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60 cm 185 cm for version of stole 6 bells width BBB Soft Dream (70% Mohair, 30% Silk, 220 m / 25 g) - approx. 120 g; needle size 3.5 mm

The stole is worked in two identical halves, each starting from provisional cast-on in the center. Only RS rows are charted. WS rows are purled throughout. Dimensions of the finished piece are completely up to you and depend on: yarn choice, needle size, number of pattern repeats. Provisional Cast on 1. With a crochet hook, using a piece of smooth waste yarn, chain a few more stitches than the number of cast on stitches required. Cut the tail and pull it through the last stitch. 2. Pick up one stitch in each of the bumps on the back of the crochet chain un til you reach the required number of stitches.


Instruction. First half: Using a Provisional Cast on method, cast on 123 sts for version of stole 6 bells width, or cast on 103 sts for 5 bells width, or cast on 83 sts for 4 bells width. Purl 1 row. Work A and B set-up rows of chart 1 once (= a total of 4 rows). Then repeat rows 1-32 of chart 1 4 times. Then work chart 2 rows 1-64 once. Then work chart 3 rows 65-90 once. Dont cut the yarn. Cast off is done by crocheting. Take a crochet hook suitable for your yarn and cast off stitches by crocheting as follows: single crochet 2 stitches together, chain 5, *single crochet next 3 stitches together, chain 5, single crochet into the next stitch, chain 5 * repeat *-* till there are 5 sts left on the left hand needle, single crochet next 3 stitches together, chain 5, single crochet into the last 2 stitches. Cut the yarn. Second half: Remove the crocheted chain by untying the end and gently unraveling the whole chain and put the live stitches on a needle. Now you are ready to work in the opposite direction of previous work. Join yarn with RS facing and work as for first half beginning from . Finishing. Soak your lace creation in warm water for approx. 15-20 minutes, use a mild soap if desired. Rinse and squeeze out gently to remove excess water. Lay it flat on a large surface. Block stole to open up lace pattern. Let the stole dry completely before unpinning it. Weave in all ends.