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March 26, 2013 To Whom It May Concern, This letter is written in recommendation of Michael Lee for scholarship consideration. I have known Michael for the past two years during which time he has proven to be one of the most outstanding students with whom I have worked. An accomplished scholar and artist, Michael is also enthusiastically involved in his school and community. Michael is highly responsible and very willing to devote a great deal of his time and energy to his work. He is very creative and has done outstanding work in my concurrent enrollment drawing class. Michal is truly creative and is skilled with video production. Michael is a superb craftsman regardless of the medium in which he works. He goes far beyond classroom requirements to explore a wide variety of creative works. He has a love for art, a creative spirit, and a natural gift for working with others. He is very dependable and trustworthy. Michael has earned the admiration and respect of his teachers and peers because of his outgoing personality and positive attitude. Michael is eager to help those around him and to give his time to serving his community. Michael donates many hours of his free time every week working to mat and frame artwork for students at Cyprus. Hundreds of students have benefitted this year from Michaels selfless service in the Art Department. Michael is a very visible member of our art program. He encourages others to work to their potential as he realizes his own. His maturity and motivation to excel in all that he does is evidenced in the incredibly positive influence on everyone with whom he works. Michael has donated many hours at the food pantry over the past two years. Michael truly cares about helping others and making a difference in their lives. Michael has had to overcome much adversity in his own life. He has chosen to be successful and to be positive in spite of family problems and his own physical struggles with walking normally. Michael plans to become a psychiatrist and to help others in the difficulties they face. Michael is a quick learner and eager to work. He is very creative and insightful and is one of the most generous students with whom I have ever worked. All of these qualities will serve him well in his chosen profession of psychiatry. Michael is outstanding in every measurement. He will be successful and bring success to any post-high school program that he enters. I recommend Michael Lee, without reservation, as worthy of any and all scholarship consideration that you may offer. Sincerely, Cynthia McKay Art Department Cyprus High School