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Anthony Moro Period 5 Mr.

Colbert 9th Grade US History

NSC-68 document This document was created by President Truman and his advisors during the cold war/Korean War era. It was a top secret classified document of the United States. There were 5 main points that go with this document, 1.The U.S. is responsible for protecting ourselves and the Western Hemisphere against attacks. 2.Protect a mobilization base while we build up our army for an offensive victory.3.US will conduct offensive operations on the Soviets vital elements and destroy there war-making capacity,keeps the enemy dazed untill our full offensive strength is in order. 4. The United States defend and maintain communication and bases necessary to do the other tasks. 5. We will provide aid to any of our allies in the circumstance that it will be able to help us with the above tasks. There were many problems with these tasks, many of these thing would have angered the Soviets if they found out our plans that could take away their title as being one of the best militarys on the planet and the only one that could be a threat to our national security. I believe the only reason this was okd is that it was an operation that would secure us as the worlds superpower if we could have succeeded at destroying vital elements that the Soviets couldnt operate their military without. As the Cold War wore on the more violent things got between us and them. Most attacks were not direct at each other but little things like the Berlin Blockade and the

Korean War. Both involved the Soviets taking one side and the Americans taking the complete opposite side. We were afraid of Nuclear war and i believe if we were to take action that was directly pointed at them then we would all be dead because of M.A.D(Mutual Assured Destruction) which could have wiped out every town,city,county,state,state,country,continent,THE WORLD.This document didnt directly hint at nuclear war but if all of these actions were carried out to full potential then many things would be different than they are now. Anthony Moro