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Super Storeee


Amrish Shah

Super Storeee

Phone:+91 9004280125
Amrish Shah Write from Within...
Super Storeee :
In the contemporary world where storytelling has become Super Storeee is designed and founded by a
so important in any field, the skills to a super story becomes screenwriter himself - Amrish Shah. Amrish Shah has
theee most important factor especially where entertainment 18 years of experience in the field of Entertainment.
is concerned. With the globe becoming smaller and Amrish Shah is the writer of DON 2... A Shahrukh
technology redefining boundaries, the knowledge to weave Khan film that released in December 2011 and
the telling tale is an art that requires a lot of thinking and grossed more than 50 million Dollars worldwide just
crafting. with theatrical collections. Amrish has written more
than 10 screenplays and perhaps created India's first
Like any other art or creative design, the art of storytelling is solo script bank on the web:
governed by certain principles…Principles and not rules. Amrish has worked in various capacities as
Principles are Values that shape up the story like a chiseled Filmmaker / Screenwriter / Studio Head with
sculpture created out of any solid material. And then there Storytelling being the epicenter of all his cumulative
are tools that always come very handy. These tools help expertise.
craft the dynamics of a successful story.
Amrish has devised a significant motto for Super
Super Storeee not only guides you through the principles of Storeee and that is 'Write from Within…'
story but also gives you the apt tools to design a profound
story. The principles and tools of Super Storeee ensure that Amrish humbly believes that "Talent is a hidden gift
the time and effort spent on writing, be it for any from God and what you do with your talent is your gift
entertainment platform… Cinema, Theatre, Novel, TV, Web back to divinity..."
etc. culminates into a worthy story… An intricate piece of
narrative that is not only palatable but also promising in its
very inheritance.

Super Storeee indicates the correct approach to writing

winning stories... The Principles of Super Storeee can be
applied to any storytelling medium of the past, present and

An in-depth understanding of Super Storeee will enrich the

entire experience of writing and thus every minute spent on
writing will be exciting, evolving and enriching...