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NURS 1566 Clinical Form 3: Clinical Medications Worksheets

(You will need to make additional copies of these forms)

Generic Name Trade Name Classification Dose Route Time/frequency

Anastrazole Arimidex Antineoplastics, 1 mg PO 1 daily
aromatase inhibitors
Peak Onset Duration Normal dosage range
14 days Within 24 hr 6 days 1 mg daily

Why is your patient getting this medication For IV meds, compatibility with IV drips and/or solutions
History of breast cancer N/A

Mechanism of action and indications (Why med ordered) Nursing Implications (what to focus on)
postmenopausal hormone receptor-positive or unknown, locally Contraindications/warnings/interactions
advanced, or metastatic breast cancer. Advanced postmenopausal None significant
breast cancer with disease progression despite tamoxifen therapy.
Inhibits the enzyme aromatase, which is partially responsible for
Common side effects – h/a, weakness, nausea, back pain, hot
conversion of precursors to estrogen. Lowers levels of circulating
flashes, pain
estroge, which may halt progression of estrogen-sensitive breast

Interactions with other patient drugs, OTC or herbal medicines (ask Lab value alterations caused by medicine
patient specifically) May cause increase GTT, AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase, total
None for this pt. cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels.
Be sure to teach the patient the following about this medication
Vaginal bleeding may occur during first few weeks and after
changing over from other hormonal therapy. Continued bleeding
should be evaluated. Report increases in pain.
Nursing Process- Assessment Assessment Evaluation
(Pre-administration assessment) Why would you hold or not give this med? Check after giving
Pain and other side effects periodically. Extreme pain The slowing of disease
progression in women with
advanced breast cancer.