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Brandi Sorrell

I was born in Muncie, Indiana where my mother Andrea raised me by herself until I was about five-years-old. At the age of five my mother met a man named Ryan who decided to adopt me and give me his last name, Sorrell. This same year my sister Kelsi was born, and shortly after my parents decided to get married. I was so happy to finally have a father figure in my life that I could call daddy! Throughout the course of the following five years my parents did not get along to say the least. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last. Both of my parents remained in Muncie and I spent several years going back and forth between their two houses. In the year of 2004 my father met my stepmother and her two sons. A few years later the two married and moved in together. I continued to live with my mother until she decided to move out of town my senior year of high school. I moved in with my father in order to finish up my last year at Delta High School. The following year my mother decided to move away to Florida with her new boyfriend. I was completely devastated. For so long it had just been my mother and I. Now I would only get to communicate with her over the phone. When my mother moved away I made it my ultimate goal to prove to her that I could remain positive and continue my education. Even though she was several states away she still encouraged me to push on and achieve my goals. Right after high school I decided to apply to Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. I decided to major in early childhood education because I had really liked working with children during my high school child development courses. During the courses we actually had a chance to take care of children throughout the day. My love for young children began in high school and still continues to grow to this very day. I have been at Ivy Tech for three years now, and I can honestly say I have learned so much throughout the course of the early childhood education program. My experiences with children

have given me opportunities to strengthen my teaching skills and better myself as a person. Last year I even received a job at Apple Tree Child Development Center after completing my preschool practicum at the center. At Apple Tree I work as a before and after-school lead teacher for school-age children. I never expected to receive such a great opportunity during the time I spent at the center as a practicum student. I am so grateful to be able to work with such a great group of young children. The children at the center are always keeping on my toes, and testing my abilities as an early childhood educator. As for my goals, I plan to finish up this summer at Ivy Tech with my Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education. I plan to continue working at Apple Tree in hopes that I will receive a job with younger children. I prefer to work with children ages three to five, but I wouldnt mind working in the continuity of care unit with children ages six weeks to thirty-six months. After a year or so I plan to continue my career in the early education field by receiving my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education at Ball State University.