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MM5002 People in Organization

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Implementing Human Resources Balance Scorecard

Verizon Communications Inc. was formed in 2000

with the merger of Bell Atlantic Corp and GTE Corp

Verizon, headquartered in New York, is a leader in delivering broadband and other communication innovations

to wireline and wireless customers


People Factor


Business Strategy

HR Analysis

Recomme ndation

HR Practices


TURNOVER (Customer & Employee) and CUSTOMER SERVICE quality were the major problem of telecommunications companies in USA

Communicating GTE new strategy and linking HR actions with business results
Developing people Monitored financial result

HR Balance Scorecard

Lesson Learn #1

Verizon HR has effectively designed and implemented a strategic management system

with HR Scorecard model

People Factor
Garrett Walker
Project Director of PMA (Performance Measurement Analysis)

Charles R Lee
CEO and Chairman of GTE ..$75 million a year to train our employees. What do we get for that? HR People has issue with measurement culture

J R Macdonald
Head of Human Resources Need quantitative model for measurement
The Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan & Norton as a guidance Lead the HR measurements core team

Specialized in Human Resources issues

Estimate the profit and loss at GTE Saratoga measurements are being used at GTE scorecard systems

At the beginning, having difficulties to get some data

Strategy Alignment

Defined Goals

Competitive Capability

Strategy Map/linkage


Business Strategy
To become worldwide player in telecommunication

People Imperatives
Grow talent to increase the value delivered by the workforce New behaviors, actions, and capabilities to drive the business results

5 Strategic Thrusts



Customer service and support

Organizational integration

HR Capability

Lesson Learn #2

HR Balance Scorecard is a method of financial and noon financial measurement including leading and lagging indicators, by focuses on the drivers of success and is linked to the company`s strategy .

HR Practices
Strategic Perspective

ROI in training technology, staffing, risk management cost of service delivery

Measures GTE success in achieving the five strategic thrusts

Financial Perspective


Operational Perspective

Service perception Employee engagement Competitive capability Links to productivity

Customer Perspective

Staffing Technology HR processes and transactions

HR Practices
The first 6 month Things didn`t change HR dept. tend to eliminate certain measures if performance poor Managers Resistance as they scared to lose control



Base pay 25% to 40% Executive 10% HR

Measurement will be useless when the business strategy change

Financial Payoffs
Separation rate Exit interview Benefits Absence rate

Lesson Learn #3
HR Scorecard helps the company
to monitor workforce indicators, to analyze workforce statistics , to diagnose workforce issues, to calculate the negative financial impact, to prescribe solutions and track improvements

Strategy Maps
Strategic Operations Customer Financial

Sales competencies

Establish ongoing assessment of targeted employees Provide target training and services


Increase shareholder value

Understand employee skill gaps


Revenue from current customer

Lesson Learn #4
To implement to HR balanced scorecard, Verizon HR successfully change by having the guidelines of Leading change, Creating shared need Shaping a vision, Mobilizing commitment, Building enabling system, Monitoring and demonstrating progress And Making it last for sustainable

Full Support from Top Management as Sponsor

Need to adapt to business strategy which always changed

Every people should understand the purpose of scorecard