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Eddy current in winding conductors intro to the skin and proximity effects

Note skin effect cause resistance and copper loss at winding whose large diameter is increase at high frequency the current at high frequency can not flow in center of winding

pemetration deph for sinusoidal current. Current density is an exponentially decaying function of distance into the conductor. With characteristic length know as the penetration depth or skin depth

the proximity effect ac current in a conductor induces eddy current in adjacent conductors by a process called the proximity effect. This couses significant power loss in the widings of high-frequency transformers and ac inductors

distribution of currents on surfaces of conductors; two-winding example

skin effect causes current to concentrate on surfaces of conductors surface current induces equal and opposite current on adjacent conductors this induced current returns on opposite side of conductors net conductor current is equal to for each layer since layers are connected in series circulating currents within layers increase with the numbers of layers

interleaving the windings MMF diagram

A partially interleave winding

Secondary primary secondary For this example, there are three primary layers and four secondary layers

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