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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 1 03/28/2013 894500 66
Thurgood Marshall U.S. Cohrthouse 40 Foley Square, New York, NY 10007 Telephone: 212-857-8500
Docket Number(s): 10-4753/12-5017.
Caption [use short title]
Motion for: Judicial Notice FRev 221 c(2)(d) and (e)
Shane Christopher Buczek -v- UNITED STATES
Set forth below precise, complete statement ofrelief sought:
Fifth Arnendment Violation No Grand Jury
Concurrence form DC-54 and Not Presented to a
Notice Concerning Fiduciary OMB No.
Grand Jury No Real Party Rule 17a
1545-0013 (Internal Revenue sections 6036
Notice of Form 56 IRS to Second Circuit
and sections 6036 and 6903) False Claim By US
Attorney's Office BlJffalo,New York Forward to CID
MOVING PARTY: Shane -Christopher family of Buczek OPPOSING PARTY: UNITED STATES ein 16-1906078

MOVING ATTORNEY: Self livina man not a oerson OPPOSING ATTORNEY: Monica J. Richards Trustee
[hame of attorney, with firm, address. number and e-mail]
c/o 7335 Derby Road 138 uelaware Avenue, Federal Centre I
Derby New York rnear 140471 : Buffalo, New York [near 142021
[Non-Domestic WIthout the OS] Non- AssumpSIt rNon- Domestic without the USl Non Assumpsit
All RiQhts Reserved OCc 1-308 I See 26 USC Sec. 6050P I ax Fraud False Claim
Court-Judge/Agencyappealedfrom: William M. Skretny C/JI Buffalo New York (Tax fraud to IRS CID Department)
Please check appropriate boxes: FOR EMERGENCY MOTIONS, MOTIONS FOR STAYS AND
Has counsel (required h Local Rule 27.1): Has request for relief been made below?
(explain): ____',e--_______ Has this relief been previously sought in this Court? Yes No
Requested return date and explanation of emergency:_______
position on motion: :.
UUnopposed [Ppposed
Does opposing counsel intend to file a response: I
DYesDNo Know
Is or... argument on motion requested? 0No (requests for oral argument will not necessarily be granted)
Has"argument date of appeal been set? bYes If yes. enter
AttorlJllft :
Bf: Service by: 0CMlECF oOther [Attach proof of service]
? I
Date: ------------t-------
Form T-I080 (rev. 7-12)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 2 03/28/2013 894500 66
United States Court:of Appeals
For The Second
Shane Christopher House of Buczek
To: Clerk/Circuit COlJrt Judges
Docket: 10-4753/12-5017
AND NOW comes Itetitionerl Appellant, Shane Christopher Buczek under
Special Appearance qn and for the record as a third Intervener and Secured
Party UCC 1 Financing statement 2009-344-6800-0 Revenue Tracking
number 1230830 filed! 12/09/2009 moves for a stay of the petition for the panel
rehearing with the of rehearing en bane. Please take Notice that all
dockets are held in [trust filed under the UCC forward to the treasury
department as well as the Governor's window.
"All codes, rules and are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/Creators
in accordance with God's laws;. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking in due
process ..... Rodriques v Ray ponavan (U.S. Department of Labor), 769 F. 2d 1344,1348 (1985)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 3 03/28/2013 894500 66
Nation New York.Genetal- Post Office.Erie Road - 7350.Derby.
United States Minor, Qutlying Islands.Near. [14047-9998]
CERTIFIED MAIL 70Q7 0710 000154863928
Administrative Office of1the United States Courts
Attention: James C. Huff, Chief Administrative Officer
Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building
One Columbus Circle,
Washington, D.C. 205441
To: The Office of the \Administrative Office of the United States Courts, Chief
Administrative Officer, James C. Huff.
From:The Office of Exeltutor - SHANE CHRISTOPHER BUCZEK, Estate.
Unauthorized of Property of SHANE CHRISTOPHER BUCZEK,
Case No. and 1:09-CROOI41-001];
Enclosed you will find "aibandoned" paperwork which appears to erroneously "allege"
Registration 2553600 ANfI'HONY M. BRUCE, Private law BAR CARD Registration
1177211, MARY C. BAUrGARTEN Private BAR CARD Registration 2272581,
MAURA O'DONNELL rrivate law BAR CARD Registration 4180501 enrollee in the
New York State BAR of New York who by their un-warranted acts,
fraudulently claim autho.\ity from this Executor Office to administrate for the SHANE
CHRISTOPHER BUCZE!K, Estate. That false claim is hereby Adjourned.
"All codes, rules and regulations are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/Creators
in accordance with God's AU codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking in due
process ..." Rodriques v Ray l>onavan (U.S. Department of Labor), 769 F. 2d 1344,1348 (1985)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 4 03/28/2013 894500 66
You will forthwith retJrn and transmit your written delegated authority to "represent"
that you are authorizeJ to administrate the SHANE CHRISTOPHER BUCZEK, Estate,
together with a copy of your oath for the Office of United States Attorneys, the
Office of Western New William J. Hochul, Jr., Anthony M. Bruce, Mary C.
Baumgarten, Maura O'iDonnell accompanied by certified copies of your BAR BONDS,
and a detailed list of "aU" other bonds, sureties, indemnification, insurance and Court
Registry Investment (CRIS), CUSIP or SKR numbers and full-accounting relating
in any way to your personal and professional acts referenced above and your arrogated
paperwork intrusion upqn the SHANE CHRISTOPHER BUCZEK, Estate.
govern yourself accordingly.

By: executor .....................................".. "'.. "....."" ... .
Office of Executor.
Certified Document: 70Q7 0710 000154863928 SHANE CHRISTOPHER BUCZEK,
Estate.Nation New York.
copy to: The Office of G,vernor
General-Post Office.
State of New York, Davicll A. Paterson
Erie Road - 7350.
copy to: The Office of General
United States Minor, Outlying Islands.
State of New York, And*ew M. Cuomo
Near. [14047-9998)
"All codes, rules and regulatiJts are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/Creators
in accordance with God's All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking in due
process ..." Rodriques v Ray ponavan (U.S. Department of Labor), 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348 (1985)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 5 03/28/2013 894500 66
I declare under the penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct
See 28 USC Sec. (1)
Date 03/25/2013
Respectfully Submitted,
Shane Christopher Buczek .
Executor ofthe Estate
Attachment (1) Irs 56 Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship
Attachment (2) the Executor Office of Shane Christopher
House of Buczek
Attachment (3) Letter!Dated January 27,2010 Brian P Comerford
Attachment (4) Court !Registry Investment System (CRIS)
I 4
"All codes, rules and are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/Creators
in accordance with God's All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking in due
process .. " Rodriques v Ray bonavan (U.S. Department of Labor), 769 F. 2d 1344, 1348 (1985)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 6 03/28/2013 894500 66
Statement of Christopher House of Buczek
We are now holdirtg titles to our name that are
... because we defaulted and have not claimed the
estate properly. are holding what equates to a Zombie title.
Secret liens? I dod't know about that.the lien I am talking about is a
warehouse lien. County Treasury is Trustee for the State and for the
County Venue the Real property. They are holding the real
property and for managing it,.charge fees in the form of a tax. Simple
really .... the fees wtre not paid so the Treasury added your property
interest to a list with other property interests called a blok then
advertised a of foreclosure in the newspaper..the fees were not
paid on the taxes and the property was placed into custodianship to be
paid in the future. \They never finished the foreclosure because they
cannot lawfully on foreign private property interests. So this
means they contro, only the security interest by possession and venue
for the probating df the interest for any lost or missing heirs.
So I am suggestingi you now have a severed interest in a mineral
estate..this means you are holding a title name that is insolvent and in
my opinion meets fbe definition of a Zombie title.
I am suggesting we are foreign to the United states corp., we are
resident aliens .as $uch, we have to hire one of the US Attorneys to
represent us as our! personal representative because we have been
adjudicated incompetent in a court to handle our own financial affairs
which now comes IllS Form 56.
I declare under the \penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and
correct pursuant to\28 USC Sec. 1746 (1)
Authorize .
Persona Non Grata
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 7 03/28/2013 894500 66
Shane-Christopher Bulczek
I v.
Docket Number: 10-4753/12-5017
I, ______, hereby certify under penalty of perjury that on
03/25/2013 28 USC Sec. 1746(1) ,I served a copy of Judicial Notice FRev 201
pursuant to 1746 (1) Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship Form 56
I (list all Ikchmerl/- ..t1/fM.;n ft
by (select all applicable)*
IllJchmel1l 211
(2] United States Mail
[2] Federal Express
o Overnight Mail
&ecvk (:
o Facsimile
I rI' I E-mail
/JI/ruhmerll 3-1l BritA.: P
l [2] Hand delivery f) J /1 -N (C ")
i 7"[
on the following parties (cqmplete all information and add additional pages as necessary):
Frank Perez,Deputy Clerk ! 40 Foley Square New York
New York [near 10007]
AUSA Monica J. Richards
I Address
I 138 Delaware Avenue
i Address
New York
Zip Code
[near 14202]
Zip Code
Name : Address City State Zip Code
City State
Served byPACER.GOV !i also served by ELECTRIC FILING
DMM 6021 . 3 e (2) us of A .
Name Address
03/25/2013 BY:
Today's Date
*If different methods of set1vice have been used on different parties, please indicate on a separate
page, the type of service for each respective party.
Certificate of Service Forml
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 8 03/28/2013 894500 66
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 9 03/28/2013 894500 66
Fiduciary's name
ission Date 10/0211992 See Attachment All Second Circuit Jud
or suite no.)
500 Pearl Street Daniel Patrick MOynihan U.S. Courthouse
City or town, state, and ZIP code I
New York, New York near 10007 Non-Domestic
Fonn 56
(Rev. December 2007)
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship
(Intemal Revenue Code sections 6036 and 6903)
OMS No. 1545-0013
Name of person for whom you are acting (as hown on the tax return)
Identifying number Decedent's social security no.
Shane Christo her House of Buc k Executor of the Estate
46-6576277 131 ; 68 i 5635
Address of person for whom you are acting ( umber, street, and room or suite no.)
c/o 7335 Derby Road
Telephone number (optional)
( 212 ) 857-8500
Idlll Authority
1 Authority for fiduciary relationshi . Check applicable box:
a(1) Will and cOdicils or court appointing fiduciary (2) Date of death ___ . ___ .. ____ __
b(1) 0 Court order appointing . . . . . . (2) Date (see instructions) . __ . ___ . _____ . __ . _
c Valid trust instrument and amendments
d Other. Describe ... __ 1!. ___ . _ _ ______ _
'dill' Nature of Liability and Tax Notices
2 Type of tax (estate, gift, generatiqn-skipping transfer, income, excise, etc.) ... _________ _
3 Federal tax form number (706, 1041, 1120, etc.) ... ..
4 Year(s) or period(s) (if estate tax, of death) ... ..... ____ .__ ... __ .. _____ .__ .________ .. __________ .___ .. _.. ___ .. ____ .___ .
5 If the fiduciary listed in Part I is person to whom notices and other written communications should be sent for all items
described on lines 2, 3, and 4, check here. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 0
6 If the fiduciary listed in Part I is thr person to whom notices and other written communications should be sent for some (but not all)
of the items described on lines 2,13, and 4, check here and list the applicable federal tax form number and the year(s} or
period(s) applicable -'_t-:!_ '!!_ T _
____ _
'd'N Revocation or of Notice
Section A-Total Revocation or Termination
7 Check this box if you are revokinp or terminating all prior notices concerning fiduciary relationships on file with the Internal
Revenue Service for the same tax Imatters and years or periods covered by this notice concerning fiduciary relationship . 0
Reason for termination of fiduciary relationship. Check applicable box:
Court order revoking fiduciary
Certificate of dissolution or ten!nination of a business entity
I Section B-Partial Revocation
8a Check this box if you are revoking barlier notices concerning fiduciary relationships on file with the Internal Revenue Service for
the same tax matters and years or periods covered by this notice concerning fiduciary relationship .. .... 0
b Specify to whom granted, date, address, including ZIP code .
... _ _. ___ ____ .... __ ... _________ .1. ________________ ________ _________ ____ _______ ___ .. __ __" . __ _ __ ..... __ ..... _____ _ _._
I Section C-Substitute Fiduciary
9 Check this box if a new fiduciary 6r fiduciaries have been or will be substituted for the revoking or terminating fiduciary and
specify the name(s) and including ZIP cooe(s), of the new fiduciary(ies). . . . . . . . . . . . 0
-- ---.---- .. ----.-------------. --f-- ..-- ... -.... -- .---- ------ .. ----- ------------- .----------------------------.-------------.-
For Paperwork Reduction Act and priv1Y Act Notice, see back page. Cat. No. 163751 Form 56 (Rev. 12-2007)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 10 03/28/2013 894500 66
Form 56 (Rev. 12-2007) Page 2
1M'" Court and Proceedings
Name of court (if other than a court proceedip9, identify the type of proceeding and name of agency)
United States Court of Appeals Itor the Second Circuit
Address of court
500 Pearl Street Daniel Patrick oynihan U.S. Courthouse
Date proceeding initiated
Docket number of proceeding
10-4753110-4768110-4799 and 12-5017
City or town. state, and ZiP code I Date Time a.m. Place of other proceedings
New York,New York near [10007 ![Non-Oomestic] [Non-Assumpsit] 01/12/2012 2:00Pm pl'!l. New York City
IMI,' Signature
I certify that I have the authority Ito execute this notice concerning fiduciary relationship on behalf of the taxpayer.
Fiduciary's signature Title, if applicable Date
Form 56 (Rev. 12-2007)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 11 03/28/2013 894500 66
Circuit Judges
Page 1 of2
Physical Address:: MailingAddress:
Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Coll11:hOuse Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse
soo Pearl Street I 40 Foley Square
New York, NY 10007 New York, NY 10007
(:1l2.)8S7-8500 (2.12.)857-8500
Dennis Jacobs, Chief Judge Greve Milton, Circuit Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, Clerk of
i Executive Court
Circuit Judges I Circuit Executive's Office I Clerk's Office ILegal Affairs Office I
Emergency Information I Searh I RSS Feeds IJudicial Conference
. I
:"'c1r{)lttt'li ....

Commission Date
Dqnnis Jacobs, ChiefJudge
W.lfred Feinberg
Jo O. Newman
All lalya L. Kearse
Ra ph K. Winter
Roger 1. Miner
Joijn M. Walker, Jr.
JO$eph M. McLaughlin
I Pie
rre N. Leval
Gu. do Calabresi
A. Cabranes 08/10/94
Ch ester 1. Straub 06/03/98
S. Pooler 06/03/98
D. Sack 06/15/98
A. Katzmann
Barrington D. Parker lOll 6/01
Ree na Raggi 10/04/02
Ric C. Wesley 06/] 2103
Petr W. Hall 07/07/04
DeQra Ann Livingston
E. Lynch
Deqny Chin
J. Lohier, Jr.
Currently, there are eleven judges in regular active service and twelve judges in
senipr status. The above order of precedence is used whenever the circuit judges'
names are listed on an opinion, summary order, motion endorsement,
memorandum, or other document. Judges of other courts sitting by designation in
this Fourt are listed after the circuit judges of this court. For three-judge panels, the
active circuit judge with the highest precedence presides over the panel and is
usmj.l1y listed first (if a senior circuit judge is also a member ofthe panel, the senior
will be listed first, provided his or her appointment date is earlier).

Ra l<o.ff
6/6/2011 http://WWW.Ca2.uscourts.gOV/jUdgesmJin.htm
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 12 03/28/2013 894500 66
Form 56
Concerning Fiduciary Relationship
(Rev. December 2007)
OMS No. 1545-0013
Department of the Treasury
Internal Re\lSI1ue Se<vice
(Internal Revenue Code sections 6036 and 6903)
Name of person for whom you are acting (as hown on the tax return)
Identifying number Decedent's social security no.
Shane Christopher House of Executor of the Estate 46-6576277 131 : 68 : 5635
Address of person for whom you are acting (1umber, street, and room or suite no.)
clo 7335 Derby Road i
Fiduciary's name I
Steven T. Miller Commissioner 0 Internal Revenue Trustee for the US Trust Internal Revenue Service
Address of fiduciary (number, street, and rocrl/ or suite no.)
1111 Constitution Avenue North' est
City or town, state, and ZIP code
Teleplione number (optional)
Washin ton, District of Columbia Non- Domestic ( 877 ) 829-5500
1 Authority for fiduciary Check applicable box:
a(1) Iil Will and codicils or court order appointing fiduciary (2) Date of death .......
b(1) 0 Court order appointing
c Iil Valid trust instrument and
.. . . . . . . . . . . . (2) Date (see instructions) ................. .
d 121 Other. Describe .. .......i ............................................... .......................................................... .
Nature of Liability and Tax Notices
2 Type of tax (estate, gift, generati n-skipping transfer, income, excise, etc.) ... .......... .
3 Federal tax form number (706,1040,1041,1120, etc.) ...
4 Year(s) or period(s) (if estate tax'f.ate of death) .. ........................................................................ .
5 If the fiduciary listed in Part I is he person to whom notices and other written communications should be sent for all items
described on lines 2, 3, and 4, c eck here. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 0
8 If the fidUCiary listed in Part I is tHe person to whom notices and other written communications should be sent for some (but not all)
of the items described on lines :1:' and 4, check here" III and list the applicable federal tax form number and the year(s) or

