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What is GPS?

System segments
Basic structure
“The Global Positioning System/GPS is a
constellation of 24 well-spaced satellites that orbit
the Earth 11,000 miles and make it possible for
people with ground receivers to pinpoint their
geographic location.”

Originally established by the U.S. Department of

Defense ,the first GPS satellite was launched in 1978.

The first 10 satellites were called Block I.

From 1989 to 1993, 23 production satellites, called
Block II were launched.
 The launch of the 24th satellite in 1994 completed
the system.
GPS System Segments:
The satellite constellation
The operational control segment (OCS):
The user receiver equipment
Basic GPS system
How GPS System Works:
The satellites in orbit provide the ranging signals and
data messages to the user equipment.
The operational control segment (OCS) maintains the
satellites & tracks in space. The OCS monitors satellite
health and signal integrity and maintains the orbital
configuration of the satellites. Furthermore, the OCS
updates the satellite clock corrections as well as
numerous other parameters essential to determining user
position, velocity, and time (PVT).
Lastly, the user receiver equipment performs the
navigation, timing or other related functions (e.g.
Uses of GPS Technology
Location- determining a basic position.

Navigation - getting from one location to another.

Tracking - monitoring the movement of people and


Mapping- creating maps.

Timing - providing precise timing .

Application of GPS Technology:
‘Motor bikers Now Have GPS Option’
‘A GPS Wrist
A Smartphone or
Windows mobile
with GPS system
Bicycle GPS
Attached with a
GPS Fish
Positioning System
DST GPS can be
attached externally or
implanted into fish.
A SLR(single lens
reflex ) camera
having GPS unit

It gives accurate, large,

and bright optical also gives
image which contains
GPS coordinates, you
can click the Lightroom
Metadata panel to
reveal the location via
Google Maps.
Having GPS System

GPS System in boats

Hovercraft controlled by a GPS

Real Time Train Predictive Arrival
GPS System

GPS System to Predict Caltrain Arrivals

There are Buses
that use GPS
the GPS coordinates are
beamed to the smart
stop which announce
when the next bus will
You can hold GPS system
in form of a handheld GPS
device i.e
Garmina GPS 72 Handheld System
Car GPS System
Car owners can exactly
position the car ,then
check it with Google
earth .Alarm will send
SMS to car owner's
mobile phone and the
center if the car is
shocked, or car door is
opened, or engine is
started, or the car's
power is cut off
GPS Help Protect
Your Children?

GPS System to Be Available

in Children's Shoes
GPS device can
tag your teenager

A device the size of a large

matchbox is being launched
that exactly pinpoints a
carrier’s location through a
global positioning system
accessed by computer or
mobile phone.
A GPS device for
your dogs & pets

The system links to a

GPS-enabled collar for
your dog to which help us
to locate it.
GPS is now being used across the world, the list of
uses is only set by the requirements we can think of
applying GPS, as it does so, we find it being used
more and more in our daily lives, so it would be hard
to perform many travel and industry tasks without it.