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Have cosmologists (astro Physicists) gone mad?

By M J Rhoades
Short answer; yes. From the big bang, (not) to Brain theory, to string theory, to the eleventh dimension are proof of their insanity. What the heck are we teaching in school? Without one shred of evidence for any of this stuff, so called learned individuals actually discuss this stuff as real. If Einstein were to come alive he would soon be dead from laughing himself back to death. Its far easier to believe in God than buy any of these theories. Where did this insanity come from? I think it is from Quantum Mechanics. I believe It has given these astro nuts the poetic license to which they have achieved their madness. Oh by the way, when a Uranium 235 splits after fission into fission fragments. Its not fission fragments; they are really Rhoades bosons that emit beta particles, where is my Nobel Prize in physics? If you trust these these fools, I feel sorry for you. but what the heck, just make anything up you may become an astrophysicist