------ - ... -- --- _ .. -- ... - ............ "'---- _ ..... ---- -'1" ... _ ............... - -_ ......... - -- ............ -- ............. _ ...... - -_.......... _ ...................... - ................. "'-- - -- ...... -- ............... - .. _--- - ....... ---...... --.............. - ...... ..
lfil," Revocation or Termitation of Notice
. Section A-Total Revocation or Termination
7 Check this box if you are revok3' . g or terminating all prior notices concerning fiduciary relationships on file with the Internal
Revenue Service for the same t matters and years or periods covered by this notice concerning fiduciary relationship . .. o
Reason for termination of fiducia relationship. Check applicable box:
a 0 Court order revoking fiduciary i authority
b 0 Certificate of dissolution or termination of a business entity
Section B-Partial Revocation
Sa Check this box if you are revoking
earlier notices concerning fidUCiary relationships on file with the Internal Revenue Service for
the same tax matters and years 011 periods covered by this notice concerning fiduciary relationship . . . . . . . . .. 0
b Specify to whom granted, date, atd address, including ZIP code .
........................ ........................................... .............................................. ...... ............ .... ..
Section C-Substitute Fiduciary
9 Check this box if a new fiduciary r fiduciaries have been or will be substituted for the revoking or terminating fiduciary and
specify the name(s) and address(e/il), including ZIP code(s), of the new fiduciary(ies). . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 0
.. .. .. ...... .. .. .. .... .... t ........ ...... ......................................................................................
For Paperwork Reduction Act and Priva y Act Notice, see back page. Cat. No. 163751 Form 66 (Rev. 122007)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 13 03/28/2013 894500 66
Form 56 (Rev, 12-2007) Page 2
IUMifj Court and Adminis ative Proceedings
Name of court (if other than a court proceedir)g, identify the type of proceeding and name of agency) Date proceeding initiated
UNITED STATES COURT OF APP ALS Second Circuit 1/19/2010
Address of court
Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courtho I se 40 Foley SquareNew York, NY 10001
Docket number of proceeding
City or town, state, and ZIP code Date Time a,m. Place of other proceedings
New York,New York near [10001]' Non Domestic] 1111/2011 2:00PM p.m. New York City
':mil,. Signature
I certify that I have the authority fO execute this notice concerning fiduciary relationship on behalf of the taxpayer.
~ Fiduciary's signature Title, if applicable Date
Form 56 (Rev, 12-2007)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 14 03/28/2013 894500 66
Acting Commissioner ofInternal Revenue 8te en T. Miller
Acting Commissioner of Revenue
Steven T. Miller i
Stewn T. Miller is Acting Commissioner of Internali Rewnue and Deputy Commissioner for Services
and Enforcement. As Acting CommisSioner, he owr the nation's tax system, which collects
approximately $2.4 trillion in tax rewnue that most gowrnment operations and public
services. Miller manages an agency of about 90,0 0 employees and a budget of more than $12
billion. The agency touches ewry facet of America society, inclining indillidual taxpayers, the
tax-exempt sector, small businesses and large corporations.
As Acting CommisSioner, Miller will continue to emphaSize the necessity of maintaining a balance
between taxpayer service and tax enforcement. H$ goals for the IRS are imprOiling service to
make IIOluntary compliance easier for taxpayers while at the same time enforcing the law to make
sure ewryone meets their obligation to pay the taxrs they owe.
As Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcefnent, Miller prollides direction and owrsight for
all major decisions affecting the four taxpayer-foCU$ed IRS Dillisions: Wage and In\l8stment, Large
Business and International, Small BusinesslSeIf-Enjployed, and Tax Exempt and Gowrnment
Entities. He also prollides the executiw direction arid leadership for the IRS Criminalln\l8stigation
Dillision, which inwstigates income tax evasion and
related financial crimes; the IRS Office of
Professional Responsibility, which administers the laws and regulations gowrning the practice of
tax professionals before the IRS; and the IRS Whi1lebiower Office, which receilles information on
tax cheating and prollides appropriate rewards to ,histleblowers.
Prior to his appointment as the Deputy Commissionllr for Services and Enforcement, Stew 5er\l8d
as the Commissioner of the Large Business and Intl'lrnational Division. In this position, he had
owrsight for federal tax administration for domestic! and foreign corporatiOns and partnerships with
assets of $10 million or more that haw a United States tax filing requirement. Prelliously, as the
Commissioner of the Tax Exempt and Gowrnment Entities Dillision, Stew owrsaw the
administration of tax law relating to employee Plans:tax-exempt organizations and various
gowrnment entities. Stew also ser\l8d as the Direc or of Exempt Organizations and as the acting
Assistant Commissioner and Special Assistant to t . Assistant Commissioner, Employee
Plans/Exempt Organizations. Other prior service includes sewral years in Chief Counsel, serving as
a Congressional staff member for the Joint on Taxation and work in private practice.
Stew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree troln the Uniwrsity of Maryland, a Juris Doctor
degree from George WaShington University, and a Master of Laws degree in taxation from
Georgetown University Law School. I
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 15 03/28/2013 894500 66
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 16 03/28/2013 894500 66
Based on exacting transcriptions (99+% accurate) of notes from Dave Clarence training calls
through November 28,20,0 and David Clarence email responses to questions.
Page No.
Estate Name
General Information about the
I 7
Creation of the Estate I
i 7
David Clarence Who can have an Estate
Nature ofthe Estate
Executor Office
Estate as Highest Court
i 10
Estate has been Probatf from the Beginning
Fiduciary Duty of all Officials to the Estate
Who may Occupy the Office?
Social Securi ty Trust
Estate Property
Doing Business Where License is Required
Post Office
General Post-Office L01ation
Historical Background 9f"General Post-Office"
14 I
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 17 03/28/2013 894500 66
Explanation of the Portal Location
Changing your Mailing Location
I 18
Sending and Certified and Registered Mail at General Post-Office
20 .
Example of why you to be located at General Post-Office
20 I
What to do if the PostJ1l1aster resists changing your Postal Location to General Post-Office
Notify Everyone Change of Mailing Location
i 21
One Person's ExperieJ:l,ce at the Post Office
I 21
Some Examples of Successes the Executor Letter
22 .
How to Respond to Inquiries apout the Estate
i 24
How to Execute Documents
Abandoned Paperwork
Executor Letter
Explanation of the Executor Letter Line by Line!
i 27
Where to Send Copies of the E*ecutor Letter
I 31
Use of the Executor Letter in Situations
Response to Mail to the Estate, Regarding a Court Case in the State
32 !
Response to Mail Addressed to the Estate, Regarding a Federal Court Case
33 i
Response to a Collection Letter from an Attorney for a Credit Card Account,
Foreclosure (Pre-Court), or Other Administrative Issues Outside of a Court Action
33 i
Response to a Letter the IRS
Car Titles
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 18 03/28/2013 894500 66
Traffic Tickets
Bank Irregularities
Bankruptcy Court Iss4es
Property Taxes
Mortgages - F oreclos'Fes
Internal Revenue
Release of Prisoners I 35
Effect of Executor Stafus on Receiving Social Security Checks
35 I
Loss Claim on Buses. etc.
I 35
County Recorder's Ofi1ce
i 36
Verbally Presenting and Your Position as Executor While in Court
Enforcement of the Executor Lttter in a Court Case
i 40
Do Not Mix Remedies
Real Property Title
Executors as Notaries
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 19 03/28/2013 894500 66
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 20 03/28/2013 894500 66
Adjourn(ed). To put off; deter; postpone. [Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.}
adjourn. early 14c., (assign a day," from O.Fr. ajoumer (l2c.) "meet" (at an appointed time),
from the phrase ajom "to a stated day" (a "to" + joum "day," from L. diumus "daily;" see
diurnal). The sense ils to set a date for a re-meeting. Meaning "to close a meeting" (with or
without intention to teconvene) is from late 15c. Meaning "to go in a body to another place"
(1640s) is colloquial; The unhistorical -d- was added 16c. Related: Adjourned; adjourning. [
Sine Die. Without day; without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing. Hence, a final
adjournment; final dismissal6ra cause. [Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.}
-Adjourned Sine Die-
Arrogated. Claimed by und4e pretenses. [Webster's Dictionary 1828}
Arrogate. l530s, frOjlll L. arrogatus, pp. of arrogare "to claim for oneself" (see arrogance).
Related: Arrogated; aljfogating. [http://www.etymonline.coml]
Chattel. An article of property; any species of property not amounting to a freehold or fee in
land. The term "chattels" is more comprehensive one than "goods," as it includes animate as well as
well as inanimate property. [JJlack's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.}
Chattel. early 13C.,j chatel "property, goods," from O.Fr. chatel "chattels, goods, wealth,
possessions, property, profit; cattle," from L.L. capitale "property" (see cattle, which is the
O.N.Fr. form of the
same word). Application to slaves (1640s) is a rhetorical figure of
abolitionists, etc. [ htt ://www.etonline.coml]
Constructive Trust. "A st raised by construction of law, or arising by operation of law, as
distinguished from an trust. Wherever the circumstances of a transaction are such that the
person who takes the legal eStte in property cannot also enjoy the beneficial interest without necessarily
violating some established pri ciple of equity, the court will immediately raise a constructive trust, and
fasten it upon the conscience fthe legal owner, so as to convert him into a trustee for the parties who in
equity are entitled to the beneficial enjoyment. Hill, Trustees, 116; 1 Spence, Eq. Jur. 51 t" [Black's
Law Dictionary, r
Ed.} !
"Decedent. A deceased persoh." [Black's Law Dictionary, lh Ed.}
An individual who died. The term literally means "one who is dying,"... http://legal
dictiona .thefreedictina .comldecedent
Origin: 1590-1600; < L de-ce-dent- (s. of de-ce-de-ns ) departing, withdrawing, prp. of de-ce
dere. .
Etymologically the wotd denotes a person who is dying, .... [Black's Law Dictionary, r
Estate: The word "estate" a word of the greatest extension, and comprehends every species of
property, real and personal. iIt describes both the corpus and the extent of interest. .. .it signifies
everything of which riches rtune may consist. [Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.}
Estate: early Be., "ra , standing, condition," from Anglo-Fr. astat, D.Fr. estat "state, position,
condition, health, sta s, legal estate" (Mod. Fr. etat), from L. status "state or condition," from
root of stare "to from PIE base *sta- "to stand" (see stet). For initial e-, see especial.
[htt ://www.eonlin.coml]
Especial: late 14c., fro. O.Ff. especial "pre-eminent, important," from L. specialis "belonging to
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 21 03/28/2013 894500 66
a particular kind or skcies," from species "kind" (see species). Latin words with initial sp-, st-,
sc- usually acquired an e- when borrowed by Old French. Modem French has restored the word
to special. Originall . with the same sense as special, later restricted to feelings, qualities, etc.
[ht :I/!]
Especial. late 14c., from O.Fr. especial "pre-eminent, important," from L. specialis "belonging
to a particular kind! species," from species "kind" (see species). Latin words with initial sp-,
st-, sc- usually acqui ed an e- when borrowed by Old French. Modem French has restored the
word to special. Orig nally with the same sense as special, later restricted to feelings, qualities,
etc. [$!]
"General Executor. A gener1il Executor is one who is appointed to administer the whole estate, without
any limit of time or place, or ffthe subject-matter." [Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856 editionJ
"General Executor. One whfse power is not limited either territorially or as to the duration or subject
of his trust." [Black's Law Dictionary, ]"t Ed.]
"Executor. He to whom commits by will the execution of his last will and testament." [William
C. Anderson, A Dictionary olILaw (1893)]
"General Executor. An Excrcutor whose power is unlimited as to time, place, or subject matter."
[William C. Anderson, A Dictfonary ofLaw (1893)}
Executor De Son Tort: Execftor of his own wrong. A person who assumes to act as Executor of an
estate without any lawful wan'ant or authority, but who, by his intermeddling, makes himself liable as an
Executor to a certain extent. I
If a stranger takes upon him act as Executor without any just authority. (as by intermeddling with the
goods of the deceased, and many other transactions,) he is called in law an "Executor of his own
wrong," de son tort. 2 B1. Corlun. 507. [Blacks 1st]
Executor: I
25. An Executor de son tort,l or of his own wrong, is one, who, without lawful authority, undertakes to
act. as Executor of a person To make fin Executor de son tort, the act of the party must be, 1.
Unlawful. 2. By asserting as taking goods or cancelling a bond, and not committing a mere,
trespass. Dyer, 105, 166; Cro. 114.3.
He is, in general, held responsible for all his acts, when he does anything which might prejudice the
estate, and receives no, whatever in consequence of his assuming the office. He cannot sue a
debtor of the estate, but may sued generally as Executor.
26.-2. The usurpation of an office or character cannot confer the rights and privileges of it, although it
may charge the usurper with tpe duties and obligations annexed to it. On this principle an Executor de
son tort is an Executor only ifr the purpose of being sued, not for the purpose, of suing. In point of
form, he is sued as if he were a rightful Executor. He is not denominated in the declaration Executor (de
son tort) of his own wrong. [B.ouvier's 1856J
Occupant. Person having posdessory rights, who can control what goes on on premises. One who takes
the first possession of a thing If which there is no owner. One who occupies and takes possession, one
who has the actual use, possession or control of a thing. [Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.]
Occupant. 1590s, fro L. occupantem (nom. occupans), prp. of occupare "to take possession
of" (see occupy). [ht //]
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 22 03/28/2013 894500 66
Occupancy. l590sj"condition of being an occupant;" from occupant. Meaning "fact of
occupying" is from 1,33; (]
Ordinary, civil and eccles. 'aw. An officer who has original jurisdiction in his own right and not by
deputation. .
2. In England the ordinary is officer who has immediate jurisdiction in ecclesiastical causes. Co. Litt.
344. I
3. In the United States, the ordinary possesses, in those states where such officer exists, powers vested in
him by the constitution and of the legislature, In South Carolina, the ordinary is a judicial officer. 1
Rep. Const. Ct. 26; 2 Rep. Corst. Ct. 384. [Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856J
Register or Registrar. An offlcer authorized by law to keep a record called a register or registry; as the
register for the probate of WilliS. [Bouvier's 1856J
Registrar. l670s, of registrary (1540s), from M.L. registrarius "one who keeps a
record" (related to regfster). []
Register For The Probate df Wills. An officer in Pennsylvania, who has generally the same powers
that judges of probates and surrogates have in other states, and the ordinary has in England, in admitting
the wills ofdeceased persons '0 probate. [Bouvier's 1856J
Probate: The act or process\ of proving a will. The proof before an ordinary, surrogate, register, or
other duly authorized persob that a document produced before him for official recognition and
registration, and alleged to be ithe last will and testament of a certain deceased person, is such in reality.
[Black's Law Dictionary, 4th I4d.]
Common and solemn form Iof probate. In English law, there are two kinds of probate, namely,
probate in common form, and probate in solemn form. Probate in common form is granted in the
registry, without any formal procedure in court, upon an ex parte application made by the Executor.
Probate in solemn form is in je nature of a final decree pronounced in open court, all parties interested
having been duly cited. The ifference between the effect of probate in common form and probate in
solemn form is that probat in common form is revocable, whereas probate in solemn form is
irrevocable, as against all perspns who have been cited to see the proceedings, or who can be proved to
have been privy to those proceedings, except in the case where a will of subsequent date is discovered,
in which case probate of an tFrlier will, though granted in solemn form, would be revoked. [Black's
Law Dictionary, 4th Ed.] !
Probate Of A Will.
2. The officer. who takes probate is variously denominated; in some states he is called judge of
probate. in others register, and!surrogate in others. Vide 11 Vin. Ab. 5 8 12 Vin. Ab. 1262 Supp. to Ves.
jr. 227 1 Salk. 302; 1 Phil. Ev 298; 1 Stark. Ev. 231, note, and the cases cited in the note, and also, 12
John. R. 192; 14 John. R. 407
1 Edw. R. 266; 5 Rawle, R. 80 I N. & McC. 326; 1 Leigh, R. 287; Penn.
R. 42; 1 Pick. R. 114; 1 Gal1is. R. 662, as to the effect of a probate on real and personal property,
[Bouvier's 1856J I
Surrogate. In some of the as in New Jersey, this is the name of an officer who has jurisdiction in
granting letters testamentary arid letters of administration.
2. In some states, as in Pennsylvania, this officer is called register of wills and for granting letters, of
administration in others, as in assachusetts, he is called judge of probates.
Surrogate. early 15c., om L. surrogatus, pp. of surrogare "put in another's place, substitute,"
from sub "in the place of, nder" + rogare "to ask, propose" (see rogation). t
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 23 03/28/2013 894500 66
[ http;//www.etymOnlinelcomJ ]
Warrant. V.l. i
1. To authorize; to give authority or power to do or forbear any thing, by which the person authorized is
secured or saved harmless from any loss or damage by the act. A commission warrants an officer to
seize an enemy. We are not wflrranted to resist legitimate government. Except in extreme cases.
2. To maintain; to support by or proof.
4. To secure; to exempt; to ..
6. In law, to secure to a grantde an estate granted; to assure. [Webster's Dictionary, 1828}
warrant (n.). early 13c.,1 "protector, defender," from O.N.Fr. warant (O.Fr. guarant), from Frankish
*warand (cf. O.H.G. weren "to authorize, warrant," Ger. gewahren "to grant"), from P.Gmc. *war
"to warn, guard, perhaps from PIE base *wer- "to cover" (cf. L. vereri "to observe with
awe, revere, respect, fear" Gk. ouros "watchman," horan "to see;" Hitt. werite- "to see;" see weir).
Sense evolved via noti .n of "permission from a superior which protects one from blame or
responsibility" (c.l300) to "document conveying authority" (15IOs). A warrant office in the
military is one wh6 holds office by warrant, rather than by commission. [
http://www.etymonline.c$mJ ]
warrant (v.). late 13c., lIto keep safe from danger," from O.N.Fr. warantir (O.Fr. guarantir), from
warant (see warrant (n.)) Meaning "to guarantee to be of quality" is attested from late 14c.; sense
of "to guarantee as true" is recorded from c.1300. [http;l/www.etymonline.comJ ]
Will or Testament. The legal declaration of a man's intentions of what he wills to be performed after
his death. Co. Litt. 111; Pt. 1, s. II. 1; Shep. Touch. 398; Bac. Abr. Wills, A.
2. The terms will and testameijt are synonymous, and they are used indifferently by common lawyers, or
one for the other. Swinb. p. " s. 1. 5; Bac. Ab. Wills. A. Civilians use the term testament only. See
Testament. .
13. It is a rule that the last revokes all former wills. It follows then that a man cannot by any
act upon the inability of making another inconsistent with and revoking the
first wlli. Bac. Ab. WIlls, E; SiVmb. pt. 7, s. 14.
14. A will voluntarily and made by a competent testator, according to the form required by
law, may be avoided, 1st. By see Revocation; Bac. Abr. Wills, G 1; Yin. Abr. Devise, P; 1
Rolle, Ab. 615; Com. Dig. by Dev. F; and, 2d. By fraud.
"The" ALL CAPS NAME Estate. The word "The" does not appear on the Birth Certificate in
front of the ALL CAPS NAME and is not part of the name of the estate, so don't put it in front of
the estate name. So: ALL GAPS NAME, Estate -or in other places where the word "The"
should appear first, use- ThelALL CAPS NAME Estate. (Note the comma or lack of a comma
in these examples.) I
However your name as presepted on your Birth Certificate is how you should present it in all your
documentation. Whether the name is in upper and lower case letters or ALL CAPS letters, be sure
to use it as ALL CAPS for name of the estate. If you have used a "Jr., Sr., etc. all your life, but
it is not written as such on tIle Birth Certificate, don't use it as part of the Estate Name. Conform
exactly to how your name is fritten on the Birth Certificate and do it in ALL CAPS.
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 24 03/28/2013 894500 66
Creation of the Estate
When you were born, a certificate of birth was created with your ALL CAPS NAME, which was
the creation of an "estate" bt that ALL CAPS NAME. The word "estate" is deliberately left off
the ALL CAPS NAME Ion the birth certificate to hide it. The ALL CAPS NAME is an
unincorporated association estate. The ALL CAPS NAME is a decedent. The estate was
created for your benefit and se, with you as the grantor (by placing your landmarks [footprints] on
the certificate of birth), and you are still alive. Your parents are the creator of the Estate - they
created you! i
A marriage is a trust. Whenj a birth occurs, the mother is coerced into signing the Birth Certificate
as a trustee, so now the entities of the world can go after the trustee. The Birth Certificate refers to
her as the "Informant". .
Your first (lawful) act was Ptting your foot prints on your BC and after that you were in the world.
Being in the world has to doiwith being "legal" not "lawful". The corporate state did not create the
estate - the grantor did so the footprints on the document. The estate died and your father and
finally you become the Executor in the Executor Office. You are an earthly estate walking
around. The Grantor contij1Ues to live and when he or she dies, a Certificate of Death will be
The Certificate of Birth or tive Birth Certificate is the Public Record of the Estate and that the
Estate is Probated. It is recognition by the World of the Grantor's [foot prints] Will.
Because the seal and signatute is on the certificate of birth, this is not prima facie (Atfirst Sight; on
the first appearance; on the face ofit; so far as can be judgedfrom the first disclosure; presumably;
a fact presumed to be unless disproved by some evidence to the contrary. Black's Law
dictionary, lh Ed.) proof. Rather, it's certified proof, finished, adjourned, done, a judgment, that
the estate has been probated. I It must be an estate, because a trust cannot come before an estate. A
trust can only exist if there is Ialready an Estate in existence.
The address of the estate is the file number on the birth certificate. The estate resides at the file
number. The estate is to the file number; it cannot move anywhere else.
When asked: "Where do you ,live?" Right here. "Where are your belongings?" I'm homeless. They
cannot discriminate against ybu when you say you're homeless because you are saying you have no
corporate residence.
A copy of the Birth Certifica1e is proof of the estate. Other proofs of the existence of the Estate are
bills, mortgage papers, reports, the drivers license, etc. that have the ALL CAPS NAME.
Never use a Social Security qard as identification. The SS trust is what they are using against you.
David. Clarence explains Who can have an Estate
NOTE: A Certificate of Citi4enship or Naturalization Certificate is not a substitute for a Certificate
of Birth. A Certificate of enship does not create an estate, so a person who has been naturalized
does not have an estate, if he comes from a country that does not issue Birth Certificates. If a man
marries a woman who beco es naturalized in America, the wife's Social Security Trust comes
under the husband's estate. I If you do not have a Certificate of Birth, you cannot occupy the
Executor/Executrix Office. I
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 25 03/28/2013 894500 66
If the country where you were born belongs to the IMF, there's a good chance there is an Estate. If
the name on the Birth Cet1ificate is in ALL CAPS or has a Bond number on it, that's a good
indicator of an Estate.
Our bodies are composed mostly Water and the remainder from the Earth. We are each a
Walking, Talking Independept Island, Country, Nation or Independent State, (Estate, Status).
I Nature of the Estate
Note: Never refer to the esltate as "your estate", but for convenience and economy of words in
this document, the compiler is doing it anyway!
The ALL CAPS NAME is to the US and the States. Statutory admission that the Estate and
Executor Office are immune. from the jurisdiction of the United States and the States is found in the
Foreign Immunities Act, be ause the Estate is a creditor. In 28 USC 1300, et al (FSIA), "foreign
State" means "foreign estate' - just substitute the word "Estate" for the word "State", when reading
the Act. The Estate and th Man Functioning in the Executor Office - When Located at General
Post-Office, United States inor, Outlying Islands at ZIP+4 [00000-9998] are Foreign States (as
described in the Act) Es ate's and Executor's. "Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act" (FSIA)
applies because the Estate is foreign at USMOI.
Link to the Act: sup 01 28 10 IV 20 97.html
You do not own the estate. the grantor's estate. It's not your office. The Grantor has liability.
You do not want to own it, btcause ownership creates liability. However, you can control the estate
and its assets. i
The estate is in the nature ot a trust, but is not a trust. The estate is noncorporate. The estate is
subject to trust law and is laffected by probate law. Probate law is the highest form of law.
Scripture is trust and estate i law, and trumps all other law i.e. - Treaty, Civil, Criminal, Law of
Nations, Domestic, Probate, rquity - just made-up rules for the world game, for lawyers to control
everything. True law has to be simple and work equally for everyone = Equality. UCC is not
contract law because there's fot full disclosure.
The Estate is a realm of actfon that is a combining of the physical and spiritual aspects of each
individual. i
The estate is older than any tonn of law or legal issue that is in or around the world today and has
been passed down through generations, having come from God. As such, no form of law, other
