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Los Angeles Unified School District


SCHOOL report 11 card 12

Dear Parent or Guardian,
Our responsibility for educating our children is to work together as a team the school and district staff, parents, guardians and families, and students themselves. We all need to make our best efforts, individually and as a group, to support our students, believe in their abilities and potential, and create conditions for their success. The 2011-12 School Report Card, revised with input from various parent and community groups, is a valuable tool for you to learn about your students school. Bring this document with you when you visit with your students teacher(s). Learn how your school is working to help your student read, write, think, and speak at or above grade level. Ask questions. Find out how you can help. We are a team, and we need you! Developed in partnership with

Students Graduating in Four Years

117 out of 226 students

SCHOOL report 11 card 12

Students Achieving a C or better in all A-G courses


Find out more at

33 out of 117 students




Dr. John E. Deasy Superintendent Angela M Hewlett Bloch Principal



The Academic Performance Index (API) is a score California gives each school based on student test scores. 200 is the lowest possible score. 800 is the target API score; 1000 is the maximum.

API Score

School Performance Framework measures of achievement, attendance and behavior

The LAUSD School Performance Framework (SPF) is a system that classifies schools based upon relative performance on Status Measures such as achievement, attendance and behavior and Growth Measures from Academic Growth over Time. The following sections provide detailed information about a schools performance on these measures.

2010-11 2011-12



Change from 2010-2011


School Performance Framework measures of academic growth over time How much Academic Growth over Time (AGT) did the school make on standardized tests?
A method known as value-added analysis helps us know how much students have progressed on standardized tests from one year to the next. The table below provides grade-level AGT results for English language arts (ELA) and Math for the past academic year 2011-12.

Far Below Predicted Below Predicted At Predicted Above Predicted

Far Above Predicted


CST ELA Grade 9

Are students meeting California standards in English language arts and math? (Status Measure 1)
Students in grades 2-11 are tested annually to assess their achievement of state content standards. California Standards Test (CST) scores fall into 1 of 5 performance levels. The states goal is for all students to score proficient or advanced, the top 2 performance levels. Students scoring at the proficient or advanced performance level in

CST Algebra I
Find detailed information about your schools AGT results online at

LAUSD Average

English language arts Math Algebra English language arts Math Algebra
How many students are...

23% 3% 3% 42% 80% 77% 59%

23% 4% 5% 38% 80% 73% 50%

42% 19% 14% 26% 58% 65% 69%

School Performance Framework Growth is based on the schools ability to improve performance as measured by AGT. How many growth points did this school earn under the SPF? 1 ...out of a possible 12

Students scoring at the below basic or far below basic performance level in

How does this schools final performance classification --- under the School Performance Framework--compare to other schools?

Points are earned based on actual school level performance across a number of metrics. Each high school earns a status point total. This schools specific SPF classification is listed in the table below, along with the distribution of all LAUSD high schools according to their final classification.

Number of Schools by Classification

This School Earns the Classification of:

passing the CAHSEE in the 10th grade?

Status Points

0 1 0 3 1 0

4 4 9 35 13 1-6

2 3 2 4 2

0 1 0 1 0

Excelling Achieving Service & Support Watch Focus

Are students showing high attendance and graduation rates and low suspension? (Status Measure 2)?
Students with 96% or higher attendance* Students suspended one or more times Students graduating in four years
*96% attendance is equal to 7 days absent

31-40 21-30 11-20 10

49% 8% 49%

50% 6% 52%

60% 4% 64%

7-9 10-12

School Performance Framework Status is based on the schools performance on the above measures. How many status points did this school earn under the SPF? ...out of a possible 50

Growth Points
For detailed information on the School Performance Framework, please visit


--Data not shown when the number of students or other respondents is 10 or less to protect student privacy
and ensure statistical accuracy, or when data are not available.

What its like to be at this school

Performance of different groups

In 2011-12, students, staff, and parents were surveyed about their experiences at this school. Here is what they told us...


Who are the students at this school? Total number of students enrolled:
African American American Indian Asian Filipino Latino Pacific Islander White

985 7% 15% 37% 58% 75% 31%

Number (percent) responding:

What we are learning takes a lot of thinking. Adults at this school know my name. My school is clean. I feel safe on school grounds.


Number (percent) responding:

I feel welcome to participate at this school.

The school offers me opportunities to participate in councils, parent organizations.

I talk with the teacher about my childs schoolwork. My child is safe on school grounds.

I am proud of this school. My school is clean. I feel safe on school grounds.

Number (percent) responding:

I get the help I need to communicate with parents.

