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HOMEWORK CLOZE EXERCISES Learning a musical instrument Learning to play an instrument is (1) __________________ that can give a lot

of pleasure. Its also an achievement and a skill (2) ___________________ stays with you for life. Music has a part to play in everyones life, and has been described (3) ___________________ a `primary language. Learning to play an instrument isnt easy at the beginning (4)

____________________ takes effort and determination. And while theres nothing wrong with aiming (5) ____________________ the top, music is definitely (6) _____________________ something to take up because you think you ought (7) ___________________ do it. A lot of adults regret not (8) _______________________ learnt to play an instrument when they were younger. But it is never (9) ______________________ late to learn! And the advantages of learning an instrument are far greater than just the pleasure of producing a marvellous sound. When youve progressed far (10) _____________________, there are lots of amateur groups which you can join (11) ____________________ you want to be part of a larger group. Once youve reached a good enough standard to join a band or orchestra, you add the team skills like (12) _____________________ you get from playing sport. Theres also a great social side to playing with others, as (13) ____________________ as the chance to travel through touring.

1) something 2) which/that 3) as 4) and 5) for 6) not 7) to

8) having 9) too 10) enough 11) if/should 12) those 13) well

Acoustic archaeology Acoustic archaeology studies the role played (1) _______________________ sound in the ancient world. It examines the connection (2) _______________________ acoustics and religious or spiritual sites. The main question is whether the acoustics of a place are relevant to the way (3) _____________________ was used. Archaeologists have noticed that (4) _______________________ number of ancient sites have echoes at very low frequencies. When sounds are (5) _______________________ low as this, you feel them in your body rather (6) ______________________ just hearing them, and this creates a feeling of happiness and contentment. Sites with such echoes were probably chosen (7) _______________________ purpose, to make visitors feel they were in a place of worship. If you stand in (8) _____________________ of the Maya Temple in Mexico and clap your hands, you can hear an echo that sounds (9) _____________________ the chirp of the Maya sacred bird. This chirping echo (10) _______________________ produced because the steps of the long temple staircase are at different distances from the listener. Some archaeologists claim that the Maya purposefully constructed this temple (11) ______________________ achieve this sound. Priests used this echo effect to make people believe that the gods were speaking to (12) ________________________. Similar acoustic phenomena have been observed in sites (13) ________________________ over the world.

1) by 2) between 3) it 4) a 5) as 6) than

8) front 9) like 10) is 11) to 12) them 13) all

7) on

Mosquitoes According to the World Health Organisation, malaria, a disease spread (1) _____________________ mosquitoes, affects millions of people every year. Everyone knows how irritating the noise made by a mosquito, (2) _____________________ by a painful reaction to its bite, can be. It is astonishing that so (3) ______________________ is known about why mosquitoes are drawn to or driven away from people, given (4) ______________________ level of distress and disease caused by these insects. We know that the most effective chemical (5) _______________________ protecting people against mosquitoes is diethyltoluamide, commonly shortened (6) _______________________ deet. (7) _______________________ deet works well, it has some serious drawbacks: it can damage clothes and some people are allergic to it. Scientists know that mosquitoes find some people more attractive than others, but they do not know (8) ______________________ this should be. They also know that people vary in (9) _______________________reactions to mosquito bites. One person has a painful swelling while (10) ________________________ who is bitten by the same mosquito (11) _________________________ hardly notice. Scientists have (12) _____________________ discovered the reason for this, but they have carried (13) _______________________ experiments to show that mosquitoes are attracted to, or put (14) _______________________ by, certain smells. In the future, scientists hope to develop a smell that mosquitoes cannot resist. This could be used in a trap (15) _____________________ that, instead of attacking people, mosquitoes would fly into the trap and be destroyed. For the time (16) ____________________ however, we have to continue spraying ourselves with unpleasant liquids if we want to avoid getting bitten.

1) by

9) their

2) followed 3) little 4) the 5) for 6) to 7) Though/Although/While/Whilst 8) why

10) another 11) may/might/will 12) not/never 13) out 14) off 15) so 16) being

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