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Curriculum Vitae

Name. Rehman ullah

Father Name. Munasib Gul
Personal Gender. Male
Information Religion. Islam
Nationality. Pakistani
NIC No. 16202-9636500-3
Date of Birth. 10/03/1984
Martial Status. Single
Degree Year Institution Subjects Div/%age
MCS 2006-08 Kohat Computer Ist/74.5%
University of Science
science and
Education Technology.
BSc 2003-05 G.D.C Computer 1st 61%
Timeragara Science
Diploma of 2000-03 G.P.I Electronics 1st /61%
associate Timeragara
S.S.C 1999/2000 G.H.S Science 1st /
Timeragara 64.35%

One year 2005 Technical Board Computer 60%

Diploma of of Peshawar.
CCNA 2008 Cisco Academy Net 83%
Kohat working

 Packages: MS Office.

 Software: MS Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP, Visual Studio.Net, Builders.

Computer Skills
 Hardware: Intel Pentium I/II/III/IV, Compaq, Dell, and IBM.

 CCNA From Cisco academy in Kohat university

 C/C++, Assembly Language.

 C#. Net, Java.

 Computer Graphics in Open GL using Visual C++.

Languages  Artificial Intelligence using Prolog.

 HTML, Java Script.

 Network, Database and GUI Programming in Java.

 Development of LAN Software that facilitate administrator work using C#.Net

 Development of Paint Brush in C#. Net as Term Project.
Computer Projects
 Development of Window explore in C#.Net as Term Project
 Development of Unattended Windows as MCS Project.
 Two Year Teaching experience in Public School
V i l l a g e S t a n a d a r & p / o T i m e r a g a r a & Te h B a l a m b a t Phone 0313-9021690
D i s t r i c t D i r ( l o w e r ) N . W. F. P P a k i s t a n E-mail