than scripture, can access or penetrate the truth ofthe estate.
The Executor Office is or to be as high as or higher than the term of Sovereign, i.e. ruler,
Pope, King, or any other illuSjion of Man's superiority, as some understand it.
With this level of power, Office is in a position to operate, in Private or Public, on equal or
higher rank than any other long as it is done in honor and without causing or creating harm or
problems for others. All are to Not Attempt to Utilize the Estate for Impure Intent - Evil or
Selfish Intent Will Come Back into your Face FULL FORCE.
Point of Clarification and Distinction: When someone dies there is an estate created that
goes through probatej That estate is a worldly estate of a dead person that is involved in
commerce and that tax liability. It is different from the estate created by your birth
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December S, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 26 03/28/2013 894500 66
1 Executor Office
Until recently, everybody h abandoned the Executor Office and the Estates. 1 1
Once you occupy the Executpr Office, you cannot be considered or called chattel.
Why are we authorized to qccupy the Executor Office? When you were born, you were sent the
Executor Office (the Birth !Certificate), and then only 3 people could get a copy of your Birth
Certificate - you, mom and Idad. Once you reached the age of maturity (21), you became the only
one authorized. I
As such, one cannot operatejas the occupant of the Office and then attempt to operate in a different
capacity as well, i.e. as a trustee or beneficiary in a trust or even in a different capacity, for example
as a damaged party or citizeil in order to be able to bring a legal action into something that would be
termed as a lower court with less power than the Executor Office. To do this would be indicative of
having a double mind. A h use divided cannot stand. That is precisely what the BAR-Flies have
done to us - lured us into fu. ctioning in a trustee capacity under the Social Security Trust so we are
then held liable for the
When the Executor Office is occupied, all lower offices or false offices are naturally bound to
perform the highest level of possible so the Executor is protected and the Office is defended.
Once you step up and the Executor Office then there are no longer any trustee positions.
When functioning in the Exiecutor Office it cancels out all trustee functions. It overrides them all.
However, the Executor can appoint trustees to accomplish certain limited tasks, but can
never grant general power of attorney over Estate affairs.
When you function in the Office of the estate, you deny everyone from exercising a
presumption of authority to fdministrate the estate.
Thus, the Executor Office wbuld or should have no reason or need to ever consider a legal action in
a lower system, as the Offiqe has the authority to submit either an order or request to lower office
enforcement holders to perform corrective actions. The Executor Office is the "Court", as the
Sovereign is in equality. of Court: Black's Law. The Sovereign with their Real Retinue
Wherever They May Be - is Executor Office. .
Operating in the Executor Office entails that all acts or actions of the Executor are done to expand
or increase the estate and Setter Our Fellow Man and Womb-man, as Commanded by the First
Executor of the First Estate yahshua,
Then, this would allow the
Executor to operate in commerce under normal life, with honor and
truth, in positions of or self exchange or in no position if that is the choice, as long as
no harm is caused, noting thrt Commerce is the Law Merchant and the opposite ofthe Golden Rule.
Thus, one is able to operate without needing as much and working with others, as an Association or
Assembly, and can operate rbuch more simply and equally with other Executors in exchange.
Remember, a trust is a con[.ct and pursuant to uSA Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 10, CI 1, no state
shall pass any law impairin the obligation of contracts. In essence, an estate or trust (contract) is
private law between the pa ies thereto. No one, not even the courts, have the authority to look into
the business of the estate. T e Executor never turns over any estate records.
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 27 03/28/2013 894500 66
The Executor has immunity only has liability if he/she commits a fraud in the administration of
the estate. Showing your f,!>otprints is a liability .... Shows you are the actual grantor! They will
never ask for your
It is understood that we the authority to administer the whole estate, so there is no need to use
the title "General Executor" .n deference to "Executor" (see definitions above).
By using the words "Executpr" or "estate" you become the creditor. Creditors have immunity from
the debtor. i
Mail the Executor letter to fhe Executor Office (yourself), as proof that you occupy the Executor
Office. i
The goal desired by becomipg the occupant of the Executor Office for the Estate is to come out of
the world system and be therefrom.
Making public notice oftaktng occupancy of the Executor Office is not necessary (and perhaps not
desirable). The king does need to notice the subjects of his function.
Do not make an Executor Office Seal. An Executor Office "seal" takes you back into the world.
Your signature is your seal. jYou Can use your right thumb print in red, if you wish.
To prove that you are the. pccupant of the Executor Office for the Estate, make a FOIA request
under the Privacy Act to IRS and the report received back will show you as Executor of the
Estate. Send the FOIA to IRS Disclosure Office.
Do not be "representative the Executor Office" ... that is fatal to the functioning in the Executor
Office. I
I Estate, as Highest Court
The registrar is the probate (not the judge in the probate court). In Great Britain, just as in the
United States, the registrar the court. The probate court is the paperwork at the registrar's office.
The probate court just apprcj>ves what the Executor has already done. The Executor office is higher
than the probate court. .
The courts do not have jurisdiction (in personam or subject matter) over the estate. The only
probate court possible to bring a claim into is the one described on the birth certificate. They won't
do that. i
The Executor Office is the office in trust law and the highest authority. The estates are the
authorities. All other are courts of inferior jurisdiction.
has been Probated from the Beginning
The birth certificate with registrar's seal shows that the estate is either in probate or has already
been probated. David Cla,tence thinks it has already been probated. The birth certificate is the
certification of a death arid the creation of an estate. Since the seal and signature is on the
certificate of birth, that is fertified proof that the estate has been probated. It must be an estate,
because a trust cannot precrde an estate.
Duty of all Officials to the Estate
All officials and govemm$t servants have taken an oath. Even if they have not taken an oath on
record, they have cashed pay check and accepted the responsibility. The fiduciary duty of all
December 5,2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 28 03/28/2013 894500 66
officials is to serve and prottct the Estates and the occupant of the Executor Office. A fiduciary
responsibility is the highest rfsponsibility in law.
An SF 61 is required in the lemployee jacket of all federal employees. It is their Oath of Office.
They signed it and followint superior's orders and not the "Constitution of the United States" is
now their problem. Their oath of office is a confession ofjudgment.
Who may Occupy the Executor Office
Until you come of age, yOUI' father has the authority to occupy the Executor Office of the Estate
bearing your ALL CAPS liAME (provided he is aware). Upon attaining the age of majority (21),
you may step into and assume your proper capacity in the Executor Office of the ALL CAPS
NAME, Estate. If a man married before he reaches the age of 21, he does not have to wait until
he becomes 21 to occupy the IOffice of Executor of the Estate, but rather can occupy it immediately
upon becoming married. i
As the grantor of the estate, tou are the only one who can appoint the Executor or assign its duties
to someone else. The Executor can appoint trustees but cannot authorize fictional entities to
administrate the estate. You cannot function in the Executor Office of someone else. If you give
someone the authority to canpr out your Executor duties, they could get you into trouble or jail. The
father may give the mother of the children a "Specific and General Durable Power of Attorney",
made from executor office to executrix office, " ... granting full and exclusive authority in all fonns
involving all issues [name of children (which are property of the husband's estate)] ... ".
Except as stated above, the cannot delegate POA authority from the Executor Office to
sign for the Estate. I
In the absence of someone your father or yourself) occupying the Executor Office of the
Estate, the court will step inl and administrate the estate (act like trustee), as if it was abandoned.
See definition of Executor son tort, above.
Until you step up and occupy the Executor Office for the Estate, you are considered to be an
incompetent. Acts of an incompetent have no legal effect. So, whatever you did as an incompetent
before occupying the Office never happened, because you had no authority to take any
action on the part of the estate. For example, only the Executor Office can copyright the ALL
CAPS Estate name, so if you attempted to do so before you occupied the Executor Office of the
Estate, you were not successful! Until you step up as Executor, judges will treat you as a trustee in
violation of your fiduciary d*ies and as liable for debts.
A man is the "Executor" off
his estate. An unmarried woman is the "Executrix" of her estate.
"Maiden Name" means: in a tapacity without a husband; unmarried.
The estate of a woman marribd through a civil marriage comes under the estate of the husband and
only he may sign as for the wife's estate, which estate is the property of the husband's
estate. However, if the husband is malfeasant and misfeasent, the wife may act as the Executrix.
The wife may sign for her estate as Executrix, if she is in a common law marriage or widowed.
Also, a woman can be Executrix if divorced and she has no father, no brothers ofthe father (uncles).
Children are the property ofthe father's estate until they reach the age of majority (21) and even
after a divorce of the father and mother. If the father dies, the father's father becomes the Executor
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 29 03/28/2013 894500 66
and next in line is the oldeSt brother of the father. The oldest son is the Executor of the parents'
estates after their death.
If a man marries a foreign woman with no birth Estate, and the wife gets a Social Security
card, now there is a Trust is the property of the husband's Estate, and he must protect that Trust
as property of the husband's Estate.
If you are a foreign born you cannot exercise control over a US born wife's estate.
A foreign born spouse on _he public side can inherit the husband's estate upon his death. She
cannot function as Executrii. of the Estate upon his death. She brought no dowry to the marriage
(contract), The husband's brothers would be Executor, then oldest son. Ifthere are no heirs on the
private side, a foreign born could occupy the Executor office, but if does so with other heirs
alive, it's fraud. I
Social Security Trust
The Social Security card is proof of a trust, not an estate. The Social Security account is connected
to everything you do in the and all paperwork is directed to the SSN trust assuming that you
are the trustee and therefore the liability.
When being served for of a Credit Card, etc., the Social Security Trust account is being
sought. Since you've abandqned the Executor Office, they are probating your Estate - they raise a
constructive trust in equity tQ give restitution and reimbursement to the plaintiff and appoint you the
Trustee. It's all hidden andiall fraud. (See definition of Constructive Trust on page 3.) The only
paperwork that has ever been served on the estate or the Executor is the Birth Certificate. They
cannot come after the estate or the Executor Office. The government created the Social Security
system so they had a trust we can be regarded as trustees. Trustees have liability, whereas
Executors do not.
Once you receive an EIN f<1>r the Estate, it is prima facie evidence of immunity from taxes and
attacks, SS taxes, etc. Even then they will always come to you by way of the ALL CAPS NAME
on the SS card. You just to come back to them asking if they're coming to the Estate. You are
the Occupant of the Office. Never acknowledge you are the name on the SS card.
You cannot cancel out the S$ Trust account. It's Estate property. If it comes back to the Estate, it
won't be earning anything a1ymore. They are trading off it and will be trading off it after you die.
You may eventually profit fr,m the SS Trust account. Just be patient.
What differentiates the ALrl CAPS SS name and the ALL CAPS Estate name is that you are
designating it as an Estate they are not designating it as anything in particular.
Estate Property
Don't move anything (property, accounts) over to the estate.
Any trusts you create in the vror1d system are property ofthe estate. Executor Office cannot operate
trusts. The best you can do i$ take control of the property. If your name is not on a deed, you have
no standing to operate as the !Executor. The Estate can claim property as property of the estate, and
there will likely be no objectipns.
It is believed that all true titles are abandoned and a process is being tested to reclaim them
from where they are being hefd at a Federal Reserve Bank as assets.
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 30 03/28/2013 894500 66
qoing Business where a License is Required
If you are a real estate brokh or in some other business that requires a license, you do not set up a
trust or other legal entity in to do business, but rather do everything in your own name.
. General Post-Office Location
David Clarence has developd the following postal location, designed to make you non-domestic:
1. ALL CAPS NAME, Estate.
2. Executor Office.
3. Nation Your State.
4. General Post-Office.
5. *Main Street one zero.
6. Anytown. [LASTNAME] Province.
7. United States Minor, 'Outlying Islands.
8. Near. [00000-9998]
NOTE: Numbers at begilnning of each line of the postal location have been so placed solely for
reference purposes in line by line explanation of the postal location below. Remove the
number before using for the postal location.
*NOTE: Use the street address of the Post Office, not your (own) street address for your
General Post-Office Location. David Clarence says to not use the street address for the
Post Office on your Exequtor Letters. Use of the Post Office street address may be considered
optional. Since prior advent of the "zip code", a street address would have been required
for mail to be sent to tha General Post-Office, there appears to be no reason why one may omit
the Post Office street ad . ess, unless some vendor insists on a street name and number.
While this looks like an! address, it is actually a "location", not an address. It is a "postal
location" .
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 31 03/28/2013 894500 66
His orical Background of "General Post-Office"
General post office has its in scripture and is established and continued by Post Treaties.
General Post-Office is the "Post Office Generally". The Post Treaties are General Post to General
Post. The Post Office is the bank in the world and has the most branches (branch banks).
Jeremiah 51 :31, "One post run to meet another and one messenger to meet another, to shew
the king of Babylon that his fity is taken at one end ... "
A "post" is another name forla courier.
The definition of the word post originally meant "any of a number of riders or runners posted at
intervals to carry mail or messages in relays along a route; postrider or courier" (Webster's New
World Dictionary, Third Edition, 1988, page 1054).
The posts were initially set Iup for governmental purposes, between different rulers in their own
country as well as countries.
But there was another known as the general post-office, which was not for commercial
purposes and was strictly fot fellowship between the brothers, and they did it among themselves.
Paul's letters were not delivered by Caesar's men, but by brothers in Christ and that is the general
post-office. Throughout histdry, there has always been the general post-office and the governmental
post office and they're One's strictly for fellowship, the other for commercial purposes.
The current postal system, w ich is known as the United States Postal Service, is commercial, but it
still retains the non-comme ial aspect. It's based on the original general post-office. It does not
exist without tracing its root to the original general post-office. And as with everything, the created
cannot do away with the Therefore, that original creation by the brothers' fellowshipping
among each other is still in histence; they've never done away with it. In all their statutes, every
time they come up with a nrw statutory entity, they never do away with the general post-office,
therefore it still exists. .
The general post-office is mentioned in the Domestic Mail Manual because the Domestic Mail
Manual denotes commerce. veryone's presumed to be in commerce. But it's only a presumption,
and that's where you come in to rebut that presumption. You rebut it by not engaging in commercial
activity and not receiving your mail at an address, etc. Most people don't realize that when you
receive mail at an address, orleven at a P.O. Box, you're receiving a free benefit from Caesar.
There were actually two general post-offices. The Post Master General today wears about
seven hats as about seven different entities to the postal system exist. He wears the original hat as a
caretaker of the original general post-office. He's also the caretaker of the general post-office that
was created on February 20, t792, which was for governmental business.
The Act of February 20, made detailed provisions for the post office and also established a
separate general post office fqr governmental purposes:
Chapter VIII - An Abt to establish the Post Office and Post Roads within the United States.
Section 3. And it befurther enacted, That there shall be established, at the seat of the
government of the United States, a general post-office.
Note that this one page sta-rutory creation by Congress established that general post-office for
governmental business at thel seat of the government of the United States in Washington D.C. The
general post-office, which existed, was never designated as being repealed in this Act, and
160f 43
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 32 03/28/2013 894500 66
has not been repealed in J. acts that followed. Therefore, it still remains in existence, separate
from the governmental set up by this Act.
Today, the stamp on an pays for delivery of that envelope from the sender's post-office to
the receiver's post-office. It does not pay for the costs when that envelope leaves the area behind the
clerk's desk and gets delivered to the receiver's address, mailbox, post office box, mail slot, etc.
This is a "free" service. The Ialternative to free mail delivery is to receive all Postal Matter either in
general delivery, or the general post-office.
The only duty of the Postma,ster is getting the mail through ... not delivery at General Post. General
Post is your Post Office and you are the Postmaster at -9998 and you must go there (to the Post
Office) to claim the mail
.&xplanation of Your New Postal Location:
1. NAME, Estate. ALL CAPS NAME, Estate. See "Estate Name" section above for
instructions on your proper Estate Name. When the Estate Name is used in the
estate mailing location, there should be four (4) spaces left between the middle and last name:
Ex.: JOHN QUINCY iJONES, Estate. The IRS puts in the 4 spaces when issuing an EIN to
the Estate. !
2. Executor Office. Always type Executor Office as shown. It never changes.
3. Nation Your State, e.g.iNation Colorado. Enter the state name in which you presently live.
Do not put the word "ofr between the word "Nation" and "name of your state," thus creating a
legal fiction. :
4. General Post-Office. type General Post-Office as shown. It never changes.
When mail is delivered to General Post-Office (Mailing Location), it is now outside the
jurisdiction of the Postal'Service. It is now in the hands of the General Post-Office. You have
moved it out of that realm, outside their jurisdiction, into the private, where you have
always been ...
Nothing is more permanfnt than General Post-Office and it's free. They do not deliver ... they
just surrender the mail to when you appear to claim it.
5. Main Street - one hundred. Type the address of the Post Office in the format shown. The
Street Number is last tol put it on the land and out of the UNITED STATES and corporate
STATE jurisdiction. the mailing location for General Post-Office. Again, use of the
Post Office street addressimay be considered optional. See note above.
6. Any town. (ESTATE)LASTNAME Province. Ex. Peoria. JONES Province.
This is because the upon the land is the estate's land at General Post-Office.
Province. It is sometimes figuratively, to signify power or authority; as, it is the province
of the court to judge of the law, that of the jury to decide on the facts. Bouvier's Law
Dictionary, 1856
A province is a unit, almost always an administrative division.
Preposition. The act or 1n instance of proposing, or placing before. Anything placed before
(something). Webster's International Dictionary, 2
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 33 03/28/2013 894500 66
The English word is attested since about 1330 and derives from the 13th-century Old
French "province," whiqh itself comes from the Latin word "provincia," which referred to the
sphere of authority of a rp.agistrate; in particular, to a foreign territory.
A possible Latin etymolpgy is from "pro-" ("on behalf of') and "vincere" ("to triumph" or "to
take control of'). Thus. "province" was a territory or function that a Roman magistrate held
control of on behalf of his government. This, however, does not tally with the Latin term's
earlier usage as a term for a jurisdiction under Roman law.
Legal aspects:
In many federations and! confederations, the province or state is not clearly subordinate to the
national or central gove9nnent. Rather, it is considered to be sovereign in regard to its particular
set of constitutional The central - and provincial-government functions, or areas of
jurisdiction, are identified in a constitution. Those that are not specifically identified are called
"residual powers." In a decentralized federal system (such as the United States and Australia)
these residual powers lie the provincial or state level. Wikipedia
7. United States Minor, Islands. Type as shown. Explanation of United States Minor,
Outlying Islands (USMO[):
The USMOI are locations, but they are nation states. United States is Minor to the
Outlying Island Nation surrounding them.
USMOl is recognizing the Estate as a "Nation State" located on the USMOI instead of the
corporate state ofXXXXf. It is non-domestic, it is international.
United States Minor, Oubying Islands can be abbreviated as UM. When filling out a form on
line, if there is a country field, scroll down and see if there is a USMOI or UM. Selecting United
States puts you in the of Columbia. If the site won't let you add -9998 to the zip code,
then just leave it off but sure you get USMOI or some form of that on the form. It's referred
to as a mailing location. !
USMOI do not include <liuam, American Samoa, etc. They are described as territories. The
CIA Fact Book states the United States Minor, Outlying Islands is not a description
exclusive to those Pacificiislands. We are each considered to be an "outlying island".
All of the islands are in t* Pacific, except for Navassa Island, which is in the Caribbean.
Here is a list of the islaqds: Baker Island - Howland Island - Jarvis Island - Johnston Atoll -
Kingman Reef - Midway IAtoll- Navassa Island - Palmyra Atoll- Wake Island.
The Pacific Islands have been inhabited by permanent residents and consist of temporary
transient scientific and mostly Navy Personnel...
The importance of this fJct is - the Bureau of Census does NOT Maintain any records for this
location - and This is a BIG Issue ...
There Are NO U.s. with permanent residences there ....
Who Does the UNITED Inc and its Corporate STATES Claim Control OVER?
I .
Here are some additional but remember that this is worded to delude the Public Mind.
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 34 03/28/2013 894500 66
The United States Outlying Islands, a statistical designation defined by the International
Organization for StandaJtdization's ISO 3166-1 code, consists of nine United States insular areas
in the Pacific Ocean Sea: Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston
Atoll, Kingman Reef, idway Islands, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Wake Island. The
Caribbean territories of ajo Nuevo Bank and Serranilla Bank can also be included as per U.S. I
Among them, Palmyra 1to11 is the only incorporated territory. As of 2008, none of the islands
has any permanent residents. The only human population consists of temporarily stationed
scientific and military personnel. The 2000 census counted 315 people on Johnston Atoll and I
person on Wake ISland'[l] There has been no modem indigenous population, except at the 1940
census. The Baker, How and and Jarvis Colonization Scheme attempted to settle Americans on
those three islands beginhing in 1935, but all three islands were evacuated in 1942 as a result of
World War II.
The islands are groupeU together as a statistical convenience. They are not administered
collectively, nor do the)'! share a single cultural or political history beyond being uninhabited
islands under the soverei$nty of the United States.
They are collectively by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code UM. The individual islands
have ISO 3166-2 numerical codes, see ISO 3166-2:UM. The Internet country code top-level
domain (ccTLD) ".um" qas historically been assigned to the islands; however, the .urn ccTLD
was retired in January 20(>7. [2]
The ISO introduced the term "United States Minor Outlying Islands" in 1986. From 1974 until
1986, five of the islan9s (Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll and
Kingman Reef) were grofped under the term United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands, with
ISO 3166 code PU. The code of Midway Atoll was MI, the code of Johnston Atoll was JT, and
the code of Wake Island was WK.
These links have helped talidate the legitimacy of the ''''United States Minor Outlying Islands"
location when dealing with uninformed or misinformed Postal employees:
United States Postal Service ("Country" Drop-down Menu)
Securities and Exchange Commission ("Country" Drop-down Menu)
The Federal Reserve "$oard ("Country" Drop-down Menu)
Department of TransIi>rtation
United Nations
htt :llunstats.un.or uus Itradekb/Kuowled ebase/Comtrade-Count -Code-and-Name
Central Intelligence ency

