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Abramelin Incense 2 parts Myr. 1 part Wood Aloe Few drops Cinnamon Oil Burn to contact spirits during rituals or as a simple consecration incense to sancti the altar or magickal tools Abramelin Incense 1 part Olibanum (Frankincense) 172 part Storaxx 1/4 part Lignum Aloes or Cedar or Rose or Citron Wood Abramelin Oil 1 part Myrrh 2 parts Cinnamon 1/2 patt Galangal 13/4 part finest Olive Oil Abramelin Oil 1 part Myrrh 2 parts Cinnamon 1/2 patt Galangal 13/4 part finest Olive Oil ‘Abundance Spruce Mynh Patchouli Cassia Orange Clove Ginger Frankincense Acceptance Geranium Blue Tansy Frankincense Sandalwood. Neroli Rosewood Adonis's Ardor 8 drops Jasmine 3 drops Musk 3 drops Vanilla This mixture 1s designed to stimulate and prolong semuallity avid staonina It's one of ‘my favorites. I's obviously not to be taken internally Al Incense 4 parts Benzoin 2 parts Gum Mastic 1 part Lavender 1 pinch Wormwood 1 pinch Mistletoe Burn to tavoke the powers of the element of Air, or to increase intellectual powers 10 obtain travel: for communication, study & concentration or to end drug addiction Smolder during divinatory rituals African Ju Ju Powder Galangal Sprinkle on various parts of the body Makes the user more intuitive Aids m psychic development. A potent ingredient (Powerful help m crossing Use with all crossing rituals and spells) Agatbatti Chandan Incense Purple Lavender Bay Hyssop A powerful concentrate burned while ying to overcome adversity. (Use before domg any betting Pray for success while burning. add otis) Algiers Attraction Powder (Tarotstar) 1/2 part rice flourand comstarch 1/4 part light yellow powder paint 1/4 part ofa mixture of powdered Frankincense, powdered Myrrh, powdered Jasmine, powdered Basil, powdered Tangerine Rind, powdered ‘Nutmeg, powdered Cinnamon Algiers Powder Purple Vanilla Patchouli Cinnamon ‘THE ULTIMATE POTIONBOOK Rub on the body to attract love and gambling luck Used for the same purpose as Algiers floorwash; to obtain good fortune in love affairs and gambing Powder is applied to the body before seeing a lover and to the hands before gambimg. Floorwash ts mtxed with water and sprinkled about the house to remove bad influences hindering success. All Night Long Red Almond Jasmine A combination of oils said to completely relieve semua problems and mhibitions Saad to strmultaneousiy relax and tflane. All Purpose Ritual Incense 3 parts each of Oris Root, Patchouli, and Benzoin 5 parts each of Cinnamon and Myrrh 15 parts each of Sandalwood and Frankincense ANI Saints Oil To 2.02. base ot! add equal parts Cinnamon Tonka Patchouli Vanilla Lavender Gardenia All Saints Powder White Cinnamon Tonka Patchouli Vanilla Lavender Gardenia Vetivert Attracts all the good spirits to tts user and assists in bringing forth psychic power Use itberally both on your body and on the altar. (All Saints Oil: To bring success. ada to incense and anornt caries used tn rituals) Alsatian Sex—Female Musk (main) Civet (main) Ambergris (minor) Patchouli (trace) Created for women to sexually attract men Worn as a personal ot Alsatian Sex—Male Musk (main) Ambergris (minor) Muguet (trace) Worn by men to sexually arouse and attract women Altar Incense 1 3 parts Frankincense 2 parts Myrrh 1 part Cinnamon Burn as a general incense on the altar to purtf the area Altar Incense 2 32 parts Wood Base 16 parts Franiancense 8 parts Sandalwood 4 parts Myrrh 8 parts Cinnamon 4 parts Onis Root 2 parts Charcoal Amatory Necromancy Incense 1 part Vervain Herb 1 part Wormwood Herb 1 part powdered Sandalwood or Rose Petals 1 part Dittany of Crete 1 part Gum Benzoin Few drops Olive Oil Few drops Red Wine Few drops Honey Few drops Blood Ambrosia Love Potion 1/2 tsp. dried Lavender (ground) 172 Vanilla Pod 2 Cloves 1 stick Cinnamon 1/0 liter of Red Wine Mix _ the lavender, _vanilla _ cloves Page 2 ‘THE ULTIMATE POTIONBOOK cinnamon and wine in a pot, allow to stramer and stand Jor 15 mins. Strain and serve warm or cold As you drink the wine, say together “May our love blossom And may we always speak from the heart, with love and respect for each other. All ts one Amber Musk Incense Purple Amber Musk A spectal mixture used for gaining control over others and to banish evil spirits ‘Amor Oi! Coral tint Orange Almond Cinnamon Balm of Gilead Piece of Coral A classic New Orleans love recipe Amun-Ra Incense 4 oz Frankincense 3oz Cinnamon 102. Gum Mastic 2 drops Olive Oil 3 drops Rose Oil 3 drops Tincture of Myrrh, Blend the three resins, and powdered them very finely. Biend the otls and add them to the resins. This should be kept in an airtight jar in the dark Jor three montis Ddepore use. Ancient Wisdom Powder Pink: Rose Scent Helps clarif? muddled thinking promotes telepathic vibratory powers. A very strong protective powder. Use with care. Sprinkle on magickal mgredients, rub on forehead before ritual for protections” against counter forces. Angell Archangel Incense or Oil Blue Lavender Sandalwood Holy Water Spring Water Very potent, protects from evil spirits and overcomes hexes. Burn for general good luck (Angel Oil: For love and tivokmng spirtt’s atd). Use the ot! with pinic candles to attract fftendshap: anott your Astral candle for personal protection. Anger Powder Brown Chili Powder Black Pepper Sulfur Asafetida Sprinkle around a room to overcome feelings of irritation and anger. Helps avert fidure fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts. Helps clear the head when you are expertencing negative emotions, which can distort the outcome of your ritual Anointing Oil 1 Patchouli Cinnamon Verbena Generally utilized to bless candles before they are used in a ceremony. It is said to magnetize the candle or to give them more occult strength Can be used to wipe down an altar or a worsitp room. (For success Use on candles, add to incense. Add to bath water. Dress curto bags). Anointing Oil 2 1 cup Olive Oil 1 tsp. Myrrh, 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon Add herbs to oltve otl. Seal 1a tight jar. Let sit 30 days. Stram and use for anotnting candles, or when other otls are not available or suitable Page 3