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Alas Roban, armature and corpse disposal place known

Mystery story about a pedestal roban already sounded since first. A pedestal roban located in thousand stem, central java. This area from a long noted for austere. Every motorist who want to passers-by raya pedestal roban always a shiver. Not only the way that curvaceous, but stories mystically already strong imprint. Forest areas jati in plelen, gringsing it ever known as pembuangan dead body in the 1980s. Dead bodies are victims of shooter mysterious ( peter ). All of his victims disposed to pedestal roban. It the area is often occurs dozens of traffic accidents. There are many who died there as accidents. Then, appearing mystically stories circulating in society. Kuntilanak, there is ever seen pocong until genderuwo. First, if night, lane pedestal roban it was dark. Was still surrounded trees jati. The course was straight, anybody curvaceous and uphill steep. Reasonable, if every rider pass the street always freak out. If looking back, a highway a pedestal roban there is only one, that is a highway poncowati. The road had created in the era of the governor general herman willem daendels, the 36th governor general dutch east indies. She ran between ad 1808 and 1811. Now, the story ' ve changed. It has now been built the new. There alternative pathways if the rider want to go semarang or otherwise to jakarta. There are two road built in the 1990s and around 2 thousand. The armature course, not just a story a highway a pedestal roban ever known gristle criminal acts. A track that is winding and long made the rider fear passers-by himself if night. Many criminals from begal until squirrel caper. Because rawannya, vehicles passing through the night didn ' t dare. To vehicles coming from the east semarang stopped in front of the market plelen. And western direction jakarta break in banyuputih. They brave new crosses a street a pedestal roban when 5 a.m.. If there is any brave passing through the night, has to wait for other vehicles. At least six vehicle. Now the story of an armature and crime spot slowly be lost in the public ' s mind. A highway a pedestal roban ll eventually began to be busy good automobiles or motorcycles. And, around the roadside can now also many people already sells food.

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