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Step 1:

First download Turbo C++ from here

Extract TC into C drive. [c:\TC, so that the exe file is present in the order TC>BIN>TC.exe]

DOSBox is the application to be used to run the Turbo C++ in full screen mode in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Download DOSBox from here. Step 2:

After you install both Turbo C and DOSBox, Run the DOSBox.

Type the following commands in the command prompt:

mount d c:\

Now you will see the message Drive D is mounted as a local directory c:

In the command Prompt, type d: to go to the directory of D drive.

Then enter the following commands:

cd tc

cd bin tc.exe Now, Turbo C++ 3.0 will start. Step 3: Note: This is very important!!!

In Turbo C++, go to Options>Directories>Change Directories and change the source of TC to the source directory D: ( The virtual D: is reference to the original c:\TC) If you have chosen the path as done by me, then make the following modifications:

Include Directories


Library Directories


Output Directory

D: (or can be left blank)

Source Directory

D: (or can be left blank)


The shortcut key for Full Screen is ALT + Enter and not CTRL + F9 to run and execute programs like in the normal Turbo Editor.

So, now to being Turbo C quickly everytime you need it, here is a shortcut that you can implement.

Go to C:\>Program Files>DosBox-0.74>DOSBox 0.74 Options

Edit it using notepad and paste the following code at the end of the file:

Turbo C will load automatically whenever you open the DOSBox 0.74.exe from now on.

If your Keyboard and Mouse stops responding in full screen mode, then Go to the configuration file and search for fullscreen and change the values:

[sdl] fullscreen=true fulldouble=true [dos]