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Abreviaturas Inglesas em SMS e Internet

bvio que os nativos anglofalantes tambm sofrem das mesmas restries de tempo em cybercaf e de pouco espao nos torpedos dos celulares. Por isso, eles criaram uma srie de abreviaturas para facilitar a comunicao. Veja abreviaturas inglesas usadas em SMS, Email e Chatroom: @ at 2 to, too 2DAY today 2MORO tomorrow 2NITE tonight 3SUM threesome 4 for AFAIK as far as I know AFK away from the keyboard ASL age, sex, location ATB all the best B be B4 before BAK back at the keyboard BBL be back late(r) BCNU be seeing you BFN bye for now BRB be right back BTW by the way C see CUL8R see you later F2F face to face F2T free to talk FWIW for what its worth FYI for your information GAL get a life GR8 great H8 hate HAND have a nice day HSIK how should I know? HTH hope this helps IANAL I am not a lawyer, but (as a disclaimer) IMHO in my humble opinion IMO in my opinion IOW in other words JIC just in case JK just kidding KIT keep in touch KWIM know what I mean L8R later LOL lots of luck / laughing out loud MOB mobile MSG message MYOB mind your own business NE1 anyone NO1 no one NOYB none of your business OIC oh I see OTOH on the other hand PCM please call me PLS please PPL people R are ROTF(L) rolling on the floor (laughing) RUOK are you okay? SIT stay in touch SOM1 someone SPK speak TTYL talk to you later TX thanks TXT text U you W/ with WAN2 want to WKND weekend WU whats up? X kiss XLNT excellent XOXOX hugs and kisses YMMV your mileage may vary (i.e. your experience may differ) YR your

Lista em Ingls de Emotions Mais Comuns

Os emoticons representam a expresso facial e indica os sentimentos de quem est escrevendo. Os seguintes emoticons so os mais usados em ingls: : -) happy (a smiley) : -( unhappy : -D laughing : -|| angry ; -) winking; just kidding : -V shouting : -* kiss | -O yawning : -o surprised : -Q I dont understand : -( frowning : -& tongue-tied : -c very unhappy : -X my lips are sealed X= fingers crossed : -P sticking ones tongue out : -( crying : -/ skeptical : -| bored, indifferent : -Y aside comment