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I believe that education is essential to optimal growth and development in children.

Education enables children to grow and flourish in society and have the best possible outcome in life. Students should not just babysat but provide the opportunity to learn through play, experiences and interaction with peers. The purpose of education is to ensure that students are able to succeed in society later in life. Teachers need to consider this when teaching students by providing not only play and structured activities but self-help aspects that can ensure children are able become functional adults thriving in society. Teachers need to use various methods/approaches in order to reach every student. These methods/interactions must reach visual learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners. A variety of learning experiences will provide an exciting learning environment and enable students to succeed. I plan on using a variety of teaching methods influenced by multiple theorists to obtain optimal learning environments for students to flourish. These theorists are; Dewy who believed learning occurs through experience, Gardner who believes each individual possesses seven distinct and measurable forms of intelligence, Maslow who believes humans naturally strive to satisfy needs, Piaget who believes the developmental stages of child development and Vygotsky who believes social interaction is critical for cognitive development. These theorists contribute to my philosophy of education through my implementation of activities, assessment and observation strategies and my interactions with children and their families. Through Deweys theory I believe a vast variety of learning opportunities are

optimal for growth. Gardners theory allows me to observe children in all forms of development identifying how they reflect each of the seven forms of intelligence. Through Maslows theory I take the time to understand a childs background and consider this aspect when observing the child in the classroom. Piaget has an impact by giving me an insight into the development of children enabling me to track developmental milestones and the childs development alongside their peers. Finally Vygotsky, who believes social interaction, gives me the tools needed to help children interact with their peers in a positive way and observe any social delays a child may have. As a catalyst to educational achievement I will strive to provide students with a quality education using best practices and developmental appropriateness along with the influences of theoretical teaching methods. I enjoy teaching and want to provide students and families the best possible outcome for the future of their child.