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Lesson 1

Zach: Hello, my name is Zach. Jamal: My names Jamal Belinda: Hi. Im Belinda. Susan: Im Susan. Kathy: Hello, my name is Kathy. Mike: Hi, my name is Mike. Zach: Im Zach, he is Jamal, she is Belinda, she is Susan, she is Kathy, and he is Mike.

Lesson 2

Zach: Hi, Jamal. Whats up? Jamal: Hi, not much. How are you doing? Zach: Im okay, I guess Jamal: Well, Ill see you later. Bye. Kathy: Oh! Hello, Mrs. Allman. How are you doing? Susan: Hello, Kathy. Im fine. And you? Kathy: Okay, thanks. Susan: Good Kathy: All right. Well, I need to go. See you later. Susan: Okay. Kathy: Have a good day. Susan: Goodbye. Kathy: Bye.

Lesson 3

Mike: This is my wife, Susan. I am Susans husband. This is our son, Zach. Jamal: This is my father and my mother, and this is my sister, Noni. Im Nonis brother. Belinda: This is my family. This is my dad. This is my mom. My parents have one daughter and two sons.

Lesson 4

Zach: What do you do in the morning, mum? Mum: I get upmake the bedgo to the kitchenand cook breakfast. Mum: What do you do in the afternoon, Zach? Zach: I talk on the phoneand I do my homework. Zach: What do you do in the evening, Dad? Mike: I eat dinner, read a book, brush my teeth, and go to bed.

Lesson 5

Belinda: I like pizza! Kathy: Jamal: Kathy: Jamal: I dont. I like rice. I love toast and jam----anytime! For lunch? Well, no...not for lunch.

Belinda: Well, I like everything. Jamal: So, what are you ordering?

Belinda: I dont know.

Lesson 6

Kathy: Can I borrow your pencil? Belinda: Sure, here. Kathy: Thanks. Can I borrow your ruler? Belinda: Okay. Kathy: Thank you. Can I borrow your eraser? Belinda: Uhhuh. Kathy: Thanks. Well, Ill see you later. Bye. Belinda: Uh, bye. Ah now its quiet.

Lesson 7

Jamal: Excuse me. Wheres the bank? Man: Its on the right. Jamal: Thanks. Zach: Excuse me. Wheres the post office? Man: Straight ahead. Its the third building on the left. Zach: Thank you. Man: Sure. Belinda: Excuse me. Wheres a drug store? Man: Down the street on the left. Belinda: Thank you. Man: Do I look like a map?

Lesson 8

Kathy: How much are these bananas?

Clerk: A dollar a bunch. Kathy: How much are these oranges? Clerk: Two-fifty a bag. Kathy: How much is this apple? Clerk: Ten cents. Kathy: Good. Ill get it. Checker: Lettucetomatoeseggsand an apple.

Okay, thats thirteen dollars. Check or cash?

Kathy: Cash. Heres fifteen dollars. Checker: All right. Your change is two dollars. Kathy: Thanks.

Lesson 9

Clerk: May I help you? Belinda: Yes, Im looking for a red dress. Clerk: What size? Belinda: Six. Clerk: Do you like this one? Belinda: That one looks nice. Clerk: That looks very good on you. Belinda: Thanks. How much is it? Clerk: Its on sale for twenty-five dollars . Belinda: Good. Ill take it.