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API Oil Water Separator Equipment Sizing Spreadsheet

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Below is a link to an API oil water separator sizing spreadsheet developed by Hydro-Flo Technologies. By inputting the major design criteria, you can solve for the separation chambers width to length to depth ratios. The spreadsheet operates on Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. API sizing calculations Below is a sample shot of the spreadsheet.

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The Art and Science... of Wastewater Treatment
Company Location API Separator Calculations USER INPUT IN YELLOW Design Flow rate (in gpm) Temperature (in deg F) Specific Gravity of the Oil (in g/cm3) Oil Droplet size (in microns) Density of the Water (in g/cm3) Viscosity (in Poise)

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250 60 0.850 150 0.99890 0.01129

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RESULTS Width of separator 6.500 in feet Depth of separator in feet Length of separator in feet Oil Droplet (in cm) 0.015

Detailed information on the design and sizing of inclined plate clarifiers and clarification systems

Dissolved Air Flotation System Design & Sizing information Dissolved Air Flotation Design Parameters
Detailed information on the design and sizing of dissolved air flotation separators and separation systems

2.500 32.500

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Oil Water Separator Design & Sizing information Oil Water Separator Design Parameters
Detailed information on the design and sizing of oil water separators and separation systems

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Minimum Maximum Allowable Design Allowable Result Result terminal velocity (in cm/s) 0.162 0.162 0.162 terminal velocity (in ft/min) 0.318 0.318 0.318 Minimum cross sectional area needed (in ft) 11.139 11.139 11.139 Cross Sectional Area (in square feet) 11.139 16.250 160.000 maximum horizontal velocity (15*vt, 3.000 but must be <=3) 3.000 3.000 2.057 horizontal velocity (in ft/min) 3.000 0.209 vh/vt 9.423 6.459 0.656 short-circuiting factor 1.491 1.395 1.194 Length of unit (must be at least 5X of width) (in ft) 5.000 32.500 100.000 length/width 5.000 5.000 5.000 minimum horizontal area 156.527 146.444 125.341 Width of channel (in feet) (must be 6 6.500 to 20) 1.000 20.000 2.500 Depth (in feet) 0.300 10.000 0.385 0.500 Depth/Width Ratio (must be .3 to .5) 0.300 Adjust the depth and width until you get a horizontal velocity <=3. Ideal horizontal velocity should be in the <=2 range at average flow. Make sure that you maintain a depth/width ratio of .3 to .5

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