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Teacher Instructions MC test taking strategies Activity ONE (5-10 minutes) Distribute and discuss handout of Test taking

g strategies and tips (one for each student)

Activity TWO (25-30 minutes) Divide students into pairs Distribute copies of Sample Test Questions (about 3 to a pageneed one set per teacher) Include as many questions from former tests as you can. Give each pair one page at a time and have them look over the questions. For this lesson they do not need to read the passages or find the correct answerwe are just familiarizing them with the questions. Have them discuss these things (post on the board or overhead): o Make a note of any KEY words that the question asks. Summarize aloud with each other what the question is asking of you. o Ask yourselfis this a question I can answer without the reading the text? If so, try to answer it BEFORE looking at the choices. o Discuss how the questions and answers are worded similar and different. o Very important: Write down words in the QUESTIONS that you do not know such as author bias or implied, etc. The goal here is to see which type of questions and wording would throw you off. o If the question and/or answer is long and/or complicated, look for KEY NOUNS and VERBS to get the main idea of the answer Example
a. Many people in a society are responsible for determining the customs within their group. b. Different groups of people in a society will support the views expressed by its scholars. c. A society is enriched by various groups who merit equal respect and scholarly interest. d. An informed discussion among groups in a society can reveal many conflicting views

Time pairs for a few minutes on each question handout then pass. Keep goingtry to reach a point where all students get to look at all questions. Have students write down the questions they felt were the most difficult (can write just the numbers and the type) Walk around and help/discuss questions with them

Activity THREE (5 minutes) Leave time for them to take the FAKE quiz. Basically this quiz is 5 questions long. They should read the directions which tell them to read ALL questions first. If they do this, then question number five tells them they do not have to answer 1-4. It is pretty fun and you can see right away who has not gone through and read all the questions as directed.

Test-taking strategies and facts Some general facts the reading test is multiple choice only 50-55 questions each question is expected to take one minute to answer on average the test is 140 minutes total a greater number of test items that require reasonable inferences and reasonable prior knowledge Material should present subject matter that is of high interest and pertinent to students lives (this is a major emphasis in the FCAT2.0 material) We need to work to eliminate our preconceived idea that the test passages are boring. Reading passages represent a range of reading levels suitable for the beginning and through the end of the tested grade Answer choices will not include No change needed, Correct as is, None of the above, All of the above, etc. Incorrect answer choices (distractors) should be on or below grade level Outliers are avoided because they draw the students attention away from the other answer choices. A common type of outlier occurs when a date or proper noun appears in only one of the four options, or in three of four options, in which case the fourth option is the outlier. These are CLEARLY wrong answers. In other words, the wrong answers are going to try to look like right answers. Answer choices that are opposite of correct answer choices should not be used as distractors, except in items assessing synonyms or antonyms.

Tips on answering multiple choice questions Read the directions carefully. Preview the test (skim the booklet) Read the questions for each reading section before you read. Put the question in your own words. READ ALL ANSWER CHOICES AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE TEST ITEM! If you do not understand what is being asked, reread the test item until you do understand it. Sometimes, the wording on these tests is a bit confusing, so be patient and read all of the test item as well as all of the answer choices before doing anything. Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers, this way the choices given on the test won't throw you off or trick you. Read each question as if you had to answer it without choosing from a list of alternative answers Eliminate answers you know aren't right. Read all the choices before choosing your answer. There will typically be at least two correct answers, but one is a BETTER choice. Examine the answer being considered and determine whether it is only partly true when addressing the question, or if it would only be true under certain circumstances. There is no guessing penalty so always take an educated guess and select an answer. Don't keep on changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right one, unless you misread the question. A positive choice is more likely to be true than a negative one.

Additional Tips If you find you get BORED with reading and drift offkeep yourself in check by making a check mark at the end of each line or paragraph. This will help you stay focused. Stop briefly and askstill focused? Work on building endurance so you dont tire out at the end. Drink water. Get up and stretch when allowed. Breathe deep for extra oxygen to your brain for alertness.

Answer MC Test Questions QUIZ

Name: __________________________________

Directions: Read through all the questions carefully before beginning this quiz.

1. The ____ test includes all multiple choice questions. Name three tips to help you succeed when answering multiple choice questions. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. How much time is allowed for the reading test _______ and how many minutes are you to average per question? _________ 3. In your own words, describe what a distractor is. _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What are two strategies you could use if more than one answer seems correct on the test? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

5. In any standardized test it is important to read the directions and the questions carefully. Therefore, do not read or answer questions 1 -4. If you read the directions above and read this question before starting, you passed. Write your name on the top of the paper and dont give it away to the others. Just sit quietly, or doodle (so others dont catch on) until all have finished. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________