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SAMPLE OUTLINE OF LESSON PLAN (PRACTICUM) Focus: Theme: Topic: Reading World of Stories The Princess and The

Dragon 2.2 Content Standard: Pupils will be able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Learning Standard:

2.2.4 Able to read and understand a paragraph with simple and compound sentences. (SK) 2.2.4 Able to read and understand a paragraph of 5 8 simple sentences. (SJK)

Objective: Time : Teaching Aids: Extra-Curricular Elements:

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to read and sequence the story correctly. (explicitly written) 30 / 60 minutes picture cards(figurines), phrase cards(a king, a princess etc), power point presentation (story The Princess and the Dragon), sentence strips Constructivism, Critical Thinking Skills (Generating Ideas) Teaching & Learning Strategy Read and match Notes

Stage/Time/ Activity SET INDUCTION (5 mins) 1. Pupils are given figurines of characters. 2. Teacher pastes phrase cards on the board. 3. Pupils match the figurines to the phrase cards. PRE-READING STAGE (10 mins) 4. Pupils read aloud all the phrases.

Figurines and phrase cards.


a king, a queen, a princess, a prince, an ogre, a knight, a dragon, a castle, a tower, a bag of gold, the kings land

Activity READING STAGE (20 mins) 5. Teacher reads the story, The Princess and the Dragon. 6. In groups, give pupils sentence strips of the story, The Princess and the Dragon. 7. Teacher picks a group to start a story chain. (This group identifies and reads the first sentence of the story).

Teaching & Learning Strategy Presentation


Power point presentation

Practice by recalling

Sentence Strips (Appendix 2)

8. The first group to identify the second Practice by recalling sentence continues the story chain. (This activity is repeated until the whole story is completed.) 9. Invite pupils to read Reinforcement the story with the correct pronunciation and intonation. WHILE-READING STAGE (20 mins) 10. Distribute worksheets. Assessment of Pupils complete them. comprehension CLOSURE POST-READING STAGE (5 mins) 11. Tch discusses the moral Discussion values in the story. Assessment: Able to read the story with the correct pronunciation and intonation. Remedial: Pupils are able to rearrange sentences correctly.

Level 1 (Appendix 3) Level 2 (Appendix 4) Level 3 (Appendix 5)

The assessment is carried out as step 7 is carried out.

Appendix 4

Enrichment: Get pupils to talk about a person they liked or dislike in the story. person they liked or disliked in

Critical Thinking Skills

Generating Ideas