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understanding / definition of agribusiness Wednesday, September 21, 2011 understanding of agribusiness by barkat stiper Understanding Agribusiness according to a study

in stiper barkat Amuntai Understanding Sustainability by syllable comes from the Agri and businesses.Agriculture Agri was while business is business that makes money, so understanding Agribusiness is any business related to agricultural production, which includes the exploitation or the exploitation of agricultural inputs and production of iru itself or else the management of agricultural exploitation (Sjarkowi and Sufri, 2004) . Most of the population of Indonesia live and live in rural areas who generally live and strive in agriculture is also part of the agribusiness, of every farmer to maintain the plants and animals in order to obtain useful results. The role of other existing farmer in his farming business is as a manager. If farming skills as a draftsman farmer in general is hand skills, eye muscle and the skills of the manager mancakup activities encouraged by the willingness of mind. Included therein, especially by taking the decision or determination of the preferred alternatives exist and is a farmer behavior (Mosher, AT, 1969) Impact of Integrated Pest Control Technology implementation (Didi Juhandi, 1997).Behavior includes: 1) Knowledge of the matters relating to what they know. 2) The attitude of those things that relate to what they think and feel. 3) Measures the matters relating to what they do. Changes in behavior are directed to farmers and their families are able and able farming more productive and more profitable and able to live more comfortably.