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P.G.D.M 302 (Following Paper Code and Roll No.

to be filled in your answer book) Paper Code : 302


Roll No. P.G.D.M SEM. 3 Examination, Dec. 2010 Entrepreneurship Development

Time : 3 Hours Attempt all five questions. The figures on the right indicate marks.

Total Marks : 100

Que 1. (a) Entrepreneurs are made not born. Discuss the statement with examples. (10 marks) (b) Detail how an entrepreneur helps in economic development? (10 marks)

OR (a) Discuss the theories of entrepreneurship and bring out entrepreneurship is multidimensional concept. (10 marks) (b) What is segmentation? Explain various bases for segmentation? (10 marks)

Que 2. (a) Define creativity and explain the creative process in detail.

(10 marks)

(b) What do you mean by women entrepreneurship? Explain the problems of women entrepreneurs at present in India with suitable examples. (10 marks) OR (a) What are the financial institutions to assist SSI? Explain them in brief. (b) Define project and different phases of project with suitable diagram.

(10 marks) (10 marks)

Que 3. (a) What do you understand by industrial sickness? Narrate various facilities and subsidies provided to SSI units by the government. (10 marks) (b) Discuss the industrial support of new ventures in brief. (10 marks)

OR (a) Discuss the reason behind the establishment of SIDBI. Explain its functions also. (10 marks) (b) Explain the objectives & functions of ICICI bank. (10 marks)

Que 4. (a) Discuss the marketing plan of a project management. (b) Differentiate between professional entrepreneur and family entrepreneur.

(10 marks) (10 marks)

OR (a) What do you understand by positioning of a product? Explain with suitable example. (b) Different bases are given to classify entrepreneur. Explain them all. (10 marks) (10 marks)

Que 5. Write short notes on any four: a) Creative Thinking. b) Idea generation methods. c) Business plan. d) Targeting e) Types of entrepreneurs.

(4 x 5 = 20 marks)