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A technique used in the Direct Method in which student listen to a teacher provided model and repeat or imitate it. This technique has been enhanced by the use of tape recorders, language labs and video recorders.

Procedure Year Subject Topic Level of profiency Objective :2 : English : Consonant Sound, : Moderate : At the end of lesson, student will able to:- pronounce the consonant word with correct stress of syllable - distinguish the stress syllable for consonant sound in stories Activities : 1) Introduction Teacher shows video about pronunciation of consonant word by syllable.Students listen first. Teacher ask the student to listen again Teacher ask student to imitate what was shown in video. 2) Content Teacher tell the topic that is identifying the usage of consonant sound in syllable. Teacher stress about sentence that use consonant by highlighting the consonant word with red bold.
Ones upon a time, Red Riding Hood was seen at SK Dusun Durian. How many chipsmore cookies can a good cook cook in the big cooker. Last night, Papa went to a party. He pick the peanut butter but the peanut butter spilled on his pyjamas Four furious friends fought for the delicious fast food Singing Sammy sung songs on sinking sand.

3) Word Identification By showing a short story containing consonant sound, teacher say, the student listen and imitate again and again. Teacher repeat magain and again at consonant sound Teacher sometimes tells student that the word he or she always stress are consonant word. Teacher show another short story. And student repeat the activity as prvious. 4) Students Activity Students are divided into group and each group are given task to play a role like teacher shown before. One as leader other 3 students as students. The leader say and students imitate story again and again 5 times. Lastly there will be question what are the consonant used in the story 5) Closing Students are given correction by teacher the correct pronunciation they practice in activity before.