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LANGUAGE CONTENTS (K5. 1st. 2nd) ORALIDAD: El dilogo en funcin de la narracin. Interpretacin de roles.

LECTURA: Los cuentos con ilustraciones. ESCRITURA: El mapa semntico Functions -Performing and describing actions. -Telling memorized items of language. -Naming objects and characters in context. Exponents -This is/These are -Whats this Whos that? -Yes it is/ No it isnt Vocabulary -Family members: mother, father, sisters , grandma, etc. -Forrest, trees, path, house, banket, palace, dress. -Parts of the house.

Curricular Contents: La representacin de roles en situaciones de ficcin. El cuento tradicional: versin original y otros.

Thematic Unit:

Reading is fun

OBJECTIVES: K5. 1st. 2nd -To make students familiar with narrative texts. (classic stories) -To make students perform short dialogues.

LANGUAGE CONTENTS (3rd. 4th) ORALIDAD: Los cuentos y las fbulas con soportes audiovisuales. La descripcin de escenarios de los cuentos. LECTURA: El cuento tradicional. El tema central. A trama a travs de los sucesos. ESCRITURA: Las narraciones. Functions -Communicating ideas using connectors . Telling about past events.Exponents -He likes because it is -He is wearing... because it is - First/then/finally. Vocabulary - Action verbs -Cottage, woods, stepmother, stepsisters, fairy godmother, magic, midnight, mirror, apple.

LANGUAGE CONTENTS (5th. 6th) LECTURA: La comprensin global del texto. La informacin implcita y explcita. ESCRITURA: Las opiniones en la recomendacin de libros, videos, pelculas y espectculos. Functions -Presenting information in a logical sequence. -Giving warnings and advice. -Arguing -Obtaining information using different reading strategies. Exponents -You must/mustnt -First/Second/After that/Finally -At the end /So -I agree/dont agree I dont think so Vocabulary - Settings, plot, development, beginning, end, characters, moral values.

OBJECTIVES: 3ro y 4to-To teach the elements of a narrative text: characters, settings, plot (beginning, middle, end). -To encourage srudents to read and put the events in the right order. To motivate students to tell the story in their own words (speaking and writing) 5to y 6to-To make students write a book review. -To enhance the production of written versions of the story by changing characters, plot and/or setting.