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Lesson Plan Format

Class: 95, ESL CLASS Date: 14 May 2013 Time: Start: 12:05 Finish: 1:05 Key Learning Area: History Lesson Topic: Australian History: Significance of the Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson): Ss would have a background knowledge in Australian History as they have previously finished Australia during World War 1, including conscription and the Great Depression.

Syllabus Outcome(s): One or two only. Please note the syllabus reference number AND write out in full. Explains social, political and cultural developments and events and evaluates their impact on Australian life. - 5.1. 2.3. Use curriculum, assessment and and reporting knowledge to design learning sequences and lesson plans.

Indicators of Learning for this lesson: Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of outcome(s). Quotesyllabus numbers. Must be clear, specific, observable. Curriculum Content Strands may be used as headings. By the end of this lesson, the students will: Understand the importance of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Understand key words in undertaking a study in the Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Outline the key dates in the building go the opening of the Sydney Harbour

Assessment: Strategies which will be used to assess learners attainment of learning outcomes. Should be linked to each learning indicator. Evaluate Ss' answers to reflection questions asked after youtube clip. Observes Ss workbooks so that all key words have been written with a definition. Ss complete hand out to a satisfactory level outlined by the T.

Sequences Major Historical events to show and understanding of continuity, change and causation. - 5.4.

Alexander Petrocco S00126191 EDFD270


Any safety issues to be considered: - Scissors, Sharp edges

Resources: List resources you used in preparing the lesson AND those used in the lesson implementation.

- Board of Studies NSW (2003). History Year 7 - 10 Syllabus. Sydney: BOS - Lonely Planet. (2012, October 16). Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge [video file]. Retrieved from - Anderson, M, Low, A, Conroy, J & Keese, I. (2005). Retroactive 2. Stage 5: Australian History. (2nd ed). Sydney: John Wiley and Sons Australia.

Lesson Content / Indicators of Learning (What is Taught):Note key skills, concepts and values addressed in each section. Link to your Indicators of Learning. INTRODUCTION To bring to Ss attention as to why they are learning the content, making them aware of the syllabus outcomes and their own requirements which need to be met. Identify learn to and learn about, syllabus dot points. - T lets Ss into class and allows them to take their seats. 10 min - T waits for silence, and once silence has been achieved praises and greets Ss. - Workbooks - Smart-board - Laptops - Pens Timing Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences: (mins) (How it is taught) Write detailed steps showing what the teacher (T) will do and what students (Ss) will do. Resources and Organisation:

Alexander Petrocco S00126191 EDFD270

Q/ Can anyone tell me what Outline means? A/ To understand and present the key points.

- T asks Ss to take out their workbooks and pens and to copy down the learn about and learn to syllabus point into their workbooks. - Once Ss have written down syllabus dot points T asks Ss to define Outline. - T asks for hands up and chooses a Ss, corrects answer if necessary.

DEVELOPMENT Demonstrating an understanding of the key terms used in reference to the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 25 min Words to be defined: - Architect - Automobile - Engineer - Harbour - Industrial - Production - Shilling - T moves class into next activity by telling Ss to start a new page in their workbooks. - T then tells Ss the next activity and separates class into pairs depending on their seating arrangement. This will allow Ss to discuss words they do not understand. -T reminds Ss that although this is a pair activity the noise should be kept to a whisper. - T distributes one dictionary between a pair and rulers to any Ss who needs one. - T brings words up on smart board in alphabetical order. - T reminds Ss they only have half an hour to complete the activity. - 3.1 Set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students of carrying abilities and characteristics. - T instructs class to begin activity and walks around the class helping those who are struggling. - 4.2. Demonstrate the capacity to organize classroom activities and provide clear directions. Workbooks Pens Rulers Dictionaries Smartboard Laptop

Alexander Petrocco S00126191 EDFD270

5 min Outline the features of the Sydney Harbour Bridge so Ss gain a better understanding of what it is they are studying can be achieved.

- T asks Ss for attention and pens down and again praises Ss when attention is given. - T states that any dictionary meanings not finished in class should now be completed for homework. - T sets up Youtube video of the Harbour Bridge and asks Ss to pay attention to the architecture of the bridge to gain a better understanding of how it was built. - T plays youtube clip. - 3.4 Demonstrate knowledge of a range of reserouces, including ICT, that engage students in their learning. - Once Youtube clip has played reflect on what the Ss saw in the clip in regards to the architecture and build of the bridge.

-Youtube - Smartboard

Ss obtain background knowledge to gain an indepth understanding to the opening of the Harbour bridge.

15 min

T hands out activity sheet whilst clip is playing. After review of the videoclip T asks Ss to read pages of textbook and complete a timeline to from the start of the building of the bridge to the opening of the bridge. Ss must write down information on sheet in order, information found in textbook. -2.2 Organise content into an effective teaching and learning sequence. - 3.3. Include a range of teaching strategies. T instructs students to stick in book once completed. T hands out scissors and glue to Ss to stick in their book.

Workbooks Glue Scissors Textbook

CLOSURE Reflect on lesson by asking questions to Ss targeting T instructs class to stop activity and asks Ss to finish for homework.

Alexander Petrocco S00126191 EDFD270

the key aspects of the lesson. 5 min Q/ What year did the bridge open? A/ March 19, 1932. Q/ Who officially opened the bridge? A/ The Premier of New South Wales Jack Lang. Q/ Was the bridge built before or after World War 1? A/ After. Q/ Can anybody tell me the meaning of Architect? A/ a person professionally engaged in the design of certain large constructions other than buildings.

T collects scissors and glue, praising Ss on their work as he moves around classroom. T asks for attention and silence.

- T then asks Ss questions and asks for hands up. 5.1. Demonstrate understanding of assessment strategies, including informal and formal, diagnostic, formative and summative approaches to assess students learning. - T congratulates and praises Ss on work and behavior. Ss pack books away T instructs Ss to leave in orderly manner once bell rings.