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Ed 462/464 LESSON PLAN

TEACHER Irene Navarro MATERIALS Text: Ice Cream: The Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons, postits, PowerPoint, labels, ice cream cone template INSTRUCTIONAL UNIT GRADE 2nd TECHNOLOGY PowerPoint program SUBJECT Synonyms (words with similar meanings) EQUIPMENT Document Camera, laptop

STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES ACADEMIC OBJECTIVE ELA CONTENT STANDARD All students will use labels in a Vocabulary/Concept Development 1.7 Understand and explain common word sort activity to identify synonyms. synonyms for given words. LITERACY STRATEGIES
The teacher will provided guided practice in the through portion of the lesson by giving examples of synonyms. The teacher will track words with her finger to help students develop fluency skills. During the beyond activity, students are actively engaged in a word sort to identify synonyms for words.

ADAPTATIONS FOR LEARNERS FOCUS STUDENT #1 RATIONALE EL Student An EL students needs will be addressed through visuals and teacher modifying speech through enunciation and repetition. RATIONALE A visually impaired students needs will be met through the

FOCUS STUDENT #2 Visual Impairment

book being displayed through a document camera. The text will be projected on a screen and the print can also be enlarged.

METHOD OF ASSESSMENT (outcome, product based) Teacher observation and word sort

TEXT FEATURES (layout, format, headings)

Expository text that talks about the history of ice cream in chronological order and contains large illustrations. Also, there are labels to identify the parts of some of the illustrations.


Vocabulary Words: experimented, mixtures, wealthy, invented, and crank. Academic Language: Synonyms

LESSON PLAN INTO (ORIENTATION) Teacher will start off lesson by showing them clues on a PowerPoint to have them guess what they are about to learn. Examples of clues would be: it is a favorite treat to have in the summer, you can put toppings on it, and they come in many flavors. The final answer should be: Ice Cream. The purpose of this activity is to engage students to the lesson. Students will participate in a True or False kinesthetic activity. The teacher will post up statements based on the book Ice Cream: The Full Scoop projected on a PowerPoint with the statement and a related illustration. The teacher will then ask students to separate to either the left or right side of the room based on their answers. The left side of the room will represent students who think the statement is true and the right side of the room will represent the students who think the statement is false. The teacher will then pick a few students from each side to justify their answer. THROUGH (PRESENTATION, STRUCTURED PRACTICE, GUIDED PRACTICE) The teacher will read the book Ice Cream: The Full Scoop through shared reading, using a document camera to enlarge the text. During this time, the teacher will track what she is reading by using her finger and will model reading with fluency, since that is what the students are also learning.

Then, the teacher will go back and re-read some pages and mask a few words throughout the book. She will provide a group of words that students can choose from to fill in the masked word. Before revealing the correct synonym, the teacher will provide an opportunity for students to share what they think with their partners. Also, during this activity students will be instructed to pick the synonym for the masked word and re-read the sentence with the synonym they chose. For example, for the sentence: No one really knows, if the word knows was masked, students could replace the masked word with understands. Students will then be instructed to choral read the sentence with the synonym to see if the word they pick makes sense in the story (ex: no one understands). The teacher will then transition from masking activity to a small discussion, since the activity will provide an opportunity to discuss what synonyms are. In this discussion, the teacher will emphasize that synonyms are words that have the same meaning and that is why the new words they picked for the masked words still made sense in the story.

BEYOND (INDEPENDENT PRACTICE) Students will be asked to complete a word sort on synonyms for the following words: cold, delicious, and create. Students will get labels of synonyms and will be asked to stick it on the cone which has the word with the same meaning. For example, if the label said chilly students will stick it on the cone that says cold. Students will be provided a template for each of the cones to complete their synonym word sort. After, teacher will go over the synonyms that correspond to each of the three cones. Recap: Indicate where in the lesson the activities include opportunities for the following (Write either Into, Through, or Beyond) 1) THROUGH: Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing -Speaking: students are able to discuss through given pair share time -Listening: students listen to the teacher read Ice Cream: The Full Scoop -Reading: students choral read sentences in the book - Writing: students could write synonyms on their own (this would be a GLM)

2) THROUGH: Providing low affective filters or low risk situations -Students are never singled out to read aloud. Instead, students are given opportunities to choral read. 3) BEYOND: Building schemta or background knowledge -Students build on their knowledge of the through activity as they identify the synonyms in a word sort activity. 4) INTO: Appropriate contextualization support -Visuals are provided in the PowerPoint and the into activity taps into prior knowledge 5) BEYOND: PEP (purpose, engagement, and prediction) -Students are engaged through a fun activity as they use labels to stick on ice cream cones. The activity also is consistent with the theme of the lesson. The purpose will be achieved through the word sort activity and be used as a form of assessment.

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