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Accounts Receivable Training

Overview of AR AR Transactions Receipts Application of Receipt Transfer to GL Standard Reports

Overview of AR
Create Profile Classes

Enter Customers

Create Invoices

Print Invoices

Send to Customers



Transaction Workbench

Creating a Standard Invoice

Enter invoice header information

Enter invoice lines

Enter salescredit

Enter freight lines


AutoAccounting creates accounts

Complete invoice

Create Transactions in AR
(N) Transactions>Transactions

Enter the Header and Line Information

Line Information

Transaction Classes
Class Invoice Credit Memo Debit Memo Description Bill customers for products or services Credit customers (On-account credits do not refer to specific invoices.) Bill customers for products or services that were not included on the original invoice Adjust the remaining balance of an existing debit item to zero, and create a new debit item to bill customer for unpaid balance of original invoice.


Transaction Classes
Class Deposit Guarantee Description Bill customers for contractual agreements A contractual agreement that is referenced by invoices. (Bill customers for the items on the invoice, not the guarantee.)

Bills Receivable A document that your customer formally agrees to pay at some future date.


Receipt Workbench
Apply to customer account or invoice

Enter receipt

Update customer balance

Clear receipt

Reconcile bank statement

Receipts Types

Cash Receipts records receipts from customers to pay for past or future debit items Miscellaneous Receipts record Receipts not related to the organizations usual transaction activity Such as Interest Charges or other Income


Entering Receipts
AR Module -> Receipts -> Open


Posting to General Ledger

Navigate to Interfaces -> General Ledger


Submit the General Ledger Transfer Program: Specify the Necessary parameters

Once the above program is run system transfers the AR transactions to GL and creates Un posted Journals


Reports in AR
> Account Status Report > Billing & Receipt History > Adjustment Register > Receipt Register > Billing Register > Applied Receipts Register > Customer Listing - Detail > Sales Journal by Customer > Sales Journal by GL Account > Unapplied Receipt Register

The above are some of the many available Reports in AR Module