U.S. Census Bureau I
ht :llwww.census. ovl o/www/ansi/statetables.html
U.S. Department ofLCilbor
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 35 03/28/2013 894500 66

8. Near. [00000-9998] e.g.1 Near. [80611-9998] Use the word "Near" followed by a Period before
the zip code. Put all zip codes in brackets. All zip codes have entanglements with the Postal
System, the IRS and the Brackets remove it from the page.
The ZIP CODES -0000 !thru -9997 are on the public side. The Post Master has 2 functions
public side and private
9999 is the Postmaster's: private zip code extension for the Postmaster of the Postal Service or
for General Delivery on the public side.
99.98 is private Posimaster designation of Postmaster at General Post-Office, on the
pnvate SIde, because General Post-Office IS the Estate's Post Office. Using 9998, the
Postmaster is the Occupant of the Executor office (i.e., "you").
It is now believed that there is a "special" zip code reserved for each county that will not appear
as a valid zip code. is because that zip code is reserved for the private side or lands
adjacent to the county zip codes. Use by anyone else will constitute mail fraud and
will be investigated by United States Postal Inspector. A list of these special zip codes is
being sought. .
Note: At the end of the presented on each of lines 1 thru 7 of the postal location, there must
be a period ".", as well after the word "Near" on line 8, so attorneys can't slip in additional
information. .
Changing your Mailing
BEFORE you send Executdr Letters, you must change your Mailing. You do this by sending a
letter to the Postmaster and also by changing all your present mailing addresses (home address, Post
Office boxes, Private Mail bqxes, etc.) to your new General Post-Office - mailing location.
The problem with private ITl-ail locations (such as a UPS Store), is they have contracts with the
Postal Service and the privatf mail service is your mail-receiving agent. There is an eternal record
that you've received mail thlere... and now you have a conflict. .. one domestic, one international
location. The private mail 14cationisactuallya satellite office for the Postal Service. It is fatal to
your sovereignty because a delivery takes place there.
The Contract that you have with the UPS Store, etc., is linked directly to the address that you
provided when you enteredi into that contract on PS Form 1583. If you want to sever those
entanglements, you must hate your mailing location at General Post-Office. You cannot get out
from under the Postal Servicq by using a private mailbox, Le. UPS Store.
To assure that you're Occupying the Executor/Executrix Office will be respected by the legal
system, you must complete and serve the Executor/Executrix Change of Mailing Location Letter
(see Exhibit A) on the Postn!taster at your local main Post Office (not at a satellite or branch retail
location). It must be a Post 0 Ice with a Postmaster.
Go to htt ://web s. 0 / to look up the name of the Postmaster in your area. This data base
does not identify Post Office by ZIP Code, so if you live in a metropolitan area, where there are
several Post Offices, you rna have to call your Post Office to discover the Postmaster name.
Only the original of the letterlneeds to be sent by Certified Mail to the Postmaster and copies sent to
notify court cases, collectiol1 issues, financial institutions, insurance companies, any government
December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 36 03/28/2013 894500 66
entities etc.. All other colot copies of the ExecutorlExecutrix Change of Mailing Location Letter
can be sent by regular first mail.
Once the location change is by the Postmaster receiving the Executor/Executrix Change of
Mailing Location letter, youlshould get a confirmation number at General Post-Office.
If you have received no POSitive response to your Change of Mailing Location letter fourteen days
after receipt by the file a complaint with the Attorney General and Governor
referencing the location
You may provide someone Power of Attorney to pick up your mail at General Post-Office (See
Exhibit B). :
The Postal Location on the letter puts you in the Nation and out of the state.
Being located at the GeneraliPost-Office makes you non-domestic to the United States.
ONLY use a General Post-Office mailing location; placing your home address on the mailing
location is fatal to your eflrt to Occupy the Executor/Executrix Office. Using any other Postal
Location, like your home, a ost Office Box, or a private mail box nullifies the legal status of being
international and independe t of the United States.
You must also notify every governmental and banking entity, driver license, registration of boats,
planes, athletic clubs, church! - everyone and thing that you have any affiliation with.
Take the numbers off remove the mail box, and take away the welcome mat, so the
authorities no longer have yauthority. Themail box, address and door mat are an open invitation
for the authorities to exercis their deluded authority. If you leave that "residence" address, mailbox
or receptacle and house nunjlber in place, it is an Open Invitation to zoning enforcement, process
servers, tax and other revenue collectors ...
You can hang a Civil Flag of the US on your property. Hang it down, not from a pole.
Understand that postal mattet at General Post-Office is not "Delivered"; it is "Called For".
You are the Grantor with the!rootprints. You are functioning as the occupant of the Executor Office
with the fingerprints. You rpay need an ID to pick up your mail matter. If your ID has your old
address, then you've not it. You can use all kinds of ID... use one with General Post-
Office address on it. :
Everyone must follow his or Iher own path - David has been located at General-Post since 1994 and
says he has never found atk advantage to do otherwise and in Fact he Can Only Find Legal
Disadvantages to Having Mah Delivery at his home.
The street name and used in the mailing location to General Post-Office is not necessary.
The mail will go to whereveIi the Zip Code is. However, some entities will not accept an address to
General Post-Office and reqtiire a street name and number. In that case you can use the street name
and number of the Post Office building. The address must be a main Post Office, not a branch.
Put the "Mailing Location" on everything you can.
Because you are in the highst office, why would you go get some inferior government officer to
certify your Executor Letter? You do it yourself by getting the Post Office to do it using the
Certified Mail number That correspondence has been certified by the United States Postal
Service for your General Pos,-Office and the postmaster position of the Executor.
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 37 03/28/2013 894500 66
Post Office will accept del"very of UPS and FedEx or you can have UPS and FedEx delivered to a
friend's home or other addr ss that is not yours.
Concerning Trusts: If th+ creator of the Trust is alive, the Trust is Estate property. The Trustee
mailing location needs to changed. You're not necessarily changing the location of the Trust.
Sending and RecFiving Certified and Registered Mail at General Post-Office
It is suggested that you usd USPS International PS Form 2865 instead of Domestic Form PS Form
3811 when sending Certified, Return Receipt Requested. You can Sign for in-coming Certified and
Registered Mail at general post-office. If it is addressed to the Estate or Executor Office then sign
as Executor or Executrix.
of why you must be located at General Post-Office
Review these code sections Ito understand how the proper Mailing Location benefits your tax status:
TITLE 26 > Subtitle B > CHAPTER II > Subchapter A > PART I > 200 I
2001. Imposition and rate of tax
(a) Imposition
A tax is hereby imposed the transfer of the taxable estate of every decedent who is a citizen
or resident of the United
2002. Liability for
The tax imposed by this shall be paid by the Executor.
TITLE 26 > Subtitle B > CIlIAPTER 11 > Subchapter C > 2203
2203. Definition of ExecUjtor
The term "Executor" it is used in this title in connection with the estate tax imposed
by this chapter means Executor or administrator of the decedent, or, if there is no
Executor or appointed, qualified, and acting within the United States, then any
person in actual or constr$ctive possession of any property of the decedent.
See sec 26 00002002----000-.html
Thus, if you are the "Executor" of the Estate of the decedent, whose Mailing Location is outside of
the United States making it not a resident thereof, you as the Executor owe no tax.
What to do if the Postm$ster Resists changing your Postal Location to General Post-Office
First, understand that it is that the person you speak with at the Post Office has ever heard
of the term "General Post-Office". When I went to the Post Office (about 10 days after I mailed my
change of mailing location Executor Letter to the Postmaster), my home delivery had already been
stopped for about a week. The counter clerk, although trying very hard to be helpful, had no idea
what I was talking about. l kept talking about General Post-Office and he kept repeating General
Delivery. Then he passed Ijne off to someone from the back room. This person was very friendly
and helpful. At first we through the same back and forth conversation - Me: "I'm here to pick
up my mail at General Post Office." Postal Guy: "So, you want mail from General Delivery". Me:
"No, General Post-Office". ostal Guy: "Right, General Delivery". And so on, and on ... Finally, I
explained to him that I was Iaware that he had probably never heard of General Post-Office (which
he readily admitted to) and it was not to be found in the Domestic Mail Manual, but that it has
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 38 03/28/2013 894500 66
been part of the mail systent since before the first postal statute was passed by Congress. I explained
that I knew people all overithe country who receive their mail exclusively by General Post-Office,
and many have been ng mail in that manner for decades. He went in the back room for a bit
and came out with some ail being held as "General Delivery" (since no one at the Post Office
knew any better). He told e that he had made the "change of address" to General Post-Office.
asked if I needed to ask for my mail at the counter or ring the bell on the door to the back room. He
said just ask for it at the couinter and it would be held in the Postmaster's office.
If after 14 days, the postm
ster refuses to change your Mailing Location to General Post-Office,
send a letter to the Inspect r General. See Exhibit C. Also send a complaint in the form of an
Executor Letter to the Gov. rnor and Attorney General in your birth state and the state where you
live. Send them certified.
Notify the Postmaster that cpmplaints are pending before the Inspector General's Office re: General
Post. Postmaster General isla member of the governing board of the Post Office.
I '
Notify Everyone of your Change of Mailing Location
When you change your Mailing Location, notify everyone who you do business with and your
friends and family of your "fhange of address",
Once you change all your tecords where you have attachments ... driver license, car registration,
titles, court cases, bank accounts, employment, etc, it denies them jurisdiction in everything. You
cannot take advantage ofthd Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act with a domestic mail location.
If in a court case, notify ev!erybody of the changed mailing location by Certified Mail: the clerk,
prosecuting attorney, the administrator, pretrial, probation services, etc. It takes away the
court's jurisdiction over you.
Do not send a change of mailing location to an offending party (the "change" is already on the
Executor Letter) ... the chan$e goes to the Postmaster so that when the offending party checks for
valid (international) maHin, location, there is no conflict with your (domestic) home delivery
address. This could be fataLI
One Person's Experience at the Post Office
One man included the Letter (without the reference to abandoned paperwork) with his
change of address form, inlforming the Post Master at 9999 that he was changing the mailing
location of the Estate to He went to the Post Office and asked for his mail and was
told that they did not have because it would have to be received at another Post Office and they
were working on it. He got I a phone call from the Post Office that afternoon. They informed him
that they had received it an4 were working on making the change. The next day he received two
phone calls. On the first ph9ne call he was told they had located where the post office was and they
were working on making change. On the second call he was told the change was complete. He
was given a phone number t<1> call to check for incoming mail. When he calls or goes to pick up the
mail, their demeanor changej when he tells them his name.
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December 5, 2010
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 39 03/28/2013 894500 66
or Executrix ONLY "if'
unmarried or widowed
the All Caps NAME Exactly as
shown upon the CERTIFICATE OF
You 'WILL" Delete and not "ANY'
of the information "shown" in
"EXCEPT' for Zip Codes and ourt
Docket, Case or Financial Acc unt
Number! I
NAME, Estate.
Executor Office.
Nation Your State.
General-Post Offic
night - of twenty-two October two-zero one-zero
"OFFICE" of the U.S or STATE Court

