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International News Source: NST (print news) Date: 29 March 2013

Doctor may have killed 300

Charged: Brazilian hospital chief ordered deaths to free up beds in intensive care unit (ICU) Dr Virginia, a 56-year-old widow, was arrested & charged with killing 7 patients to free up beds at a hospital ICU, may have been responsible for as many as 300 deaths, according to a Health Ministry investigator.

Three other doctors, three other nurses & a physiotherapist, have also been charged with murder.

Dr Virginia & her medical team administered muscle relaxing drugs to patients, then reduced their oxygen supply, causing them to die of asphyxia at the Evangelical Hospital in the southern city of Curitiba.

Dr Virginia said I want to clear the intensive care unit. Its making me itch. in one recording released to the media.
More cases are expected to emerge as investigators comb through 1,700 medical records of patients who died in the last 7 years at the hospital. It could be one of the worlds worst serial killings.

Dr Virginia felt that she had the power to decree the moment when a victim would die, said the prosecutors.

In some cases, Dr Virginia was absent from the hospital & gave instructions to end the life of a patient by telephone to members of her medical team, according to documents detailing the charges. Her lawyer, Elias Mattar Assad said investigators had misunderstood how ICU works & she would prove her innocence.

Last week, a Curitiba judge ordered the release of Dr Virginia & her medical team.
Prosecutors sought on Monday to have her returned to custody because she was the leader of the team & witnesses had reported being intimidated.

Who is involved?
Dr Virginia Soares de Souza, the Brazilian doctor The medical team members: 3 doctors, 3 nurses & a physiotherapist who worked under Dr Virginia Patients family Curitiba judge The prosecutors & the investigators

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Unethical! According to Kants Categorical Imperative theory, one must fulfil his/her duty above all else. Mills Utilitarianism theory, one must put pleasure first than pain. Her intention is still unclear.

Part II
Local News Source: SinChew ( 285786?tid=1) Date: 31 March 2013

Mahathir:Opposition party might engage in demonstrations upon defeat.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir believed that opposition party will engage in demonstrations if they lose. Their intention is to disrupt social order, hoping to change the GEs result by making it invalid. He also said that the opposition party would take advantage of the fact that there will be no foreign observers. This allows them to freely create social unrest amongst society to seize power. Mahathir said in a conference held in the auditorium of Technical University of Malaysia that the opposition will resort to disrupting the society in hopes that they can still be in control during the chaos.

Mahathir clearly stated that When that (demonstration) happens, the government will do their best to maintain social order while the opposition would spread words that the government is suppressing its citizen.

Who is involved?
Dr Mahathir The reporters Opposition party The society

Conclusion 0_0
Kants theory My opinion!

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