608 (53%) 81% 76% 55% 85% 56 (6%) 89% 76% 29% 71% (19%) 22 64% 64% 68% 73%

Percentage of students enrolled who are 3% 1% 3% 4% 84% 0% 5%

Gifted and talented Students with disabilities English learners Reclassified fluent English proficient Economically disadvantaged Students entering and leaving

What percentage of students is scoring proficient or advanced across student groups?**

All students African American American Indian Asian Filipino Latino Pacific Islander White English learners Economically disadvantaged

25% --% --% --% 50% 22% --% --% 16% 26% 26% --% --% --% 42% 24% --% --% 19% 27%

For more information on the survey results, go to

What is the highest level of education students PLAN to Students responding: 571 complete? High school 8% 2-year college 7% Graduate school 25%
Vocational school


4-year college


Unsure of plans


What is important to know about staff at this school?

Teachers at this school for at least 3 years Staff with 96% or higher attendance* Academic courses taught by a highly qualified teacher (fully accredited, demonstrates subject area competence)
*96% attendance is equal to 7 days absent


LAUSD 2011-12 Average

53% 69% 74%

71% 64% 95%

74% 62% 89%

**Student performance is determined by AYP criteria (CAHSEE, CAPA)

How are students performing in magnet centers?

Magnet Center ELA Math


Students scoring proficient or advanced in

1309 N WILTON PL HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028 323-817-6461

ISIC SCHOOLS 213-241-0100


LEARNING STUDENT environment groups

For college or career About the school
How are students moving toward high school graduation?
To graduate, students must earn 230 course credits, complete required courses, and pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). How many students are moving from



LAUSD Average

What is Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and Program Improvement (PI) Status?
A school must meet targets under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) on standardized tests and graduation rates for all students and for certain groups (economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, English learners, and students in different ethnic groups). For information on the specific requirements for your school, visit and click on the link called School Level AYP Reports.

9th to 10th grade (55 credits)? 10th to 11th grade (110 credits)?
How many students are

75% 86% 49%

54% 76% 52%

62% 73% 64%

graduating in four years

Did this school meet AYP requirements? How many requirements did the school meet? ...out of a possible

No 9 18

How are students preparing for college and career?

Below are three goals to help your student prepare for entrance into Californias public colleges or for a chosen career. At a minimum, to be eligible for a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU), students must pass a specific set of 15 college preparatory courses (known as A-G courses) and take college entrance exams. For a complete list of certified A-G courses in your childs school, go to

A Title I school is in Program Improvement (PI) status when it does not meet AYP requirements two years in a row. When this happens, an intervention plan is designed to help the school meet its requirements. Parents are notified when a school enters PI status. You may view a copy of your schools plan at your school.

What was the schools PI status as of September 2012?

Achieve a C or better in all A-G courses

College eligibility improves with a higher Grade Point Average (GPA).



LAUSD Average

How are African Americans, English learners and students in special education performing?**
This section shows information about three major student groups who have been historically underserved and have struggled to meet performance targets in English language arts (ELA) and math.

Graduates passing all A-G courses with a C or better Students on track to complete A-G requirements with a C or better

21% 24%

28% 28%

32% 33%

African Americans scoring proficient or advanced in English language arts Math


LAUSD 2011-12 Average

Take the ACT or SAT by 12th grade and achieve a minimum score Students who took the SAT or ACT Students achieving at least 1400 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT

--% --% 13% 7%

--% --% 15% 14%

39% 36% 6% 10%

College eligibility improves with higher college entrance exam scores.

Students in special education scoring proficient or advanced in

34% 20%

49% 25%

51% 36%

English language arts Math

in Advanced Placement 3 Achieve a C or betteradditional AP courses passed with (AP)orcourses College eligibility improves with a C better. Students taking at least one AP course Enrolled and passing with a C or better Number of unique AP subject courses offered (33 approved courses statewide)

18% 69% 9

14% 81% 4

18% 87% 10

English learners must achieve 3 goals to be reclassified as fluent English proficient (RFEP): 1. Score proficient on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) 2. Show basic skills on the California Standards Test (CST)-ELA 3. Be recommended by the school by passing English courses with a C or better.

--Data not shown when the number of students or other respondents is 10 or less to protect student
privacy and ensure statistical accuracy, or when data are not available.

Additional career metrics will be made available in future years.

1 ...scoring proficient on the CELDT 2 ...scoring basic or above on CST-ELA 3 ...passing English courses with C or better

English learners

29% 23% 49%

0% 23% 50%

30% 29% 41%

**Student performance is determined by AYP criteria (CAHSEE, CAPA)