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Aerospace Engineering Mrs.


Flight Physiology Project

Have you ever wondered what affects a G force has on the body or how space travel affects the physiology of humans? Do you know how pilots and astronauts overcome issues related to these affects and if there are long term consequences of flight? Flight physiology is an area of study and design that has come a long way in the past century but still has many unexplored areas. Your challenge is to research an approved focus area, determine what advancements have already been made, and add creative ideas related to issues in this field of study. Project Constraints: Daily logs and all research recorded in engineering journal All least 4 sources (of at least 2 different types) cited in APA format Creative presentation board / model based on research and original ideas 3-5 minutes for presentation Your presentation board / model must include the required information: - Explanation of the science behind the topic (under normal conditions and flight conditions) - History of the research completed in your focus area (including dates, events, and people) - Your ideas on an experiment that could be conducted OR a possible solution related to an issue in your focus area - Annotated Visuals - Wow factor - APA Citations Project Criteria: Info. is thorough, factual, and accompanied with visuals Your original idea are clear, plausible, and creative Presentation board / model is professional and creative Presentation board / model can stand alone Presentation is interesting and effectively delivered Wow factor is creative

TOTAL OF 105 POINTS (Bonus built in :-D)


15 points

13 points
Presentation missing some minor information item(s) OR Citations not properly cited

11 points
Presentation has gaps because of missing required item(s) OR Only two or three sources cited

9 points
Information in presentation is incomplete OR Only one source cited

Presentation required Presentation included all components required items X2

All information documented thoroughly, clearly, and accurately AND Content is accurate, complete, and in students own words Presentation board / model is visually appealing, interesting, and professional; Format flows well; Proper spelling and grammar is used Your ideas (on an experiment that could be conducted OR a possible solution related to an issue in your focus area) are clear, plausible, and creative Presentation is professional and includes a unique Wow factor AND Team worked well together

Quality of Answers X2

Information acceptable

Some information is inaccurate / confusing / not summarized well

Information is not based on research / incomplete / confusing Format needs improvement OR Many grammar / spelling errors


Some spelling / grammar errors exist OR More Flow needs improvement OR professionalism more creativity / visual appeal needed needed

Original Ideas Related to Focus Area

Your original idea is Your original idea understood but more does not seem to Your original idea creativity is needed OR be based on a is unclear Your explanation needs to be foundation of more detailed knowledge Presentation includes a unique Wow factor but needs some improvement with creativity, visuals, etc. Presentation includes a haphazard Wow factor Presentation is interesting and creative and contains visuals BUT OR a unique Wow Teamwork should factor not be improved included

WOW Factor and Teamwork

* If the minimum level is not achieved for a specific criteria, no points will be accumulated for that row.

Separate Grade
Presentation delivered within required timeframe; Good eye contact with audience; Appropriate posture and dress; No hands in pockets; No gum chewing; No filler words; Appropriate volume and tone; No direct reading; Presentation was enjoyable; Appropriate length Presentation significantly shorter / longer than required and / or delivery needs much improvement

Presentation Delivery (your live performance)

Presentation slightly shorter / longer than Delivery needs required timeframe and / or some improvement delivery was acceptable