Administrator or Financial Institution "MUST" Place
Chief Financial Officer - ON YI Do
the Thin Number
NOT Send to Clerk or Anyo e Else!!!
STICKER off of the
Office of Court Administrator [Chief Counsel or Chief Financial Officer]
Sticker inside these
Attention: of office . the individual
lines Or the Executor
Corporate LocatIOn [state court or finanCIal headquarters] occupying the office
10 Public Square
Letter will 'NOT"
work!!! Anytown, State
Mailing location of U.S. or STATE Court
dministrator or the Financial Institution foreclosing
To: The Office of [see examples above]. r collecting account or IRS Headquarters in D.C..
.,.j +:-_-;AII Caps NAME off the CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH
From: Executor Ofr,ce. NAME, Estate. Husband, Father, Man or Womb-man over 21 yrs
Regarding: administration of NAME, Estate; All Caps NAME off the C
[Docket Financial Account or Tax Number "leave" these brackets. OF B Man or Womb-man
... -..
.' ,
:PI acting as Executor for Wife or Child you Type reir all Caps NAME and File number off 01 their Certificate of Birth HERE "in" Bracl<efs
You will "NOT Type any of the!
"Quotation" marks "EXCEPT" t\lese:
"abandoned" "alleged" and
- REMOVE the Remainder! ,
of office
you are
to and
who sent
work and
thing that
we typed
copy to: Office of Atljomey General
[Corporate !'rth State of]
r=-....."".,-.,--.., copy to: Office of Governor
[Corporate Uirth State of]
r--------------- ------
Enclosed you will "abandoned" paperwork which appears to erroneously "allege" that [place
who sent
the name and title the author who signed the paperwork being returned, such as - Private law
BAR Card enrollee ib the State B Association or other Government Official, Bank Collection
work and
Officer, Magistrate, Mayor, S rvisor, Zoning Officer, Tax Collector - HERE and "remove" remove
these brackets-[ ] ]ho b eir un-warranted acts, fraudulently claim authority from this these
Inistrate for NAME, Estate. That false claim is hereby Adjourned. brackets
I __
You will fo with rJturn and transmit the specific written delegated aut eprescnt" that
authori Ion to administrate [act as trustee] the NA as een warranted, together with
a c lfied copy ofydur oath fo hiefCounsel, Attorney At Law, Government or
that we
ank Official office Imd "remove" these brackets-[ 1], accompanied by certified copies of your
typed as
BAR BOND, The Office of [name mailed to above and "remove" these brackets-[ ] ] and a
detailed list of "all" bonds, sureties, indemnification, insurance and Court Registry
Investment System (CruS) CUSIP numbers and full-accounting relating in any way to anyone's
personal or involvement as referenced above and the arrogated paperwork intrusion
upon the NAME Est' te .
Do NOT Change. Add or Delete One
Dot, Comma or S aces Between
Words - Keep The Format Even
Though You May the Words ...
Certified Document: i
Sure to ALWAYS use U.S.M.O.l.,
United States Minor, Outlying Islands. Your ZIP CODE with ZIP+4 or
Near. [00000-9998] _ -9998 which is the Post Master
Private Side non-domestic to US!
sign full name as shown
on Cert of Birth like
David Clarence Schroll
By: executor .",.-__-,,-:=-______
Executor Office. r=---,.,-..,.--..,..-""""'''''''
NAME, Estate. Everything just like
Nation Your State, at top of Executor
General-Post Office. or Executrix Letter!
Main Street 100.
United States Minor, Outlying Islands.
Near. [00000-9998]
:The remainder of the page under th Blue type above will be BLANK on your letter - you have a NOTARY PUBLIC place their Jurat:
:Stamp or Seal and Witness you HERE. Then "after" you have affixed the CERTIFIED MAIL Number "sticker" above, make a :
'Color" Scan or Photo Copy for records and send this "Original" CERTIFIED MAIL to the Office as shown above and also send ,
:exact copies 'regular" or Certified # Stickerl]. to the corporate State Govemor Office" and also the State Attorney General :
:'Office" for the Corporate State "th "issued the Certificate of Birth. Copy this way even if you are dealing with a Bank. IRS or "any' :
:US District Court case. The Birth [0 Estate] record remains state duty to protect not U.S. Attomey. President or Secretary of State. :
: For Traffic or other Summons send '0 State Court Administrator nHDo NOT Deviate from the format or instructions'"!!! :

IONLY - Print-Out in Legal-Size 8-1/2" X 14" Format on Legal-Size 8-1/2" X 14" Paperlll\
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 40 03/28/2013 894500 66
The NAME. Estate.
Executor Office.
Nation Your State.
the All Caps NAME Exactly as shown
General-Post Offic Like York
Office ofCourt A"""'(Rflinistrator [Chief Counselor Chief Financial Offic r
CERTIFIED MAIL Sticker inside
Attention: [name of' occupant ofoffice]
these lines Or the Executor
Corporate Location ,[state court or financ a
Letter will 'NOT" work!!!
10 Public Square I
Anytown, State i
the individual occupying the office
U.S.A. [XXXXX] !
Mailing location of U.S. or STATE Court Administrator or the
Financial Institution foreclosing or collecting account or IRS
To: The Office of[*e examples above]. Headquarters in D.C..
From: The Office of Executor - the NAME, Estate.
Husband. Father or Man over twenty-one!!!
Regarding: Unauthorized administration of the NAME, Estate; All Caps NAME off the C
,"""""" _""" _________ :_a:-. OF B Husband, Father
_: or Man over 21 !!!
f"V"''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Enclosed you will fipd "abandoned" paperwork which appears to fraudulently "allege" that who
or Executrix ONLY "if'
unmarried or widowed
You "WILL" Delete and not type"A
of the information shown" in (brack ts]
"EXCEPT" for Zip Codes and Court
Docket. Case or Financial Account I
You will "NOr Type any of the
"Exclamation" marks "EXCEPT" the$e:
"abandoned" "alleged" and "represent" "
REMOVE the Remainder! .
"OFFICE" ofthe U.S or STATE
Court Administrator or
Institution Chief Financial i
Officer - ONLY! Do NOT
to Clerk or Anyone Else!!!
Main Street - 100. -:",:":'"n--'
Anytown. e ure 0 use IS...
United States Minor, Outlying Your ZIP CODE with ZIP+4 or
Near. [00000-9998] .i:::: 9998 which is the Post Master
Private Side non-domestic to US!
night - of sixteen October two-zero one-zero
Only these Office's
You "MUST' Place the Thin
Number STICKER off of the
r occupant
of office
you are
sending to
and the
who sent
work and
and every
thing we
typed as
[place the name andltitle of the author who signed the paperwork being returned, such as sent
Private law BAR emollee in the State BAR Association or other Government Official, paper-
Bank Collection Officer, Magistrate, Mayor, Supervisor, Zoning r, Tax Collector - HERE work
and "remove" these prackets-[ ] ] who fraudulently claims authority from . xecutor Office to and
administrate for the Estate. That false claim is hereby Adjourned. remove
You will forthwith rFturn and transmit your written delegated authority to "represent" that you brackets
e authorized to ad!jninistrate [act as trustee] the "NAME", Estate, together with a certified copy and
of your oa ief Counsel, Attorney At Law, Government or Bank Official every-
office and "remove"ithese brae ets-[]], accompanied by certified copies of your BAR BOND, thing we
The Office ofUust 11ke above and "remove" these brackets-[ ] ] and a detailed list of "all" other typed as
bonds, sureties, indehrnification, insurance and Court Registry Investment System (CRIS) CUSIP an
numbers and relating in any way to your personal and professional acts example
referenced above ana your arrogated paperwork intrusion upon the "NAME", Estate.
Certified Document I
copy to: Office ofGQvemor
[Corporate :\3irth State of!
copy to: Office of General
[Corporate State of!
on Cert of Birth like
sign full name as shown
David Clarence Schroll
By: executor
The NAME, Estate. at top of Executor
Nation Your State. or Executrix Letter!
General-Post Offic
Main Street - 100.
United States Minor, Outlying Islands,
Near. [00000-9998]
In this area that will be BLANK qn your letter - you will have a NOTARY PUBLIC place their Jurat Stamp or Seal and
Witness you signing Above. Then "after" you have affixed the CERTIFIED MAIL Number sticker" above. make a 'Color"
Scan or Photo Copy for your rec;prds and send this "original" CERTIFIED MAIL to the OFFICE that transmitted the
abandoned/arrogated and also send exact copies 'regular" mail, to the corporate State Governor "Office" and
also the State Attorney General"Office" for the Corporate State "that" issued the Certificate of Birth. Copy this way even
if you are dealing with an IRS or,"any" US District Court case. The Birth [or Estate] record remains state duty to protect
not U.S. Attorney, President or $ecretary of State. ...00 NOT Deviate from the format or instructionsm
IONLY - Print-Out in 8-1/2" X 14 Format on Legal-Size 8-1/2" X 14" Paper!!! I
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 41 03/28/2013 894500 66
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 42 03/28/2013 894500 66

BRIAN P. COM'E:RFORO 716-551 -3341 585-263-6201
FAX: 71 6-551-3346 585-263-5871FAX
January 27,2010
Shane Buczek
7335 Derby Road
Derby, New York 14047
RE: United v. Shane Buczek
Dear Mr. Buczek:
I have received your: letters via e-mail dated January 24,2010. You have instructed
me to "not argue any facts the public side ofthe above matter [your case] on behalfofthe
undersigned [you]." If! am to remain as your court-appointed attorney, I cannot comply with
this request. I must argue facts on your behalfin order to defend you and effectively
represent you at trial. If this is not acceptable to you, and you no longer wish to be
represented by counsel, you must let me know immediately, so that I can notify Judge
Skretny ofyour intent to yourselfpro se.
You have further me to file the attached orders dismissing your three cases
and awarding you several dollars in settlement money. I cannot comply with your
requests. I can only file something with the Court when I believe that there is a legitimate
basis for doing so. As we discussed numerous times, I do not believe we have a basis
to file a motion to dismiss in your case.
Regarding the issuei of prosecutorial vindictiveness, while Judge Schroeder did
criticize the Government at your violation hearing, he was careful not to make a formal legal
finding. I have researched motions to dismiss for vindictive and malicious prosecutions, and
in my opinion we cannot 4emonstrate that the Government has the requisite "improper
motive" for prosecuting yot.t.
, !
I know that you this prosecution is the result of your history with the Erie
County Attorney's Office, specifically your case involving the Liberty Dollars at
. HSBC Arena. I have no evidence to support this theory that I can bring to the Court's
attention. I do not believe we have a legitimate basis to file a motion to dismiss for
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 43 03/28/2013 894500 66
Shane Buczek
United States v. Shane BJ4g1.ek
January 27, 2010
Page 2
vindictive prosecution, therefore, I cannot comply with your request. As to your
instructions that I should file motions to dismiss based on the lackofa "controversy" or "real
party" in your case, I do n,t believe that we have a legal basis to file these motions, and I
expect that the Court dismiss them as frivolous.
You have further me to file various Orders' that you have prepared for "Post
Settlement and Closure" dismissing each ofyour three cases. I do not believe that there is
a legitimate basis to submit any of these to the Court, and I will not do so.
I am currently to defend your three cases at trial as your attorney. Ifyou
wish to represent yourself as apro se defendant, please let me know immediately, so I can
request an appearance Judge Skretny. Otherwise, I will continue to diligently prepare
for trial. '
Very truly yours,
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 44 03/28/2013 894500 66
To what or whom is an attol1jley
Page 1 of2
Consult the latest Corpus Secundum (C.J.S.) legal encyclopedia, volume 7, section 4 below:
7 C. J. S.
_____ His fint dllty IS to and the pub!:c,
pecahar in ItS relaeon to, and vllal to lh. well.
not to the client)' a:-:d ,...httever the dutit''S 10 hein, of. the An anomey hu a duty
his ci;t'n! conflict with ltjose he Owes as an of to llli the COurt ::"1 that ;lctions and pro
(;ccr of the court in the .tdmin:stMltloo of jus. ceMings In which he Is enlaged u cOunsel are
t ice, the must to the latterJ. conducted in a d'arufied and orderly maMer.
free from passion and per.sor.aI animolitles. and
The office of attorney" mdispensable to the
that all causes brought to an inue aro tried and
admlnlstnt:on of Justice! and is intimate and I
decided on their ments only;U to aid tho court
,1l1d the is w!llh "attorney," II t:;ent'r3! u:o.t; b'Jt in some stat". the ofr!ce or
.anyone himself as a law!ft'r \ohc:tor In (han<:otry is a distinct and separatll!'
holds himself to be an attctney. an attorney QUiet' (rmn that of attorney at taw.
at law. or c(}unRlor ..t hlW.15 : A c/,,:nt 1$ one who applies to a 1...... or
If o:'!e before any c4l1rt in the Inter I counselQr !or 3dvice and direction in a question
est of another and movt's court to action . of !;;tw. or commits cause to his manacement
with respect to any maller before it of 11 1('I(a1 In a claim or ,"ainst ..
!'lat':.!re. such perso:"l 3ppears .1$ an "lIdvoca:e", SUIt 1:'1 court or just!ce;:l one who the
;as that term :s generally The "norney. IS rt'sponslble to him 'or hi. fees. and to
phrase "u an 3dvo<:ate In a ... r<\ whom the :Sllorney is responsible for the manage
paclty," ;IS in the SI.atUlt regl.ilat:r.g tl1e or thor one who communicates r:.cts
practice of IllW, implies a repreSer.tahon distinct tO.ln oJuorney c!xpting professional ;advice.:'
from officer or other r'-'Aular (Qr' CIit'f1!S .lhO called "wards ..,( the ('QUI"" In'''''-;-l
ponte employee 7 reRa.rd ll) theIr relationship with their attar
.. H
In Eng!and And colorlies "t,arrl!tter" 1$ .)
person (':'itIUM to P'.1ctlce :u.! an ad\,ccate or
counsel in the super;or A ....oheilc' .. l. Silture or Rlpl to Practice
is a peNon whose buslr.('ss it is ttl be emploj'ed "',.11.. II .... e....... flat" tIwIII u.. '11iM 10
h. II Mol ".1".11 <:>, __ , .......... 1.... tlW
in Ihe care and mdr.agt'ment of :n
...t .... 01 ,,1\:/* "'. ,,_111.., tIM .. 01 I I, flOC
courts of ch.t:ttery." In the great Ir.a;or.ty of
'" .,.t" lIold "f ....... rot _ .... I.....11"....,. N.
the stateS of thc t.:ruon. whC'rt': law and equity lu,ftI"I ...... mOf.t e .... set....
are both by rnt' (ourt, it hiil'!l
1..11>.0." Iht..."en
nat'Jrally come about thIn the 1,.,0 offices of at i
..r.4 :;!:::>14.
,orney at law and <;ohcltor 10, chancery I
practically nee" consvluJatp.<1, an the The r:ght to pr,l(tlCe law is nut ;1 naturAl or
federal equity practice (he i"S(liici tOr' , is :n r:lo(ht.
NQr J$ the right to pr:lCUcc
i !W.,rGt 0( court. Inranta and p8r1101W Dr unlllOund mind
pl.oed by the court under the can! oIa ",ardian.
(AmmittM Y. Leney. 290 Ky. 644. 162 S.W 2d 189. 190.
rilh&. mwrt be 1'l4ud.d j ..alol.l4ly. Mont,omuy v.
R. Co., C.C.A.NJ., 91 F2d 289, m. SH GuNdian

http://commonJawvenue.comlC;0urt/004-towhatorwhomlsanattorney.htm 3/2112008
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 45 03/28/2013 894500 66
('orncllJni\crsit\' La\\' School
LII I Legal Information Institute
U.S. Code
main page faq search
3002. Definitions
(15) "United States"
(A) a Federal corporat>n;
(B) an agency, departnp.ent, commission, board, or other entity ofthe United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.
US CODE: Title 28,3002. Definitions: "United States" means- (A) a Federal
... -OOO-.htmi
3002. Definitions
(15) "United States" mbans
(A) a Federal
(B) an agency, departn1ent, commission, board, or other entity ofthe United States; or
(C) an instrumentality United States.
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 46 03/28/2013 894500 66
New York State Unified Court System Office of the Inspector General
Please complete this form to file a complaint regarding a fiduciary appointment. Following the
receipt of your complaint, will be contacted by a member of our staff responsible for
investigating your complamt.

Mailing Address: _____+---=-_________________________________
City:_________ State:___________ Zip:-=-_-:-:-_________
Home Phone: Work Phone: E-mail:
Information about the Appointed Fiduciary that you are complaining about:
Name:________-4_____________ Profession:______________
Type of Appointment: Fiduciary ID No.:______________
Mailing Address: _____-.--___________________________
City:____________--+-_ State:__________
Phone No.: ________-+-_____
Information about the matter(s) regarding this fiduciary:
Matter name(caption): __---+-___________________________________
Court:________ ______
Please provide informatioq about your complaint:
I authorize the New State Unified Court System's Office of the Inspector General to
use my name in investigating this claim.
Please attach any addition,!-l information Office of the Inspector General
you may have about the cl,im and mail 25 Beaver Street
or fax this form or a copy" :
Attn: Managing Inspector General
for Fiduciary Appointments
New York, New York 10004
Phone No.: 646-386-3515 or Fax No.: 212-514-7158
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 47 03/28/2013 894500 66
Fiduciary Duty: Simple ethics concept for
Government qfficials:
The English word comes from the Latinfides (faith) andfiducia (trust). (Wikipedia). A
fiduciary has engaged in a with hislher client that includes a trust and obligation (duty) to
act only in that client's best irjterests - without gain or benefit to the fiduciary.
Under the US Governmental $tructure: We, the citizens of the USA, elect our government officials to
act as fiduciaries on our behalf This democratic election process is the ethical grounding for giving our
leaders the power and to run our country. By virtue of being elected and hence having our
trust placed in himlher, he/sh is obligated to use an ethic of duty and care on our behalf in all hislher
official actions. Period.
Parts two and three ofthe fid*ciary duty are that the fiduciary is prohibited from personally benefiting
from hislher fiduciary positioh. Further, the fiduciary is obligated to keep himlherself consciously free
of any conflicts of interest. .
This means that whether a voted for the official or not - once in office, the official must equally
consider all citizens and the ciountry as a whole when choosing to write or vote on any legislation. Any
special interest group should be ignored by the fiduciary, who must focus upon the entirety for the
greater social good.
Lobbying, for example. seemb to violate this concept. Lobbying by definition is an organized attempt to
receive special notice for a grjoup, not the whole. The same with specific campaign contributions. etc.
These kinds of activities the very conflicts of interest our fiduciary representatives must avoid at
all times. I
All the complex ethics that have been ratified by our fiduciary leaders could be vastly
simplified if only they were qased upon the concept of Fiduciary Duty. Short, simple, understandable
by all. '
Timothy Geithner. the president of New York's Federal Reserve Bank will be named (appointed) By
Barack Ohama as Treasury .. aka".. United States Secretary of the Treasury.
And as Barack Obama is ourielected official (Fiduciary) and he appointed Timothy Geithner to act for
him in this office and this appoint was approved by Congress our other fiduciaries
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 48 03/28/2013 894500 66
Fiduciary - Wikipedia, the free! encyclopedia Page lof9
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A fiduciary duty is a legal or relationship of
confidence or trust between two or more parties, most
commonly ajiduciary and a principal. One party, for
example a corporate trust company or the trust
department of a bank, holds a tliduciary relation or
acts in a fiduciary capacity to ai-one
whose funds are entrusted to itifor investment. In a
fiduciary relation one person, ir a position of
vulnerability, justifiably confidence, good
faith, reliance and trust in another whose aid, advice
or protection is sought in matter. In such a
relation good conscience requires one to act at all
times for the sole benefit and ihterests of another,
with loyalty to those interests. '
A fiduciary is someone: who has
" of
circumstances which give rise'to a "
relationship of trust ruill confidence. [I]
A fiduciary dutyU] is the standard of care at either equity or law. A fiduciary (abbreviationjid) is
expected to be extremely loyal to the person to whom he owes the duty (the "principal"): he must not put
his personal interests before duty, and must not profit from his position as a fiduciary, unless the
principal consents. The word itself comes originally from the Latinjides, meaning faith, andjiducia,
In English common law the relation is arguably the most important concept within the portion
ofthe legal system known as crquity. In the the Judicature Acts merged the courts of
equity (historically based in England's Court of Chancery) with the courts of common law, and as a result
the concept of fiduciary duty also became usable in common law courts.
When a duty is imposed, equity requires a stricter standard of behavior than the comparable
tortious au!Yof care at commbii law. It is said the fiduciary has a duty not to be in a situation where
personal interests and fiduciruiY duty contlict, a duty not to be in a situation where his fiduciary duty
contlicts with another fiduciahr duty, and a duty not to profit from his fiduciary position without express
knowledge and consent. A cannot have a contlict of interest. It has been said that fiduciaries
must conduct themselves "at level higher than that trodden by the crowd" [2] and that "[t]he
distinguishing or overriding ofa fiduciary is the obligation of undivided loyalty.,,[3]
1 Fiduciary duty in different jurisdictions
2 Fiduciary relationships
2.1 Possibly fidijciary relationships
11212010 http://en.wikipediaorglwiki/fiduciary
The court of chancery, which governed fiduciary
reTations prior to
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 49 03/28/2013 894500 66
____ ______
In AJmlrall'.
\'ol!cc of ...... ns\\cr
_. MAR 9 2010
InternatIOnal inCIdent und;.;r l Pi,
LJlllversal Postal UnIOn-Berne, SV\ltzerland
KC 013 154751 l'S WESTElN PJSTRlCT all NEW YORK

