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SAP MM February 2013


Archiving & Deleting of Article-IS Retail


Business Application This process is used to archive and delete the article master in SAP IS Retail.

Document Flow
T-Code: WRF_DIS_SEL Article discontinuation T-Code: MM71 Archive administration T-Code: SM37 Archive administration T-Code: SARA Archive administration

GO TO WRF_DIS_SEL - Put in Article/Articles and then click "Client Wide Article Discontinuation" to get green button, click on check material in full, Execute.

Check for the messages in the following screen and clear all the messages one by one , as example below for Infor record exists, goto ME15 and delete the Inforecord , likewise clear all the Follow-Up Actions.

All the Follow-Up Actions cleared as below the status is yellow

Choose the articles by choosing Select All and click on Discontinue and a message pops up.

Goto to MM42 TX code and the article status is Deletion Flag is set at client level

Goto Tx code MM71 , give a name in variant field and click on mainatain.

Choose continue for individual selection screens.

In the next screen click on production Mode choose X Complete and List, click on Attributes

Give a description and click save .

Click back and on the main menu of MM71 Execute , click on immediate and then on check

System issues message New archiving job was scheduled

Go to TX sm37, key in job name delete1 and click execute.

Click on type .

System issues message about archiving.

Goto Tx code MM71 click on Database table tab.

Goto Tx code SARA, click on delete tab.

Click on execute.

Click and choose the session created.

Click on execute , and then on immediate check & Save

System issues message New deletion Jobs were Scheduled.

Goto SM 37 and find the job log to be completed successfully.

System issues message New deletion Jobs were Finished.

Goto the detailed log to find the job carried out.

Go to MM42 or any other Tx code to find the article being deleted .