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Setting Up the Medium CNC Mill - 3 Axis Only

Yale School of Architecture Lab Tutorial Digital Media

1. Securely clamp your material to the wooden clamping jig. Do not attach the material directly to the metal bed. 2. Insert bit into collet and collet holder. Tighten to secure.

3. Turn on the CNC mill. RML-1 should be selected on the display. Select Enter. The display should look similar to the picture below, listing numeric coordinates for X, Y, and Z, and 7800 RPM.

1 3 2 4 5

6 7 8 9

1. LED Display: Displays X, Y, Z coordinate information and spindle speed. Any errors will be displayed here. 2. Pause: Press to pause job. 3. XY/A: Once the bit is correctly positioned at origin point, press the XY/A button to set the X and Y origin. 4. Z: Once the bit is at the correct depth at the origin point, press the Z button to set the Z depth origin. 5. +Z, -Z: Press the +Z to move the bit up, press the -Z to move the bit down. 6. Forward/Back, Left/Right Arrow Buttons: Press the arrows to move the bed or the cutting head. 7. Rabbit: Pressing the Rabbit button and the Forward/Back, Left/Right arrows will speed up the movement. 8. Dial: Slowly moves coordinates, useful for ne tuning the cutting head location. 9. Emergency Stop: If machine is off, turn knob to the right to release. 4. Using the Forward/Back, and Left/Right arrow buttons, move the bit so that it is positioned over the lower left corner of your material, where you want the starting point to be. 5. Using the -Z button, move the bit down so that it is touching the material. 6. Once the bit is in the correct position on your material, you need to tell the machine that is the origin point. Press the XY/A button. The display will read Set User Origin Hit Enter Key. Press the Enter key. The X and Y coordinates should both read 0. 7. Press the Z button to set the Z depth origin. The display will have an arrow pointing to 1 Set Z0 Pos. HERE. Press the Enter key. The Z coordinate should read 0. 8. X, Y, and Z should all list the coordinates as 0 when the bit is in the lower left corner of your material. This tells the machine to start the milling job at this location. You can now set up your le in Modella to send to the mill.