I am llle, as autlwnzed
:-.11.\ \. I l Bl eLt:K or am dem atl\ e
In care of :3:;5 [krby Road
'\e\\ York. America
\'on Domestic \\ !thout the l S
Plallltlffl 10 ,\dmlralt)
\s C -\SE \'0 08-CR-U5.te
(ASE '\;009-CR-l ') I
C.\SF \.()()9CR-l-lI
SH.\ \,[ Bl. ('LEK \'0 flU OF Af>P01'\.' \11"1
.___________D=.=e..:c fe::,:I""ld"'a"'ll=-t , ____ ._ .... __._._.1 ()f FIDl ClARY DFBTOR
3',j Plamnff
,\ \.THO\. Y BRlCE .
:;rJ PaI1v iDdendant
--- ...--, .
shane christopher .
L "[,hmi Part) Interest Inren enOl" h;1\ lIlg tClllllllated the tidliClan III Tilt'
corporate (ens a \ essd under l nlled States othcr\\ bC
descrrbed as SHA'\;1:: iCHRISTOPHtR BlCz.rK. a k a SHA,\;[ C Bl ('ZEK 01 am
:llphabctlcal or llumenc1f1 \ arratlon thereof a.k.a. \ Debwn. nunc pro tun..: the secl)J]d 111<1I1Ih,
(\-\eIII:- fourth da\ 11ll1eteen C E. Said entity ha\mg as ifs trustee the SeaetaI') (,I'
! ranspl l l1atl011 01' the L dited State", pursuant to and III a-.:..::ordance \ .. ith [Tltk 46 App l S l
!2-l-1 and there helllg. n1) II \ing sentJelH bemg responSIble to accept senlce or proces... mother
du..:urnelHs, and canllot ajppear III a COlln of the l nlted States or act as a dul) apPollltcd transkr
ag.ent. and cannot ad1l\!\'e parity, WIth real people. Iherefore L . "'nllrd
Intervenor " herdb\ nominate and do aPP(lIll! -\nthOll,\ Bruce a"ka .\ ,\THO\. Y BRt (T.
an\ttorne\ as bemg to fulfill the positIon of "'hdm:Ial\ Debtor" for the corporal.:
descnbed abm e In all-cJpltal-letter-assemblages, the same to be effect" e a", or the
date "el lixth bellw... <Illd shall continue until further notit:e or reappOillTment sllbstltution 01
.:ancellatloll \\ lthlll the enue as ordulIled and established the People of the Temttl\" of 'e\\
Y(lrk, through their onglllal OrgaIllL COlhlltUfh)n "I' 'c\\ York "tate
\\ hereas. saId dehtor's :1re it' "erupulou.., !:!llOd and
..:andor w\\ards. and ftld the benefit alld ,'lI behalf "f'Thlid Puri" lntere"t
Intenenor." the e\cltbl\k and lImited purpose "t ac..:ept!n:-, and rC':cl\ Illg all llahliltle... , ac..:eptlllg
and leC';I\ 1l1!! ail ..;en 11_'(1"\" pn'ces.., alld ,.tile'] ,IO\.UIlICJ1h In""tltlillenb. or <Hhel IInponant
pap.;r.... to appear and d! "etik :!;id .:Io,>c :111 :11:111 :n<lr<;:'lIai In :lb,,, ,-' : eklTt:d d klnnr) III
lIle -;;]'11< .;;h:li: [,,' h, .i\le! 1 ,. r!1!rd Part'
rldlh:WJ\ [kllt,)1 Ii\,\ f; 111":\1 "" '\ \.!! fI)\. '. 1)[,i ( ,
( (HI!!reS' "n: oltin<!1 \1 ",tl"t", fin''',!!!!!! (1\'" th" \U <:;ll",t I "I !1Il\ Bani-Iup!
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 50 03/28/2013 894500 66
Intt!rnatlonal Incident under LP U
Universal Postal Union-Benie.swItzeriand
RC01315-t751US i
8, All debt issues are of necessity in the Admiral!). \'larltime JurisdIction as tlH,;:re is 110 mone) ill
circulation In comdlerce. that is. there IS no in la\\ remedy for debt possible. Since there is no
in law remedy f(H !any court actioll \11\ olving debt. then CASE No 08-cr-054.tN-cr-121 and
09-cr-141 must be junsdiction. and must be a colt)('abk actIOn dealing with legal
fictions and titles, I The Fiducial} Debtor in this matter appears to be making a "cizure of
substance. i,e,. laboricapital of
ThIS court operating in Adnmaltytbankruptcy cannot reach pari!) WIth
. a I ivin/g hreathing. sentient being, The attempts for seiLllre of substam:e remedy
by Anthony Brucd bar card number IInkll0\\ are in the nature of 1Il\ olulltal) ser\ltude and
peonage as a real man, a non-fictIon I'his is known as pirac) (see f:xhibil L and (I,
,\nthony Bruce un!-:lIow IS misbehaving as an agcm for a toreign entit:'- causlllf! IllJlI!'\ in the
public (see Exhibit: F, attached)
10. In the matter debt owing to L"!TED STATES OF A\;1ERICA. has
already cxel1ed a remedy by Acceptance". but said creditor has tailed to produce the
product of their offer Anthony Bruce unknow bar number has created a tort with 1..:110\\ ledge
Re:spectfully submitted.
I am me:
Authonzed Reprt:sentatl\ c for
county of Elit:
state of Ncv, York
OIl. JallUal} I;.., 20 I () beton;: me,0./)(JIc,,_fZ7.fiT<U(j.(.":'--... ","otal}' Public. personall::
appeared the authonzed representatIve for SHA'\E C BlCZEK, who proved to me on tht' baSIS of
satisfactol) eVIdence that he 'executed the same in his authorized representati \e capacity, and that he
affixed his signature thereby i
WITN ESS my hand and official "eal
L . ::JA M
l'UTAHY Pl',lL:t'
"v .
MY l...1:':'".f'U",,0

