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Polish II Corps at War's End II (Polish) Corps: Headquarters 12th Podolskich Lancer Regiment 7th Armored Regiment 7th

Anti-tank Regiment 7th Light Anti-aircraft Regiment 8th Medium Anti-Aircraft Regiment 1st Survey Regiment 663rd Division Artillery Observation Group 2nd Artillery Group: 9th Ciezkiej Artillery Regiment 10th Ciezkiej Artillery Regiment 11th Ciezkiej Artillery Regiment 12th Ciezkiej Artillery Regiment 13th Ciezkiej Artillery Regiment Sapper Group: 10th Sapper Battalion 20th Sapper Battalion 11th Railway Engineer Battalion 11th Signal Battalion Mililtary Police Polish Army Service Corps Medical Corps Ordnance Corps EME Corps Geogrpahical Corps Legal Corps Paymaster General II Warszawska Armored Division: Headquaraters 2nd Armored Brigade: 4th "Skorpion" Armored Regiment 1st "Krechowieckich" Uhlan Regiment 6th "Dzieci Lowoskich" Armored Regiment 2nd Commando Battalion 16th Infantry Brigade: 64th Pomorski Infantry Battalion 65th Pomorski Infantry Battalion 66th Pomorski Infantry Battalion 16th Pomorski Support Company 2nd Warszawskiej Artillery Brigade: 7th Horse Artillery Regiment 16th Pomorski Light Artillery Regiment 2nd Anti-tank Regiment 2nd Light Anti-aircraft Regiment Other: Karpackich Ulan Regiment (Reconnaissance) 9th Tank Replacement Squadron 2nd Armored Sappers 2nd Warszawski Signals Battalion

3rd Carpatian Infantry Division: 1st Polish Brigade: 1st Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 2nd Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 3rd Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 2nd Polish Brigade: 4th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 5th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 6th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 3rd Polish Brigade: 7th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 8th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion 9th Strzelcow Karpackich Infantry Battalion Divisional Troops: 3rd Karpacki Machine Gun Battalion 7th Lubelskich Ulan Regiment (Reconnaissance) 1st Carpathian Artillery Regiment 2nd Carpathian Artillery Regiment 3rd Carpathian Artillery Regiment 3rd Carpathian Anti-tank Regiment 3rd Carpathian Anti-aircraft Regiment 1st Carpathian Engineering Field Company 2nd Carpathian Engineering Field Company 3rd Carpathian Engineering Field Company 3rd Carpathian Field Park Company 3rd Karpacki Signal Battalion 5th Kresowa Infantry Division: 5th Polish Brigade: 10th Wolynski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 11th Wolynski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 12th Wolynski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 5th Polish Brigade: 13th Wilenski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 14th Wilenski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 15th Wilenski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 6th Polish Brigade: 16th Lwoski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 17th Lwoski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion 18th Lwoski Strzelcow Infantry Battalion Divisional Troops: 5th Kresowa Machine Gun Battalion 25th Wielkopolskich Uhlan Regiment (Reconnaissance) 4th Kresowa Artillery Regiment 5th Wilna Artillery Regiment 6th Lwow Artillery Regiment 5th Kresowa Anti-tank Regiment 5th Kresowa Anti-aircraft Regiment 4th Kresowa Engineering Field Company 5th Kresowa Engineering Field Company 6th Kresowa Engineering Field Company 5th Kresowa Field Park Company 5th Krewowa Signals Battalion

14th "Wielkopolska" Armored Brigade: Headquarters Armored Brigade: 15th Poznan Ulan Regiment 3rd Slaskich Uhlan Regiment 10th Hussar Regiment Other: 14th Tank Replacement Squadron 14th Wielkopolski Sapper Squadron 14th Wielkopolski Signals Squadron 7th Division:1 Headquarters 17th Infantry Brigade 21st Infantry Battalion 22nd Infantry Battalion 23rd Infantry Battalion Attached: 17th Machine Gun Company 17th Artillery Regiment 17th Sapper Company 17th Signals Company

Rosignoli, G., The Allied Forces in Italy, 1943-45, David Charles Military Books Copyright GFN 1992.

The 7th Division served as a reserve. 3