty: 3 Years - Free overnight replacement. Low battery indicator leaves approximately two days of power (depending on daily usage). Included CR 2032 Battery Available Anywhere. Large Adjustment Buttons Easy with Gloves. Fits most 4-1/2" x 5-1/4" Helmet Windows. TIG Welding down to 10 AMPs.

Cartridges and Replacement Headgear Part No. Description

600-196-A 600-344-A 600-478-A
3-Year Warranty

4.5" 5.25" Fixed ADF Cartridge 2" 4.25" Fixed ADF Cartridge Headgear

LightSwitch 2" 4" Auto Darkening Filter

NO BLOCK in-the-window sensor. Dark Shade 10.5. Light Shade 3.75. Delay, dark to light = .25 second. Fits most 2" x 4-1/4" Helmet Windows. Thickness = 6mm. Weight < 1.2 oz. Comfortable viewing area = 3.69" x 1.31". Warranty: 1 Year - Free replacement.

HalfMags and Inner Safety Plates Part No. Description

600-300-A 600-301-A 600-302-A 600-206-A
1-Year Warranty

HalfMag 1.50 HalfMag 2.00 HalfMag 2.50 Inner Safety Plate 5/pk