PagL' 2 of 13
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 51 03/28/2013 894500 66
incident under P U.
Universal Postal Union-Berne,Sv.itzerland
RC 013 154751 lJS
r::XHI8IT ,\
l nited States Congressional March 17 \'01 pa!!e H-IJ03 Spea"er-Senator James
Traficanl. Jr (OhIO) the House: Speaker. we are here now III chapter II. Members (If
Cong.ress are official trustees ptesiding over the g.reatest reorgalllzation of any Bankrupt entIt) in \"orld
history. the l S. Government arc setting !()11h hopefull". a blueprint fex our future. rhere are some
who say it is a coroner's repcmithat \\ililead 10 Ollr deml:';c"
It is an estabhshed taL:! that the Llllted States Federal (imernment has been dissohed by the Fmerg.ency
Banking Act. \larch 9. 1933,48 Stat I. PubliC Lav, gCJ-71 C); declared by President Roosevelt. being
bankrupt all(; insolvent. '1..1 R i 1C)2. nrd Congress III session June ". 1933 - Joint Resolution to Suspend
the Gold Standard and .\brogan: rl'le Gold Clause dissol\ed the Soverel!!;n Authonh of the lnired States
and the official capacities of all Lnited States GOVCl1lIII elllaI Offices. OtTicers. and Depat1ments and is
fU11her evidence that the t'nited States Federal Government e,isls loday in nallle on Iy
The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the InternatHlnal Ban"ers. \ ia the Lniled '\ath)l1s. the
World Bank and the Monetary ['lind. All Lnited States Offices. Otliclals. and Dep::llnncnls
are now operating within a de status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the
Constitutional Republ ican fomi of Government now dissohed. the receivers of the Bankillplcy hm e
adopted a Ilew fonn of g<.)\ for the lnited States. This ne\\ [01111 of gO\ ellllllent IS "110\.\ n as 11
Democracy. heing an establishqd Socialist/Communist order under a new govel1lor for .\llIenca. TillS act
was instituted and established transfernng and/or placing the Otfice of the Secretary of Treasury 10
that of the GO\ elllo!" of the International Monetary Fund, Publ i..: Law 94-S(),L page 8. Section II R I:NSS
reads in part "Tlie IJ,S. Secretary ofTreasur) lecel\es no compensation t(lr represelltmg the lniled
States, '"
l nitcd States Congressional Record \1ay 4. 1992. page H 289 I, Senator alld Chamnan ,)1' the HOllsc or
Representati\ es Comnllttee on Finance and llhan \ffmrs. Senator Henry (Jollzale:; (
on "'\;.\ nONAI .\'\if.' II\JTERNAT10,\;AL TlllfYERY 1"< HltiH PL\lTS" "We are
bankrupted. We are insolvent 0 every level of our national life. whether it IS corporate, whether it Just
plain you and lout there with t e life of debt that we have all piled up. private deb!. cn:dit cards and \vhat
not or whether il is the govenulnent. We are insohent Ho\\ long \>,111 it take before that nast) \k!!a-truth
IS cOll\eyed')"
lnited States Congressional January 19. 1976. page 240 \1rujorie S Holt (i\hryland): "\lr
Speaker. many of liS rJcelved a letter from the World .,\tfairs Council of PhIladelphia. im itln!,!.
members of Congress to pru1lCipate III a ceremonial SIgning 01'''\ DeclaratIOn of Interdepelldencc" on
January .10 in Congress Hall. adjacent to Independence Hallm PhIladelphia \ number of Vlemhers \,f
(' ongress ha\ e been invited to iign thi s dOl.:ulllenL lending theIr prestige to Its thellle but I \\ ant the
record to show my strong oppoSition to this declaratIon It I.:alls for the surrender of om natIOnal
sovereignty to mtemational organrzatwns It dedares that our economy should be regulated h:
mtemational authorities. It that we ellter a "New \\orld Order" that \\ould redistribute the
wealth created by the "mcncru} pc:opie. !'vIr Speaker. this IS an obscellll', that defiles our Declaration or
Independence. SIgned 200 at:o III PhIladelphia. \\ e !(llIt!ht a great Re\ olutton for mdependence and
mdl\ idllal lIberty_ but no\\ it IS :pr.)pnsed that \\ e PaJ11clpate in a \\mld socialIst order Are \<\e a proud and
liee people. or are we a carcassj to be picked the Jackals of rhe \\ urld. \\ ho \\ ant w destroy U",I \\ hen
one cuts through the rhetoric of tills "De..:lmatl(lll llf InkrdepelldenLe," one linds ke\ phrases
that tell the ston For exampk.! it states that I he eCOTi,llll\ ;)1' all TlatHllls IS a sealllle<;" \\ eh. and that n()
. I .
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 52 03/28/2013 894500 66
InternallOnal incIdent under Iu P lJ
Umversal Posral
RC 013 154 75] US '
one nation can any longer effi-:Jti\ely maintain its processes ()f production and munetary systellls \\ I tIWlII
recognizmg. the necessity for chllaboratlve regulation by mlcrnational authoritit:s,' Ho\\ do you like the
idea of"internatlonal controlling om production and our monetary system. \;11 Speaker"'
How could any American dedifated to our national independence and Ireedolll tolerate sllch an Idea','
.... America should never sUbjet her fate to deciSIOns by such an assembly. unless \\e long for natIOnal
suicide, Instead. let us have iIldependence and t1eedom.. ,lf\\e surrender our independence to a "11\:\\
world order ..... we will be betraying our histonc ideals ofth:edom and scif-go\enlillent. freedom and
sel f-govemment are not The fathers or om Repuhllc fought a revolution for those Ideals. \\ hlLh
are as valid today as they eyer }';ere let us no! berra) t1ecd(l1ll emhracinj! sla\ e masters: let not
betray self-gO\ernmen1 \\ith government. let us cekbrate Jetlcrsoll and \1adlsoll. not \hr\. and
Lenil! "
:\ dollar is a measure defined by the Cowage .:\<.;1 of 1'"192 and 19()O whu.:1l is still 111 for..:c today
:\ "dollar" speCifies a certain 24.8 gralils of gold, or 37125 grallts ofslher 111 Black's I em
Dictionary. :>Ixth Edition, and Dollar' "The money unit emplO\ed In the l 'nited Swtes of the \ alue of one
hundred cents, or of a1l\ combinalion of coins 1lHaling J DU ccnh .. Cellt "''' coin ufthe Lnited State:-. the
least in value of those 110\\ It IS the hundredth pm1 of a dollar ..
Gold and silver \vcre such powerttll money during the founding of tile lnited States of America that the
founding. fathers declared that qnly gold or siher COlliS can be "ill Amenca. Since gold and
coinage was heavy and for a lot oftral1sactlons. the) \\ere stored in banks and a clarm ch;;:ck
was issued as a money substitute People traded their COUPOIIS as money. or ., IS Ih)\
111 011 e) , but a money substitute! cunenc) must promise to pay a dollar cqul \ alent In gold or
llIoney Federal Reserve (FRNsl make no such promises. and are not "111 om.:) ." \ Federal
Resenc Note is a debt Obligatlln of the federal l :nitcd States government not "money" rile t\:deral
UlJlted States govemment and he L.S. Congress were not and have ne\er been allthorized by the
Constitution fbI' the united stat S llf Amenca to issue currency of any kind. but only lawful motley. -gold
and silver coin.
It is essential that we compreht1l1d the distmctlOn between real money and paper money substitute. (Jne
":311110t get nch by money substitutes: olle call get deeper Illto debt We the People IIU
longer have any "'molle). \:lost Americans ha\ e tlot been paid any "lI1oney" for a \ ery long lillie. perhaps
not in their enttrc life 1\0\'; do }OU comprehend \\ hy you feel broke') Now. do YOll llnderstand \\h\ \ ou
are "bankrupt." along with the ofthc cOllntry .
Federal Reserve '\ores (FR"-.s) unSigned checks \\rittcn 011 a ch)sed ac-:ount are all mtlatable
paper system designed to creatq debt through inflation (devaluatloll ofcurrcnc)). When ever there IS all
I1Icrease of the supply of a lllollFY substitute in the ecollomy withou1 a conesponding. III the gold
and siher backing. inflatillll Inflation IS [111111\ isibk !i.)1ln ,If laxatIon lhat inespollsible
gmernmcnts mf1ict 011 their cltlzens The Federal Reser\e Rank who contTols the stlpply and IlHh-ement
of FRNs has everybody fooled They have access to an unlimited suppl) of FR\!s. paying only fllr the
pnming -:ost:-; of what they need FRNs m'e more thml promissory notes for l S Treasury
:>ecurities \ r-Bills) - a promise pay the debt to the Federal Resene Rank
There is a fundamental difterell.ce between "paying" and 'dlschargmg." a debt Ttl pa\ a debt. you mltst
pay v.ith value or substance (1(:1. gold. silver. banel or;1 col1lmodity). With FR'\s. \Oll call onl) disch;ugc
a debt. You cannot pay a debt "jith a debt eurn:lh:y s) stem Y(Ill -:allllot sen lI.:e a debt \\ ith a CLuTency that
no baekmg. iIi \allie or subsanc.e. \0 e(.l.ntract in COllllT1.(lll \3\\ IS \alid lI11kss It lll\ol\es all exchang.:
(It & \alllable conSldemt 01:. l nplmahle debt lrallskrs po\\cr and control tOlht: SO\erelgn p()\\cr
that has no lIlferesl III 13\\: eqult\ Ilistiee h..:-:allse thc! 11(1\ C sO i1ll1ch wealth alrcad)
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 53 03/28/2013 894500 66
International Incident under!U P U
Universal Postal Union-Berne.S\vitzerland
Re01} 154751 LJS
Their lust is for power and Since the Itlcepttoll of (.;entral han king, thej hm e controlled the fates
ofnarions. :
rhe Federal Res..:ne System is: b(lsed on the Canon la\A, and the principles of iiO\ eretgnty protected III the
Constitution and the Hill of RI!fhts. In fact. the ITltelllational bankers used a "Canon Law Trust" as I hei r
model. adding stock and namil,g It a "Joint Stock Trust." The lS Congress had passed a la'w makillg. it
illegal for any legal "person" duplicate a "Joint Stock Trust" 111 187:> The Federal Reserve .\ct \\as
legislated post-facto (to I 87()). iahhough POSt-L1ctO laws are forbidden by the ConstitutIOn I
The Federal Reserve System isa '.;overeign power structure separate and distinct ti'om the federal l.'nited
States government. The Federal Reserve is a mantime lender. and/or maritime insurance undcnHlIer to
the federall 'nited States exclusi\cly under Admiralty'\laritillle law Tht' lender or lIndcmntcr
bears thc risks. and the law compelling "'pecific pcrforlnanct' III Illg the IIlfcresl. <..II prellllHlIlS
are the same. Assets of the debtor can also be hypothecated (to pledge somethlllg as a seclIrt!) wlthoul
laking possession of It) as secdtity by the lender 01 underwriter The Federal Resen e Act stIpulated that
the IIlterest on the debt was to qe paid in gold There was no stipulatlOlI 111 the Federal Resen e Act for
eYer paying the principle. .
Prior to 19\:>. I1h)st Americans ned clear. allodial title to proper!). free and clear of any liens or
1ll011gages until Ihe Federal Rderve Act ( 1(13) "Ilypothecated" all propert! ..vir/lin the federall inlkd
States to the Board ofG(l\cmois of the Federal Resene.-in whIch the Trll'>tees ('>tockholders) held legal
title. The L.S. cinzen (tenant. 'Was regIstered as a "beneficiaty" of the trust \ia his,her birth
cenificate. rn 19:;:;. the federal States hypothecated all of the present and future properties. assets
and labor of their "subjects. ,. thb 14th Amendment ( : S citizen. to the Federal Reserve Systcm
In return, the Federal Reserve agreed 10 extend the federal lmted States corporation the elltire
credit "money substitute" it needed. Like any other debtor. the federal L'nited States government had to
assign collateral and security creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States
didn't have an} assets. they asslgned the private propet1y of their "economIc sla\es". the t'.S. cHizens as
collateral against the unpayable! federal debt They also pledged the unincorporated tederal telTltories.
national parks forests, hil1h and IlOnprotit organil:atiolls. as collateral the federal deht
All has already been transferred as payment to the IIlternatIonal bankers
lim ittingly. i\menca has returTiled to its pre-A.lI1erican Revolution. feudal roots \\hereby all land b held
hya sovereign and the people had no nghts to hold allodl3,1 title tt: properly. Once agatn. e thc
[leople are the tenants and renting our (wm property trolll a SovereIgn 111 thc gUIse Ilt the
Federal Reserve Bank. We the have exchanged onc master for another
This has been gOll1g on eighty years \1" itllllllt the'infonned knowledgc" of the American people.
\vithout a vOice protestmg loud t::lh)Ugh. !\iO\\ it's easy to grasp \\ hy Amenca is fundall1cntall) banklllpL
Why don't more people o\,>;n ,th1ir propelties outrIght'} Why 900 of are to the hilt
and hme little or no assets atter!all debts and hablltl1es ha\e been patd) \\ h) II tcc! like you arc
\\orking harder and harder and getting. less and less')
We are reaping whi:lt has been and the results harvest are a painlltl h(ll1kruprcy. and a
foreclosure on y. pre.cious Iibc.rti,es.. a \\ (1) of Itt'e Few of t)UI elected representatl\cs
111 Washmgton. D ( . have dare to tell the trllth 1he federal t nlled Stak's IS bankrupt. Our cllIldren "Ill
inherit this unplayablc debt. ane the tyranny to enforce paylllg II
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 54 03/28/2013 894500 66
InternatlOnal Incident under U P U
Umversal Postal Union-Berne. Switzerland
RC 013 15-4751 US
IllS kno\\n that most lllsuranceiis a tOlltme scheme. and ifs therd(He forbIdden b\ 1<1\\ Although
insurance IS basically a priqHe Fntcrprise rather than gmcrnmenL when the gO\ ernIlIent hecame a
corporation (\;anonal Recover)! AI:;t etc, in the FUR administration J. the government then became
IIlyolved in private and COIlllllCrClal enterprise, The commerce clause AI1 I Sec 8. \\hlch gives Congress
the power to regulate commerce between the states. also im okes admiraJt) law as "the l.a\\ of 'attons)
on Land and Water." Yet the I ('ontmental Congress Itself had entered a complamt against Englanu
"which, extend the powers of1 Admiralty courts beyond their allcient limits." When the government
embarked on its nationWIde ton'tine scheme. the Social SecurIty Admmistratinn and its ing
"msurance poltcies." the COllI1S .ot the nation \\ ere thereby com el1ed lIIto ,\dllllfaity .::ourts ",\ pollc) ,11'
Illsurance is a maritime contrad and therefore of admiralt\ IUrI I I" I ()\'/{) r HUll. 7 Fed Chs \.0
7766 ( 1815) I - .
COll<I PI. \1 \\1111' j( Ili;'\\! \i!il{!!l
"lnasIIIuch as glllClllIllCl11 I' all arldicla! PL'I""'L <Ill ahslI,h:IIUIL ;l1ld a -:rcaturc \lfthe mind ,)Ilh :1
gO\l;:'rt1mcnl call II1IL'rt:Kc ,.1111\ ,,!!h (11110..'1 :nU',u! i','I",,)lI" ! i.e' neIther ,fllll;llj!\ Ill\!
substan";L', IS 1;.)lc,:lu'>...d Ir'lIli '::1c:; ,flld :1!1:i"" p:1i iI, H ,,1\1:1e' Lii:::dik' i ilL' Il"':d Il),llllk"Lt!I J1 "I'
dlJS I1ll d, ' : ao.; Ln\ \ '_ \. ' !l:..,,'ft'\".lth
\1(l1er thall ,,;orplJ. an!
S( '.R ! It):'. 1\'lIilallo\\ \ [
A The practice of Lmt CAl\, NOT be licensed by state State Sdmare \, Board of
Exammers. 353 US 238, 2.19
B The practice of Lavv Al'-. OCCLI)ATIOl'-. OF CO\1\10\. RI(iHT! ( Sim;; \ Ahern;;.
S\\, no (1915))
II Ihe "CfRTIFlCA rF" from the State Supreme COllrt
I 0 l'-. LY
\, Tn pra4tIce "1l\J COlRTS" As a memher orthe ST.\TF .IlDI( '1\1
B. Ca.n OiLY n.. ;'present OF TH[ COl RT. jl'-.F,A \.TS '.). ERSO'\S ()I
l "'SOl ':\D MIND (SIT CORPl 'S .Il 'RIS SECl 'NDl\1. \011 7.
SECnON 4.)
"CERljIFfCATF" IS '\OT A, LlCF\.SL to practice La\\\S ,-,\\, OCCtP\TIO\.
Ill. f'he "STATE BAR" C IJ IS NOT :\ U('f,NSL"!
A. It i5> a "l NIO\. [XES CARD"
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 55 03/28/2013 894500 66
InternatIOnal m21dent under iU P.L
Universal Postal Union-8errye..5v,,'itzerland
RC 013 15-l 751 US
B. The "BAR" is "PROFESS)O'-'AL ASSOCI.\TIO"'." 1 Like the Actors lnwll.
Painters Unionf etc. 2. No other association. E\TN DOCTORS. Issue their OWI1 license.
1\. The State Bar is:
,\. .\n Lnconstitutional \1onopol)
C Violates 2. Section I. Separatwn of Pm, ers clause of the Constitution.
D. There is '.0 Pq)WER OR AlTI JORITY tor ioinilH.!. of Lel!islative. Judicial. or E,ecutiH:
within a state the BAR is attempting. BAR members ill\aded all hranches of
government are attemptlllg to control de jure gO\ernment as agents of a foreig.n
entity I
E It is quite simple to see that a great ti'aud and conspiracy has been perpetrated 011 the
people of Amehca. The Ameri...:an Bar is an nffslwot fi'om London Lav.yers' (iuild and
was hy' people with imasive mOllopolistic goals III mind. In 1909 the...
in...:orporated ths rRAITOROl:5 group in the state of Illinois and had the State
L.:gislature (wi ",as rhe colltH:1 of lawyers) pass an uncollstitutionalla\\ that
only members ?t [hiS powerful union 01 ers. called the ABA. could practl\.:e la\\ and
hold all the keyj positions in law enforcement and the makll1g of laws At that tllne.
Illinois became an outlaw state and fi.)r all practical purposes, they seceded th)Jll rhe
Ljnited States oj[ America. .
\. The BAR ASSOCIAntr\J then sent organizers to all the other states and explalllcd to the law: ers
there how much more profitable and secure 1\ would be ti.)r them, as lawyers. to 10111 this union
and be protected by its laws and cannons They issued to the lawyers ill each a chmter
from the Illinois organifation. California .lDlIled in 1927 and a fev, reluctant stales and their
lav. yers '" aited unt i I th4 I 930'5 to jOIll \\ hen t he treasonous act became D1- F:\(''1'0 and the
Citizen's hecame captives. Lnder this system. the lawyers clluld guarantee preJudged decisions
for the privileged class against the !m\er class. This all made possible by the A\IFRIC'.\ '\.
BAR ASSOCIATIO"-i favor the right and have unlawfully substituted them in place of
Constitutional La,,,;;. The Constitutioll \\as written in plain English and the Statutes passed by
Congress were also in English, with the intent of Congress lim\. each Jaw should he llsed
and not the opinions Judges as the eodes list. Any nOllTlal person can read the
Constitution and and understand them without all) trouble. The public in California \\as
shocked to learn that tht State Government has no control or jurisdiction o\cr the Bar Association
or its members. The state does not aCl.:redit the law schools or hold Bar e,allllnations do
not Issue state licenses (0 LAWYERS. The Bar ASSOCiation accredits all the lav. schools. holds
their private examinatiqns and selects the students they will accept in their organization and
issues them so-called li<;eIlse but keeps the fees for themselves. The Bar is the only one that can
punish OJ disbar a They also select the lawyers that they consider qualified for
Judgeships and \ anous btller offices in Ihe State the Bar Asso...:iatlnll or their designated
;,;olllillittees can remm el any of these lawyers hom public office The State Legislature v. III not
change, tIns. system as, also a deSignated committee of the Bar On .\lIgust 21. I ')8-.l. Rosl.!
Bird. <.. hle1 Justice ot (ahforma State Supreme ( llurt another of the HaI .\sso;.;.atlons
Judicial Committee's, stllh:U III essence that the Bar should detellnine the legality
of all illitlatl\ es
betore they were allowdd to go on the ballot. ThiS is contrary to both State and Federal
Constitulions. as v. ell tile Laws of this '.alion instituted B) and the People as a Sm ereign
L'ITY of Independent IStates or We rhe People. 1101 a fraudulent Coq)orate elltlly of La\\ ers
This IS a tremendous of pO\\er for a PRJ \' ArE llllion that IS IIlco'lJOrated and
headqllaJ1ered in Ilhnoi$ tu hold over the CitiLcns of( 'alitomia or any other state. rhe onl)
re..:ourse is through thislinl1iatil'e and \ ote b\ the people. After Ihe hmndll1g. lathers had
fOlmed the COlIstltlltlOllf outlinJllg the 1,1\\ S as to the \\ [\\ lllli !!-O\ emlllent v. as to be rull. Thumas
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 56 03/28/2013 894500 66
International incident under ill Pl'
Universal Postal Union-BerlfleSwltzerlano
RC 013 154751 US I
JetTerson said. in esse1ct:'. 'This prO\eS that plain people. Irgi\ ell Ihe ch:ln\.:e. can" law" (,Illd
run a government as as or better than royalty and the blue bloods of Europe [he Amencan
people must stop thinking; that lawyer::-; are better than they are and can do a better Job than the\
can before the courts of America. l'nder the Common and the Laws of America. no \\here
is It expressly given for anyone to ha\ e the power or the right to fonn a COIvoratio/l
Corporations are givenl bilih because of ignorance on the pan of the American people and are
operatlllg under impliep consent and which they han: usurped and otherwise stokn from
the people By A\iD LA\\' THEY HAVI- \'0 PO\\FR..:Id THORITY OR
JlRISDICTIO\.. and must be put out ofbllsiness by the good Citizens of .\menca in tllt'ir fight
tt)f FRf.F:DOM .
\/. The l.S. COllslltution Dl iAR:\\.TEES to e\eI)' stare in this union a REPl BLlCA!\ FOR\l of
gO\ernlllent. Any otheJ f,'nn of gO\ernment IS FORBIDDEI\, 1\0 publl\.: otTicer or brandl of
gO\ernmenr can be to a RL LI '\C; CLASS of am kind. or the states become
:\RISTOCRACIES NOT repuhlics Also. the lawvers have made themseh es I st (-lass
Citizens. where many public offices and branches are open to lawyers only \11
other people are limited to only two branches of gO\ eIl11llent and to onh certain ot1ices !Il those
two branches of govenlment. making all people \\ho are non-lawyers IIlto 2nd class subJect
citizens. When the coJI1s belong to the people. as the l nited ConstItutIOn REOl I R I-S,
(ArtH.:le IV, Section 4. we the people. \\111 NEVER rule agalllst themsehes) In these
Lnconstitutional foreign tribunals (hoodlulll centers). "men" 111 black dresses, that an;
L;nconstitutional R()RES OF NOBII I/,V (:\rtlcle I, Section q and IOi dispense a pen eIted
ideology, where the pe9ple are terrorized b:- members of the BLACK [{OBF Cl LT (hlW\er<; and
lawyer Judges in the counrooms) The legislati\e branch of government does 1\OT h<1\ e Iht:
ConstitutIOnal Power lQ Issue Court Orders or any other kind of Orders to people, as a fictitlll
