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Reading: A Letter of Complaint Unsur Bahasa: Penggunaan quite, too, enough dan very Language Function: Ungkapan Perkenalan

Dear Sir,
I have to travel everyday from the bus stop near the City Hall to the port. Two buses travel along this route; the number 2 and the number 11. However by the time the number 11 bus reaches the City Hall, it is always full, so I use the number 2 which sometimes has empty seats on it.

The time table states that there are buses from the station to the port every ten minutes. If this is so why do I have to wait half an hour for a bus?

The regulations state that no bus may carry more than 40 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers. Yesterday I was the first to get off the bus when it reached the port, I counted the other passengers as they got off. There were 129 of them.

Clearly printed on the back of every bus a sign that says: Maximum speed 50 mph. On Saturday a number 2 bus traveled from the City Hall to the Hero Monument in 10 minutes. The distances 12 miles. The bus must have speeded at least 80 mph!

It is clear that our bus companies have no respect for the regulations nor passengers.

1. Why does the writer take the number 2 bus? a. The number 2 bus has no empty seats. b. The other bus going to the port is always full. c. The number 11 bus sometimes has empty seats. d. It is the only bus going to the port.

2. One of the regulations states that...

a. the following bus should start from the station an hour later after the previous bus b. a bus may carry more than 40 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers c. The driver should speed his bus at the maximum speed of 50 m.p.h. d. The driver may stop the bus anywhere he likes

3. A sign of the maximum speed is printed on the back of every in order to ...
a. be read by the bus driver b. be read by all the people c. be followed by the other road users d. warn the bus passengers

4. ...which sometimes has empty seats on it. (paragraph 1) a. the number 11 bus b. the number 2 bus c. the bus stop d. the bus station

Unsur Bahasa
Intensifier : quite, too, very, enough

memberikan makna lebih dari kata sifat atau kata keterangan lain yang diterangkannya.

Contoh Kalimat
Quite : agak - I moved to the place quite near from here, so we can see each other quite often.

Enough : cukup - The room is big enough for us to stay. - I dont have enough money to take a vacation.

Very : sangat dengan makna positif - these tools are very modern.
Too : terlalu - The coffee is too hot, I cant drink it.

1. Alin : Look at this ring it is so beautiful. You say you want to buy a ring. you can buy this one. Nesa : Not this one, look at the price it isexpensive for me. I didnt have enough money. a. Very b. Too b. Quite d. Enough

2. Sita : What about the dinner at your friends house. Did you enjoy it? Ruri : Yes, the food was tasty.

a. too c. quite

b. very d. enough

3. Vivi : Who will lift the box then. Ade : Andy. I think he is strong to lift it.
a. very c. enough b. too d. quite

4. Didi : I have to fix the roof . Its leaking. Lucy : You can use this ladder. It You wont fall. a. too c. enough b. quite d. little

5. Teacher : Ok, students. Do you understand this lesson? Student : Excuse me sir, but your explanation is difficult. I couldnt catch what you mean. Teacher : All right I will simplify it.

a. too c. quite

b. very d. enough

6. Father : What do you think about our new computer. Do you like it? Son : Of course. It is sophisticated. a. too b. very c. quite d. enough

7. Nia : Ok, How do we get to our destination then? Lia : Lets a take a taxi. It is far to walk. a. too c. quite b. very d. enough

8. Cici : Why do the people standing ? Rina : There werent chairs for everyone to sit down. a. too c. enough b. very d. quite

9. Fini : Please, tell me about the film which you watch last night? Riko : It is good , but rather frightening. a. too c. very b. quite d. enough

Language Fuction
Ungkapan Perkenalan Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri Memperkenalkan Orang Lain Menjawab Perkenalan

Ungkapan Perkenalan Memperkenalkan Diri Sendiri

How do you do my name is Excuse me, I dont think weve met before, my name is Hello, my name is Let me introduce my self, my name is Allow me introduce myself

Memperkenalkan Orang Lain

This is John Davis Oh Paul Id like you to meet Have you meet ? Do you know ..? meet .? Good morning, I'd like to introduce Let me introduce

Menjawab Perkenalan
How do you do? I dont think so Hello I am delighted to meet you Nice to meet you

1. Diani : to my classmate John John : How do you do? Anggi: Nice to meet you. a. Im introducing you b. Let me introduce you c. Ill introduce d. You are introduce

2. Peter

: Mother, this is my friend, Ronny. Mother :please to meet you. a. How are you? b. Is it your name? c. How do you do? d. Well, great name.

3. Mia

: Excuse me, I dont think weve met before. My names Mia Irawati Nindy : Mia. I am Nindy.

a. Hello, meet again b. Hey, nice to meet you c. What a coincidence d. It must be you

4. Paul : Have you met, David? Chad : No, I dont think so David : How do you do?

a. How are you? b. How kind you are? c. How do you do? d. Hows life?

5. Boy : I am Siva, a friend of Tommy. Man : Oh Siva, Nice to meet you. Boy : Nice to meet you too, Mr. Smith. a. What about introducing myself b. Do you know me c. Allow me to introduce myself d. How are you