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R12: How To Avoid and Fix Corruption in Data Transfer from SLA - Negative Ledger_ID, Not Reached GL, Duplicate in GL [ID 883557.1] Modified 24-MAY-2011 In this Document Goal Solution Still Have Questions? References Type HOWTO Status PUBLISHED

Applies to:
Oracle General Ledger - Version: 12.0 and later [Release: 12.0 and later ] Oracle Payables - Version: 12.0.0 to 12.0.6 [Release: 12.0 to 12.0] Oracle Receivables - Version: 12.0.0 to 12.0.6 [Release: 12.0 to 12.0] Information in this document applies to any platform.

Release 12 introduced SLA - an architectural layer between subledger and GL. Hence, typically, once data has been accounted properly, data transfer happens from subledger to GL through SLA, during the transfer, some data corruption issues have been reported on the SLA to GL bridge. These issues may be categorized into four categories : 1. 2. 3. 4. Data with Negative Ledger_id in GL tables. Data Marked as transferred in SLA but not reached GL. Data Marked as Not transferred in SLA, but reached GL. Multiple posting issues.

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A) To identify and confirm if any such data corruption exists and which category you fall into, please run the SLA GL diagnostics script (see NOTE 878891.1). This diagnostics can be obtained after applying the following patches. for 12.0.x versions: Patch 8513940:R12.XLA.A for 12.1.x versions: Patch 8765953:R12.XLA.B Navigation: 1. Log into Oracle Diagnostics tools 2. Select link against Subledger Accounting 3. Select XLA GL Diagnostics under GL_DIAGNOSTICS link GL diagnostics has to be run for all the ledgers associated to a primary ledger. The below query would help to identify the ledgers for which the diagnostics has to be run: SELECT gled.ledger_id as LEDGER_ID FROM gl_ledger_relationships glr, gl_ledgers gled WHERE glr.primary_ledger_id = &p_ledger_id AND glr.application_id = 101 AND ((glr.target_ledger_category_code IN ('SECONDARY','ALC') AND glr.relationship_type_code = 'SUBLEDGER') OR (glr.target_ledger_category_code IN ('PRIMARY') AND glr.relationship_type_code = 'NONE')) AND glr.target_ledger_id = gled.ledger_id AND Nvl(gled.complete_flag,'Y') = 'Y' GROUP BY gled.ledger_id; The diagnostic will prompt for following parameters: Ledger name (One ledger at a time) Responsibility name (subledger responsibility) Start Date and End Date Source (Journal Entry Source Name) Application_Id

To get the Application id and corresponding je_source_name, run the query below : select application_id "Application id" ,je_source_name "Je Source" from xla_subledgers; Please ensure the following before the script is run Program 'Gather Schema Statistics' is run to avoid any performance issues. The script is run for the Primary Ledger only.

B) Check that you have installed the following XLA patch to fix the Root Cause: for 12.0.x versions: Patch 8691650:R12.XLA.A Fixed file versions:

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25/5/2011 6:12 PM

xlaaptrn.pkb - 120.61.12000000.25 This can be replaced with advantage by patch 9742747:R12.XLA.A: Create Accounting Performance: Consolidated Patch (May 2010) for 12.1.1 versions: Patch 8691650:R12.XLA.B (fix included in R12.1.2) Fixed file versions: xlapurge.pkb - 120.0.12010000.2 xlapurge.pkh - 120.0.12010000.2 xlaaptrn.pkb - 120.63.12010000.17 xla120cp.ldt - 120.131.12010000.19. Important: Please refer to Note 833986.1. That note has details of patch applications of dependant subledger applications, like Payables (AP), Receivables (AR), Costing (CST/BOM), Projects(PA), Assets (FA) and Globalization (JG). Pls apply the necessary patches depending upon which all modules of Oracle Applications you use. C) In case the diagnostic output identifies any data corruption, please raise a Service Request with Oracle Support, providing the output of the above diagnostics, so that we can provide the Datafix action plan.

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NOTE:553484.1 - Troubleshooting Accounts Payable Trial Balance (Open Account AP Balance Listing) issues in R12 NOTE:833986.1 - EBS: R12 Oracle Financials XLA Patching Dependency Analysis NOTE:878891.1 - Oracle GL Transfer Diagnostics Test

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