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Alphabetical Meaning of Symbols Symbol or AD AE AS, SRAS C Ca D D$ DB DD DI DIg DLF DM or MD Dt E or ER FE FEX, FX $US G GDPN GDPR Y YF Y* %PL Meaning Delta

ing Delta = Change in Increases Causes Decreases Aggregate Demand Aggregate Expenditures Aggregate Supply Short Run Aggregate Supply Consumption Consumption after taxes Demand Demand for $s in FEX Demand for Bonds Demand Deposits Disposable Income Demand for Investment Demand for Loanable Funds Demand for Money Transaction Demand for Money Excess Reserves of Banks Full Employment Quantity Foreign Exchange Markets US Dollar in foreign exchange British Pound Sterling Japanese Yen Euro Dollar Government Spending, Purchases Nominal Gross Domestic Product Real Gross Domestic Product Income/Output/Employment=GDPR GDPR at Full Employment GDPR potential at Full Employment Inflation rate Inflation Rate Symbol i r ID Ig In LRAS LRPC M MPC MPS NAIRU NRU P PC, SRPC LRPC PL Ppc Ppf Q QF r rr R or RR S S S$ SB SLF SM or MS T U %U X Xn Meaning Nominal Interest Rates Real Interest Rates Demand for Investment Gross Investment Net Investment (Ig depreciation) Long Run Aggregate Supply Long Run Phillips Curve Imports Marginal Propensity to Consume Marginal Propensity to Save Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment Natural Rate of Unemployment Price Phillips Curve Short Run Phillips Curve Long Run Phillips Curve Price Level Production Possibilities Curve Production Possibilities Frontier Quantity Quantity at Full Employment Real Interest Rates Reserve Ratio Required Reserves of Banks Savings Supply Supply of $s in FEX Supply of Bonds Supply of Loanable Funds Supply of Money Taxes Unemployment Unemployment Rate Exports Net Exports (X-M)