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Oral Report Outline

1. Introduction
a. b. c. d. e. f. 1st practicum Associate teacher AIM approach Teaching my first lesson Challenges Conclusion

2. First practicum (Feb. 18th march 1st)

a. Commission Scolaire des Samares i. cole Primaire des Moulins 1. Pavillon Notre-Dame Pavillon Sainte- Marguerite a. Rigorous, attentive, demanding and extremely professional b. Taught me i. Meticulous ii. Carefully plan a lesson iii. Interact effectively with Smart board

3. Mrs. Julie

4. AIM Approach
i. Combination of Communicative Language Teaching and Total Physical Response) b. Challenge: AIM drawback for me c. Challenge: AIM learning curve 5. My first lesson plan a. Targeted WH- words b. Too many examples; short of my planning c. Readjusted for the second period. d. Tweaked for the third period.

6. Challenges 7. Conclusion
a. b. c. d. a. Teaching to students who learned through AIM b. Precision in my timing Apprehensions Reversal opinion Knitting effect of students Carry this baggage onto my next practicum