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Phonics Contractions Reinforcement Lesson Date of last teaching: _________________

Common Core Standard(s) CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.1.2 Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes). CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.1.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. Teacher Preparation Connect to prior knowledge Begin lesson by reviewing the definition of contractions (2 words that become 1 with motions). Ask a volunteer to provide the definition and redirect when necessary. *See anticipatory set for more details Goals/Rational To reinforce students understanding of the structure of contractions so that they will be able to construct contractions independently. Objective After reading spelling words flashcards and reviewing the definition of contractions, students will create contraction flashcards under the guidance and direction of the instructor. Students will then indentify 9 contraction pairs on a contraction worksheet of which 8 must be correct and form 10 contractions on a contraction worksheet of which 9 must be correct. Grouping Structures Anticipatory Set students will be seated at the carpet and the teacher will instruct the class as a whole Worksheets students will create contraction flashcards and complete worksheets individually at their desks Reflection students will return to the carpet Materials at the carpet: Materials up front Lesson Materials / Equipment Spelling word flash cards * Worksheet 1 Mini white board White board & marker * Scissors Dry erase marker Tissue * Band-Aid (3) Latex gloves (2 per student) Worksheet * Worksheet 2 Band-Aids (3 per student) Precut row 1 Contraction operation Scissors worksheets Gloves Band-Aid

Contractions Language Arts Reinforcement Lesson *40 minute lesson*

ELA Phonics Contractions Reinforcement Lesson

Instructional Procedures Introduction / Anticipatory Set 10 minutes 1. Prepare students for lesson ask students to clear their desks, push in their chairs, and walk quietly to the carpet 2. Review spelling words a. Ask students to read each word as a class as each card is shown i. Ask students which spelling words are contractions and how they know ii. Write these words on the white board 3. Ask for student volunteers to provide the definition of contractions a. Definition (define orally): 2 words become 1 (show motions) b. Discuss apostrophes i. Show examples of commas and apostrophes (on the white board) to distinguish between the two c. Ask students which 2 words make up each of their contraction spelling words i. Write these 2 words on the board 4. Explain to students that past examples have taken 1 word and broke it into 2 and now they are going to learn how to take 2 words and them make one a. Ask for a volunteer to come up and erase the necessary letters to make the words cant and dont b. Explain that the apostrophe holds the place of missing letters c. Provide other examples and ask for new volunteers Activity 20 minutes Explain contraction operation 1. Students will be making contraction flash cards a. Ask someone to read the first two words b. Write words on the white board c. Ask volunteer to make the 2 words into a contraction d. Explain step 1: cut out top row i. No cutting out other parts letters can get jumbled e. Ask a volunteer how they would take the first row and make a contraction f. Explain that they will cut out letters and put them back together i. Shouldnt cut in between the lls g. Going to do this which each row i. Read ii. Demo on the board iii. Cut and make the words 2. Explain behavior rules a. As we do each step no one should be going ahead

Contraction fill in the blank and matching worksheets Pencils

ELA Phonics Contractions Reinforcement Lesson

b. Only use scissors when I say scissors can be used c. Listen when someone is at the board i. If caught going ahead, heads down and wont participate Explain operation portion 1. Directions a. Receiving gloves and attaching with Band-Aids b. Shouldnt see snapping gloves c. Shouldnt see Band-Aids where they dont belong d. One step at a time fun if were all working together, being quiet, and following directions 2. Ask volunteers to explain direction and refresh behavior rules 3. Explain that they are going to go back to their seats, get out their scissors, and put their heads down a. No one should be touching their supplies 4. Dismiss: a. Paper passer b. Tables c. Call up individuals to get supplies for their table Perform Activity 1. Walk students through each word: a. Ask a volunteer to read 1st row b. Write 2 words on board c. Ask a volunteer to make the 2 into a contraction d. Ask students to cut out first row and put scissors down e. Ask volunteer to explain how they will make the first word from their worksheet materials f. Show students how to cut out the first word and how to attach their Band-Aid 2. Repeat the following steps for the last 2 words Worksheets 1. Ask students to leave their flashcards on their desks, put their scissors in their desks, and listen for instructions 2. Explain matching worksheet a. Draw a line between the matching word pairs 3. Explain fill in the blank worksheet a. Read each sentence b. Words in parenthesis need to be made into a contraction and written on the line c. Ask volunteer to do example 1 4. Remind about names 5. Explain bags a. While working on worksheets, instructor will be coming around passing out bags

ELA Phonics Contractions Reinforcement Lesson

b. Students should write their names on the back of their flashcards when they get their bag, put the flash card in the bag and put the bag in their desk 6. Dismiss students to clean up their desks a. Give paper passer worksheets b. Pass out baggies Reflection 1. Ask students to put all materials away, place papers in the appropriate basket, and go to the carpet. 2. Ask the class questions about contractions; for open ended questions look for a specific answer, for yes/no questions as students to give a thumbs up for yes and a thumbs down for no a. How many words do we start with when we make a contraction? (2) i. 3? (no) ii. 1? (no) iii. 2? (yes) b. How many words do we make at the end? (1) c. What is the curved line in the middle of a contraction called? (apostrophe) i. Comma? (no) d. Can 2 different communities have something in common? e. Can we help communities in our global community that are far away? 3. SPIRAL: Students will use the words from their flashcards and worksheets in their contraction word match game and on their spelling test Teacher Reflection: What would you change for next time? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Will / did you reach your lesson objective? How do you know? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ If not, how do you need to follow up? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ What did you learn from the experience? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

ELA Phonics Contractions Reinforcement Lesson

Did you learn anything about yourself? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Were you prepared? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________