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Reflective Analysis of Portfolio Artifact Rationale/Reflection NAEYC Standard: STANDARD 5.


Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs use their knowledge of academic disciplines to design, implement, and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for each and every young child. Candidates understand the importance of developmental domains and academic (or content) disciplines in early childhood curriculum. They know the essential concepts, inquiry tools, and structure of content areas, including academic subjects, and can identify resources to deepen their understanding. Candidates use their own knowledge and other resources to design, implement, and evaluate meaningful, challenging curriculum that promotes comprehensive developmental and learning outcomes for every young child (National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2011).

Brief Description of Evidence:

During the fall 2012 semester as part of my ECED 243 course and the Engaging the Brain Project, I created eight lesson plans and implemented two as large and small group lessons. I completed the large and small group lessons in a two and three year old classroom. For each lesson plan I indicated developmental domains, objectives, foundations, planning process, materials, activity procedures, and extension ideas.

Analysis of What I Learned:

Through designing, implementing, and evaluating the lesson plans I was able to provide children with unique learning experiences. During the 243 course I learned just how important it is to develop lesson plans around childrens multiple intelligences. This experience has allowed me to become competent in providing children with learning experiences that are structured and academic, as well as how to extend learning in order to deepen their understanding.

How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the NAEYC Standard:

These lesson plans are just two of the many lesson plans I have created to promote positive development for young children. Through developing and implementing lessons that contain academic structure and developmental domains, and are unique to childrens developmental needs, I am confident that I can provide children with strong, positive learning experiences.