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Construct Aspect Instrument : : : S08 LA4.S08.1 Multimedia Development Apply All The Phases Of Multimedia Production To Produce An Interactive Educational Multimedia Project. Project


CRITERIA 1. Analysis Phase Write the project title, objective and target audience. 2. Design Phase Sketch storyboard.


NOTE The multimedia product must be interactive, educational and include all five multimedia elements. Choose any topic from any subjects taught in school: ICT Bahasa Malaysia Bahasa Inggeris Mathematics Science, etc Authoring Tools: Tool book Presentation s/w Web editor Values: Creative Integrity Responsible

3. Implementation Phase Develop a multimedia project based on the storyboard using an authoring tool. Write the name of the authoring tool used. 4. Testing Phase Test the developed multimedia product. Complete the checklist. 5. Evaluation Phase Ask assessor to evaluate the developed multimedia product. a. Content match the project objective(s) b. Interface user friendly interactive c. Navigation all links/buttons functioning correctly d. Multimedia Elements text graphic audio video a. animation Completed RF.CW.LA4.S08.1 and a soft copy of the product.