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Module I NETTECHONOLOGY AND OFFICE AUTOMATION 1. Funduametal of compter a. What is compute, component of computer b.

Software and hard ware (input device and output device ) c. Operating system d. Virus and antivirus 2. Documentation techniques in ms word a. Formatting, proofing & printing b. Use reference option c. Letter drafting, thesis work, d. Arrange data in table Assignment: resume, letter Drafting, Advertisement format etc. 3. Data Operation in ms excel a. Creating sheet , cell formatting b. Use formula in work sheet c. Use Chart and date table d. Arrange data with using Data tab Assignment: Student mark sheet, salary sheet, commission report etc. 4. Create power full presentation with ms power point a. Create presentation with slide b. Use different type of animation in presentation c. Working with movies and sounds Assignment: create photo album and presentation 5. Internet a. Creating E-mail ID, sending and receiving mail, surfing, downloading, uploading, online registration etc. Module II Financial Accounting 1. Fundamental of accounting a. What is accounting, why needs of accounting b. Accounting process c. Accounting concepts and accounting terminology d. Rules of Debit, credit.

e. Common documents are used in accounting (subsidiary book, cheque, memos, receipts, bills payable and bills receivable, promissory notes etc.) f. Manual accounting 2. Computerized accounting a. Installation of tally ERP b. Creation of company in tally c. Ledger and groups d. Voucher entries e. Inventory management f. Invoicing , order processing, g. Bill of material h. Godown and material transfer i. Price list j. Currency, cost centre and Budget k. Interest calculation Module III Advance computerized accounting 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Advance feature in tally Set configuration Printing and mailing of reports Busy an accounting software Payroll a. Creation of employee master b. Allowances and deduction c. Maintain attendance of employees d. Payroll repost (attendance sheet, salary sheet, pay slip, payment advice etc.) 6. Ration analysis 7. Cost sheets 8. Auditing Module IV 1. ROC 2. Company meetings 3. Investment and insurance Module V

Taxation 1. VAT (value added tax) a. Vat class b. Multiple vat c. Vat reports d. forms e. Vat adjustment 2. TDS (tax deducted at source) a. TDS nature of payment b. TDS transaction c. TDS reports d. Form 16 3. Service Tax a. Service tax transactions b. Reports c. TR-6 Chalan 4. TCS(tax collected at source) a. TCS nature of payment b. TCS transaction c. TCS reports d. Form 16 5. Excise duty