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DIRECTED WRITING ARTICLE Things to do when writing an article: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read and understand the question.

. Give a title for the article. Write down the name of the writer. Make the paragraphs short. Do not write more than required number of words between 150 200.

Example: You are the secretary of a school nature club called Friend of the Environment. Write an article for your school newsletter, based on the information given. It should inform students about the nature club and persuade them to join. ( SPM 1997) TITLE Lets Be Friends of the Environment INTRODUCTION Friends of the Environment, one of the most successful clubs in our school, invites students to become member and show their support for the environmental causes. Membership is open to students of all forms. As an approved co-curricular activity that has the support of the Principal and teachers, we have carried out a number of projects in line with the schools objective of keeping the environment clean. Last year we undertook several projects including litter collection, recycling and tree-planting. We have also planned many interesting activities for this year. So why not join the club and show that you too care for the environment? At the end of the year, members will be presented with certificates in appreciation of their commitment to the club. Join us now and be a friend of the environment (HAMID BIN HASAN) Secretary of the Club




Reorganize the essay into complete article. Identify the missing formats.

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Smoking is definitely a bad habit. Unfortunately, more and more teenagers are picking up this unhealthy habit.

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