c01lI1 or a courtJcorpor4tlOIl tor profit alld gain reach PaliN with a lawful lila!! O'\, L')
presidents and have the Constitutional Pov'ver to g.rant P\RDO'\,S_ but Im\ yers and
lav,yer-Judges are UIlconslitutlOnall) gwntlIlg PARDO\,S with "iml11ullIt) hom prosecution"
Citizens are not to act like people in the COUl1S. The Citizen (2nd class) is wId that he
does not know how to till out fancy lawwr Itmns: that he IS not trained 111 the law: that he does
not kno\\ courl rules add procedures: etc. This is LncoIlstitutlOnai "lawyer system." only
HEARS:\ Y SLBSTrni.'TES (laWyers) l\,OT under oath. ha\e accl:ss to th!.! licllOwfor profit and
gain coul1s. even though Ol'< IY S\\OI11 testimony and endcncc can be presented in court.
Anything else is Bill oft Artainder. \'01' pellnitted ullder the L.S Constitution ( :\rlick 1 Sections
<) (U1d IC). The L.S Constitution does NOT give anyone the right to a lawyer or the right to
counsel. or the to other HEARSAY SlBSTITl'TE. The 6th Amendment is \el}
SPECIFIC. that rJ1e ONLY has the right to the .\SSISTANCE of counsel and thIS
LltvllTATION .
VII. l.A WYERS and U\ W'tTR-JlJDGES Created lncollstllutional "Iaw\!.!r s\stem" pre-tnal
"motions" and "I-Iearin*s" to have etelllal EXTORTIO\ISTIC litigatIOn' s. v\ is BARRA lRY
and also is in violation of the U.S. Constitution, and ArtICle I as thiS places defendants III
DOlB.I.E JEOPARDYI.a hund:ed tin.1es Defendantsonly d nght to..-\ TRIAL:\en .
I 'When a Cf1IllJl1aIIS treed on a rH H\.IC AL 11 'i. HE IS IR[ED Ill:( Al;SI 01" A itX
and a PAY-OFT. as adbft:ndant can on1\ hL' fi'eed Iffound innocent BY.\ JlRY !\OT BY A'\, Y
"TlTH\dC:\1 ITY" \\'hcne\er a law\er I" I1I"oh ed 111 a casL' directly or mdlreclly. as a lItigant
or assisting. III counsel. i-\l L LAWY ER-JeDGFS H.\ \[ ['0 DIS()l ALI FY THEMSFL\TS.
:\S THERE CA\\OT ;BE A CO\STITl TIO\AL TRIAL and also th-:re would be a \ IOlation of
the conflict of .. t_lr w... s:. \\,ith t.he, \ 101 at i,on of s-:paratlOll ofpO\\ers a:1d., check." and
balances. because 'OH I( f'.RS IIIL ( Ol R l\RL 0-"; BO I H SIDt:S Of I HL [3LV H
These same L\ \\\'1::R "lOGES are u,\arding or appro\ Ill/:'. 1.\ WYFR j1 FS. dlrectl\ and
IJldm:ctlv amollntin!1. H. bit I.IO'\:S 01, [)()lL\RS annualh, alilIl \jplalioll ,)fc()J)lh:I Ill'
. '- : - - - .
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 57 03/28/2013 894500 66
International Illcldent undt;rl; P l
Uni versal Postal U nion- Berre. SWI tzerland
RC () 13 751 US
interesr laws. As 10llgias there are la\\yI:':IS, there be illl) law. \.'onstHlItlOn
There will only be 'V1QB RLLE. RLLE BY\ MOB OF L.'\WYERS. .
.It Dlel\l BRA'\CH ,01' GOVERN \1 E\T When a cr-judge instructs. directs, l)I gl\ es
orders ttl a JUlY. the law) (:r-judge is 1\\lPLRINC; \\ III I THE .JURY He abo tampers with
testimony when he order.... the ans\\ers to be either "Yes" or "'\0" The lawyer-Judge also tampers,
tixes. and figs the trial iwhen he orders anything stlll.:ken fi'om the record. or when he "rules"
cel1ain evidence and truth to be inadnllsslble This the tnal and transcript FI\:FD and
RIGGED. because theJiury does not hear the REAl TRlTll and All THF [,,\(,TS
made in10 puppets by lawyers and la\\ vcr-judges -\11 lawyers are automatically III the
judiCial branch 0 rgovdmment. as the! ha\ e the lllCollstnutional TI TLF OF "JOB I J ITY {Article
L Sectwn 9 and 10), "Officer of the \.'{luri" haH' to be elected or Imed to be ill
branch ( fgO\emment bUT non-lawyer Citl7cn.;; are Illlllted h) only 2 of the " branches ,iI'
government. 151 class CHI/ens. can be hIred or elected to any of tile three branchc..; llf
gO\ ernment. Lawyer5.I"Officers of the Court. -, in the Judicial Branch. are l nc,)l1stitlltlOl1all\ 1I1 .::
branches ofgovcmmerlt\T THE S,\\lL TI\-1E \\hene\er the) an;' hired or elected te) the
or icg.islmin;'! blanches, This is a \iolation of the separatIOn ufpo\\ers, checks and
and the conflict of interest 1m". s. Distnct attol1leys and Stare's attorne) s ha\ e taken o\er
the Grand Juries FROM the people. wllere the people are DENIED ,-\C(TSS to the g.ralld Jurie"
when they attempt to present eVidence \)f cnmes commItted in the COllltnh)tl1S b) the la\\ ers and
la\" yer-Judges, rhe Constitution. being the Supreme Fundamental I,a\\, is 1I0t and
CA"'-.OT be amhiguous as to be interpreted. or it \\ould be a \\-(llthless piece ofpapcr and \>Ye
\-\ould have millions otlinterpretatinns (l nconstltutional amendments) Instead ofthc k\\ v.c h;l\c
is wh\ all jltdues and are TQ,sl'P[>ORL!h.;
Constitution. NOT it
IX. Lnder I'\TER1\;ATIO"iA!.. ORIJERS ,\1.1 It\ WYERS, \\ IWlher the\ le11 law ;,chool \ estt:rdm
or 50 years ago. are ExL,\CTIY THE SA\IL. ,\.Illa\\\ers hme to tile' the same motion's and J
follo\\ the same procedures in lIsmg tilL' -;amc l :nconstltullonal "lawyer s\stem" In probate. the
place thcmseh b in everyone's \"ill and estate. \-\-hen there are minUl cllildren ;'1'-,
the la\\-!el-,1udges appoint a lawyer (a child 1ll0lestlllg Faglll) for I::\(H CHILD and. at the
law\cr fees LXCEED the total amount ofthc estatc.\n Ol'TRAGEO!S amollnt 01'1 xx
"Mb'lE'Y" is directly akld indirectly STOLE1\; BY L,\ \\(YERS, that IS budgeted t,)
County 130ards. SchooliBuards and other local and federal agencies eventually finds its \\;1\ into
the pockets oflawyers.las ALI, of these agencies are "TRICKED" and "FORCED" into
Adnmaln Claim lXIHIBIT E
JurisdictIon In mternationaJ la\t and accordmg to the la\\ of the land. ag.ents of a f{)fclgn princlpal are
required 10 tile any pretended daim in the appropriate district COUlt prior to rig.hts to that claim
The distrIct courts have 'excluslvt.' orig.inal cogni.l.ance" of all inland seizures and th1:-> mcl udes \ esseb 1Il
rem (Rule ('(3)) such as trust and legal names (abbrc\iated name. "omen. PFIITIO'-. L R
"OME]\;. Respondent Paul John etc.) ".the l nited States. ,\\ Ithlll their respectne
districts. as \'veli as upon the hig.ih :>cas. (a) SU\ 11lg. t..) suitors, III all case". the nghl Uri1 conmlOll 1<1\\
remedy. \\ here the common h1'\ is, competent to g.}\C It: and shall also ha\ e CXChbl\ e \)I'ig.inal coglllolance
,)1' all seizures on land.. "Till;' nht Judiclar)- .\CI Septemher I 'Xl), ('hapter page 77 Tht.'
Constitution of the lnited of America. ised and .\nnotated -\11<11\ alld I II Ieqm:tal 1011
1982: AJtic1e III. CI I Di\el-sil\ lS GmCIlll11Clll Pmlling omce documt'1ll ()9-]() p
I ,J
7-l I
ThiS fact of protocol - til in,:!. a claJI11 1Il ,1i:,tn.;1 coul! ;1;.:'; on.1ill Il 10 hm IS be\ olld
IJaur.: <) ()f IJ
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 58 03/28/2013 894500 66
InternatIOnal incident Pl'
Universal Postal UniOn-Benl\..' Switzerland
RC 013 154751 US
and into "\learmhik those who sei/t;?d \\ rt:l:k ashore \\ ithout a g,rant !i'om the
Crown did so at their periL" Select Pleas III thl' Court of Adnma!t\. Volume II. AD 15-l7-1602.
Introduction - Prohibitions. l\Jte as to the earh L<1\\ of \\:rel:k. Society. p '\1. I H97 h ('11 the IRS
rel:ognizes tht: protocol .
for tIling notice: fOllll. rl>lace for fillllg fhe notil:t' to 111 subscction (a) shall -- v, nh
the clerk of the distl'ict court. 1m the oflice of clerk of tht: lnited district COl1l1 for the judiCial
district in \\hich the s6by:ct to the liell IS situated." 26 esc 6323 .
The is sImple ofa foreign principal are reqUired to fik complalllt III the
appropriate dIstrict court prior to all\ claim against a mall Oil the land. ThIS IS intclllatlOnal and
common law .
There is no excuse for arbitrary and capricIOUS allorne\ a.::tio11 in assumpsit
that have confronted good and women since the Hanker's HolIday ll11pkmcnred a
"\oluntary compliance" national debt \ upon tht: States by (,0\ ellwr'" but the 191
Trading \vith the Enemy Act to'compell:itizel1s of thc Unitt:d States to campi). The sLlbslltutlon of '::Itizcn
nfthe lniled States for the Gennan nationals on this laud was against Stoehr \ Wallace. 255 l S 2."19
( I q21 ) whert: the Court clearly "The Tradill/;! with thc Enemy Act. onglllally and as amended. IS
stnctl) a war measure . " - Citing ConstitutIon AI1idc L clause [ [. The war on the Great
I) does not counl v, oliid onh last the durallon ()f the emcrgenc) If it did
Ttl' US IS Still a Bnlish Colol1\ F:\lIlBIT f
The Inn Treaty in COI\IUllction with the 1787 ConslltulJon The States. b) prescnption trom tht:
KlIlg. by Treaty. hold the land the King under Legislati\e elHh.:tmcnl because the) are His
corporations. The)' in turn. (mt the land to other corporations. and aliens (you) because y()U arc an
alien friend allowed to only holp the land in TAIL. for your lise. but King stili O\\I1S it alld tht: State IS
hiS agent. (Jot to remember that Statut.: "De DOllls" cOl1\crted all su-:h fee sllllpk to estales
tal L Did not kllo\v that did you. Sn v. hy IS 11 that you get a do-:umcnt statll111 III tee Bccause I he\
slyly made you a SOU. but not the King. That is why the l mted States. the
corporator of all the states into II l nion can control all the land it owns and I f a State cedes Ialld hom Its
1:00vorate domalll to the corporqre United States the Kmg stIli OV,IIS It and that i . ..; v"hy v,t: are cOllsidcrcd
by the States as 'corporatioll sole" for that is the ollly way the\ can collel:t a Ia,. Remember liultcr \
Ciodley where you are considerd two chara.:t.:rs) Relllcmhcr that leual entlt". corporate. nallIt: on \(lur
I\IF the ep 55 l K[l S Treaty designation and only can he taxed') d:)cs the
I RS come aner yOll lISI ng a CP 51 '. 516. 517 and 5 I H lIotices \\ hkh are on I) dcsignt:d for a Bl SI \T.SS
Entity') Are you 3 corporate persoll of artificial character called a In legallellllS, thereb: bCll1g
a "citizen" (26 CFR 1.1-1 and 2b LS(' sec. I) in "Joint-venture" and therefore a sublect "to the IUrisdidioll
thereof" because you are presUlliled to be a coq)()rate sole for taxing hecause you ha\ e tht:
privilege oflivlIlg. on the Kings!lalid held in tru.,t by the corporate State and luited '\tates') You an.: also
in tee simple so that after \ ollr llody dies rhe COIvorate Sole stillli\cs Oil.
Our tltthers were. elfect. at the mercy of their \ entmes v, ith lands and assets
comlllg to as a result. and also any lands or rem propelt\ may ha\c inherited th)Jll their
ancestors. Whv" Well as a lllattr of settled [nl.'.1Ish common la\\, al1\, one d(xlared to haH.' conllllttlt:J
treason. auton;atlcally forfeited eslates or property to th.: kll;g.. withollt a tnal E\ t:rV(lIlc of (Hlr
fore fathers that signed the of Independence wen: declared traItors and were to hc hung If
found by British troops Also. ater independence v,as so \\011. evel)'l)ne s\\eanng their ne\\
allegiam.:e to the l'nitcd states.l :came alien.s al".o. suh.lct.:'t ha\e tl.leir eSlates forfeited to the king. \\.hen
a semor land holder and 0 1I.:e f,mnd. So : (Hlr.-;elt D1J the kll1g ha\c an) Ic\crage mer our Il)rc
fathers \\hcn thc:, negotiated th,! 1/'83 Peac\: Ilcat\" Is tim, ,\ Ii\ ..:' ell though \\1.' .,ald \\.: \\ Oil ill Ih..:
hislOl) books til" kll1g gralllt'd l4s tile land., 11\ \111t'II-:a [)(H..:> lttl' ddeated c,'Ullln e\ cr t!IaIll land" lel Ihe
\ Il:tOI". or do the; lWI heJ'lI:lt' proper!) ,d llil' ( l!lIl]UL'llll" I hi,.., fa.: I al,)llg \\ Itil Lfh.' ail(,\ l' and
PH!:'\;' HI llf IJ
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 59 03/28/2013 894500 66
InternatlOnal incident underiU P l'
Universal Postal
RC 013 15-1- 751 US
below coun caSt'S pron:. heea4sc English COll11llon la\\ not and n:tallll!d h) thl! state::..
the king's COrpOi atlons conti unchanged \11 t hat took place \\ as a retllgan iZ<lllOIl of thl! klllg's
corporatIons he set up in Ame!lic1t, into II1di\ idual state corplnatlOlls. who transferred their (;orponlte
sovereignty 0\ ('1 to the lnited 'States The \Val \HIS over in 1781. the I reat\ \ ... as signed III the
Lnited States Corporation staned in 1787 Howe\ I!L the king signed off on its Creatloll
Read the 1
83 T reary agam. Umkd States corporation IS mentioned four years beft)re it was ch,lrtered
and the 6th section was added as a condition for the fore fathers not to lose their estates, and as a matter of
qllld quo pro. the kind not /t)rfit IllS holdings and corporation. and thanks to Ellglish col11l11on lav, bl!tng
rl!cognized in the States the i(we lathers knc\\ there \\3S Ihltlnng could do about it hut plm' \\orJ
to coyer it up. Patnck Henry recogl1lzed th\.'11 game, such terms a::. "We the People" l)r the
1I1l1ted States bemg change to lllllted States \If. Inf()J"Jller. I thmk this would be a good place to illJl!ct rhe
following case. HAMil TOr--; \J. BRO\\lr\. 161 t S 256 (18C)() '\0\\ those ofyoll inkxas or III other
States that claim to be 111 a Republic not subject to the laws orJunsdlction orthe statc in \\hleh you Ine.
you berter resene Judgment tt)t JlIst a minute longer I kno\\ those In Texas daimmg they Ii\\;- In a
Republic truly believe tillS. butlYoU have not seen the debilitating fact of the Republic clalllllng
English common law Where 11nglish common 13\\ (',ists. so does the king's coq)oratiol\. and all ,l!ranls
stemming there from SOrt), it is true. thi" trumps c\ argllll1l!Tlt except olle A grant \)f land
preceding the k1l1g's lllCOIvorat'ol,. the grant 1'1,1(11 God All11lght\ that al1mell arc tenants ,)(] I II::> land. and
are to be stewards of II Any cannot o\\n the land as the klilg. and Pope ...:Iall11. the) arc onl, rC;';Cl\eb
uf the grant from Uod I ike all men. (0 equal.
"if an ALI E" ;.;ould acqUire a permanent propl!rty in lands. he must owe an allcglal1;';c, equally permanent
With that property. TO THE KI["i(] OF ["iGL.-\l\D. whIch \\;()uld probably be inconSIstent WIth that
whi;.;h he t)\\es 10 his own natutalliege-Iord.
What IS inconsi:"tent with yom namralliege-Iord'') The killg So the CI..HIrt stated that the Kmg uf Lngland
is not your natural liege-lord cTthe Lord's propCI1y is His and under the smile principle. VOl being the
steward of the land under the command of His \\ord. cannot allow the same thing that the
King IS Clalllllllf. The klllg IS the ;llien to our true lIege-lord and it IS he and the State and the L'nited
States corporate sole's that art' in -:ontlict \\ ith the Ahlllght:'s contra;.;! \\ ith lllall at GenesIs I" l-(). '-,0 can
WI!. as stewards of the AII111ghtV:-. property alltl\>' these ahen:,. to claim the land that is pennflnently our
property to protect') Does our qege-lord say we ha\ e to pay a property tax on land he gave LIS') Dnll't \ Oll
think this is a gN)d start to rid of this Satan controlled garbage called the Pope. The "lI1g, The Statc.
The lnited Slales. The COllll!]l The Townships. thl! legislators and worst of all the ""VOl' be unto you y ers)n Do this and \\ h) dOiyc,lI need a "republt;.;'l" I\. 111 legal terms. IS a commerCIal bunch of people
because it IS (j cOliJmon\\ealth that my dear people \\-di put you right bad" on the path to whe'le \Ull
arc now and history will repeatl ibelf o\e[ and o\er agam Look at all the "de jure Republics formed
all across the coulltly
In the l' nited States the first de\elopment noted IS the 1966 merger of the old (Jenera! -\dnmalty Rules
lIlto the Federal Ruks of ('i\i! hocedure. Though sc\eral cOlllmentators made predictIOns concenllng
the effects of unification upon 1jhe substanti\ e la\\ of IT \\as not I1I1t1l the late 1<)70s that the
admiralty COUl1 began to exercise with any measurable regularity the power to adJllll1lSler eqUitable
remedies in admiralty cases. Tre delay may seem strange. espe;.;iali) in light or the qUIte rapid of
the lC)38 mergel of the Equit\ Ru!es into the first I ederal Rules ofCi\!I Procedure l3ullhe lak
depression era was OTIC ;;(lclal activism 011 thc pan of the Fcderal glnernmenL and thIS
seamlessly into v.ar1ime :"hich approprialed COI:troJ \)1' pr]\ ale proper(\ rht:' Dlslrlct \.'ollrh
under the ne\\ f f{('p were qUH.:ikh forct:d the \ 01 Ulll l' 01 IIlto th\.' \'\ Iwle-;aie appll.:atlon .JI
el\Ultabk III actIdrlS i,1\\-
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 60 03/28/2013 894500 66
International incIdent under L' P l.
Universal Postal Umon-Berhe.S\vitzerland
The 1936 merger of la,V\ and equity left no loose enus. the procedure IS entlreh lHllftlnll
regardless of the nature of the f'emed) prayed. though of course issuance of an Injullction requires at least
an ex pane heanng in chambers. The [966 merger. however. lea\ es six special Supplemental Adnmalt)
Rules appended to the bod) FRCP. and 111 order to appl) those Supplemental Rules II is necessar)
that the complaint speci fll.:all) fillvoke the jurisdi..:tlon of the "'adnlllalt) :;ide" of the ( Ollll, so as to en'lure
that the action d,;)es not proceep (111 the "laV\ SIde". if the common /aV\ is competent to supply an III
personam rellledy in the case. The dfect of this has been to perpetuate an artlticwl distll1ctiol1
between the law and admiralt:y!"sides" of the Coun. whereas the ulstlllction betvveen the 1:m and cqlllt)
"sides" has long since The eqllltab1e pOV\ er of the American Admiralty (0[111 had earlier
been held to deme from the tirst JudicialY Act of 1789: in the words of the late and colorful Chief Judge
John R. Brm\\1 oftlle l'S C'otjlrt of Appeals t()\ the Fifth JudiCial Circuit
"'The Chancellor IS no longer tixed to the woolsack. He Illay stride the quarter-deck of man lime
junsprudence and, in the of admiralt) judge, dispense, as \HHlld his hrother that
which equity and gOl}d impeb -
But the American Admiralty CIOU1l has been 510\'" to begin to \\ le1d the equit) poweL \\l1IC h it has ah\ ay s
had. and usage of which the 1966 merger was clearly intended to facilitate
[nf()ltunately the remedl3l autl-writy of the Admiralty COUI1 has been complicated by the second
.\merican de\eh.1pmenl the 1985 amendments to the Supplemental Admiralty Rules with respect to the
issuance of in rem and quasllI1irem process. The problcm arose because ora line nt'decision \"\I1I1.:h
emerged in the 1970s in cases attachment of property under State hm, \\ here the defendants argw:d
suecessfully that 111 having theik- property under State law _\\ here the defendants argued successful I) that
in having their property seizedlwlthout a prior hearing they wl?re depri\ed of property without the "dul'
process of lav, -- which is guarapteed by the Amendment to the COllstttlltIon. II did not take h)ng, for
challenges to be mounted to constitutionality of maritime attachment under FRCP Supp. Ruk Band
arrest in rem under FRCP Supp. Rules C A few Federal District Judges were swayed by the argument
and declared Rule B attachllleqt andlor Rule ( anest unconstitutional \,;ithollt a hearing prior to issuance
of the wan-anI: tht' remaining district Judges confronted with the question and a majority in all of the
Cm.:uit COUllS of Appeal the tradlllonal procedure constitutionaL deftly grasping that the
Constitution's grant of Admira)ty jurisdiction canied \.\<ith it the essentials of procedure as hi storll.:al1)
applied in mariwne cases. and rOt a Federal district court sitting 111 Admiral!) that procedllre constitutl?d
--due process oflaw" I he consensus of opmion v, ithin the \laritime L.a\\ .\ssociat ion of the
l:nited States which had filed amicus curiae the traditional procedure in sc\eral of the
cases and \\as even granted argument in one pl\ otal case im ohing rule C 17 was that the risk of a
rcversal by the l 'S Supreme c()ur! should be lI1sured agains!. and it proposed amendment to Supp Rules
Band C reqlllringJutitcial scrutiny prior to ISSUalh':C ofa and to Supp Rule F to pnl\ldc fOi
prompt post-sei,wrc hearing. 'l>he amendment-. v,ere adopted the Supreme Court and entered 1I1 effect
In 1985.Beyond doubt the 198i amendments \\ere wiser than playing "Judicial roulette" the)
effectively ended the debate o\ler the constitu!lOnali!) of arrest and attachment proceedings in
But they hm e also added a and quite different requirement III order to elllplo) traditional process in
the admiralty Coutt. The pnce: p:lid f()r secllnt\ has nol been enttrely limited to the additional tllne and
paperwork of the new procedllIles
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Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 61 03/28/2013 894500 66
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 62 03/28/2013 894500 66
CoUrt Registry Investment System (eRrS)
, "
Court Registry
Investtnent System
AcoountabliltyttaMfers from court unit Ti"eea..-y aymbollo CRlSITX-8 Treasury
symbol. (no checks exh'!!II!dl. Funds ....controlled by either Tnt...." or the
Federal ResllfV8 BlInk.
Tender '
Contra" Points .Contro'Points
- "Versus" Payment (FRS)
- Court Irltemal Controls
- $50 million notification
- Seiling Seoorittes (KM10)
- Wire Transfers
Transfer SeaJrItIes


Control .Points '
Transfer of Aocountabllty (A0283)
- Bankruptcy (1166)
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 63 03/28/2013 894500 66
WMidIl 0peIa1In811C11ts11cs
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 64 03/28/2013 894500 66
J.e other Sample Reporta
..J.Court Registry Investment System
.lfistrict Summary Allocation Report
Liquidity Pool
U.s. District Court
Southern District ofTexas
Period: 0712712006 - 081021:2006
( .'
Number of Cases:
Beginning Balance
Transferred In
Transferred Out
Period Change
Ending Principal
Beginning Balance '
Transferred In
Transferred Out
. Period Change
Ending Earnings Ba,ance
Current Registry Fee I
' 398,266.71

Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 65 03/28/2013 894500 66
Case: 10-4753 Document: 366 Page: 66 03/28/2013 894500 66