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Bright Life International School Spelling Quiz Grade 8 Name:.

I) Choose the best answer: 1- Both Liza and I felt we had been as actress and director. a) liberated b) leashed c) buckled 2- I leave them after exchanging, taking the garbage downstairs with me. a) prizes b) pleasantries c) presents 3- He was a hardworking, frugal and man who was saving to buy a small cottage from his employer. a) imprudent b) careless c) thrifty 4- He ate lunch in a little cafe next to the station. a) dingy b) smart c) well-dressed 5- The car broke down and left us .. in the middle of nowhere. a) anchored b) moored c) marooned II) Give the synonyms of the underlined words: 1- Many people believe that life as a titanic moral struggle between good and evil. Immense, huge, colossal, gigantic 2- Three men refused to testify, fearing it would jeopardize their careers. Endanger, risk, take the risk

III) Give antonyms of the underlined words: 3- A five-block area had to be evacuated following the discovery of 500 pounds of dynamite in a house. Fill up, pack, jam

4- Passengers are requested to notify a member of staff if they see suspicious packages. Refuse to tell, withhold information from, keep in ignorance, conceal something from 5- Who wants to talk things over after being physically subdued and humiliated? Praise, glorify, exalt, elevate